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All-Star Bruce Sutter Added to 2nd Inning Program in MLB The Show 21

All-Star Bruce Sutter MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21

All-Star Bruce Sutter Added to 2nd Inning Program in MLB The Show 21

All-Star Bruce Sutter has been added to the Diamond Dynasty 2nd Inning Program in MLB The Show 21. This is the second player added to the latest monthly program, and I think we still have room for one more before the program comes to a close in a little under two weeks. Sutter is an 88 overall, and he has a splitter, 4-seam, and slider in his arsenal.

This card art should be very familiar to folks, and Sutter in general is a relatively well known commodity at this point. His selling points are the 125 K/9 to go with 99 control and break on his splitter. It really all comes down to that pitch and making people chase down out of the zone. If you can do that while still getting strikes over with a 92 mph fastball, then you can have some success with this card. However, I know some folks feel very uneasy relying on one-pitch pitchers at any point in the game, so Sutter is not for everyone.

At the very least, you’ll still want to collect him for the 2nd Inning Program. Adding him to your collection will net you 35,000 XP. My favorite part about getting relievers in player programs does involve the moments. They’re inherently much easier to complete, and that should be the case here as well. You should be able to complete all these moments without too much fuss before getting back to playing normal games.

All-Star Bruce Sutter Player Program – MLB The Show 21

All-Star Bruce Sutter moments diamond dynasty


Each moment is worth 7 points. Also, just a friendly reminder that if you’re having issues with multi-game moments, go the “Moments” tab and go to the Sutter Player Program there so you can easily restart multi-game moments without getting kicked back to the main DD menu after finishing moments.

  • Just The Start
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Strike out 3 batters
  • Long Reliever Or Closer?
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Strike out 7 batters
  • Tough For Most
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Save 1 game
    • Do not give up 1 hit
  • Bruuuuce – 2 games
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Save 2 games
    • Do not blow 1 save
  • 1979 Cy Young
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Save 1 game
    • Strike out 1 batter
    • Do not give up 1 run
  • Save Leader
    • Difficulty: Veteran
    • Save 1 game
    • Do not give up 1 run

Completing all the moments will net you 1,125 stubs in total.


  • Tally 10 strikeouts online with relief pitchers – 10 points
  • Tally 1 save online with a Cubs pitcher – 10 points
  • Defeat the Cubs on All-Star difficulty or higher – 8 points


  • Exchange relief pitchers – 5 points


  • 10 points – 500 stubs
  • 20 points – The Show pack
  • 30 points – 1,000 stubs
  • 40 points – The Show pack
  • 50 points – All-Star Bruce Sutter

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All of this information has been added to the 2nd Inning Program guide as usual. Also, I highly doubt this is the last Bruce Sutter card we get this year. Sutter’s 1979 Cy Young campaign included a 1.89 FIP and 37 saves as he racked up 110 strikeouts over 101 IP. So we could get an Awards Bruce Sutter there, or we could get a Signature Series Sutter for his run of seasons between 1977 to 1980. You could even do a run of seasons through the ’80s when he had a second peak with the Cardinals, which is part of what makes Sutter a fun player to create for DD.

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