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AFL Evolution 2 Available Now on Xbox One, Later Today on PlayStation 4


AFL Evolution 2

AFL Evolution 2 Available Now on Xbox One, Later Today on PlayStation 4

AFL Evolution 2 (Australian Rules Football) is available now for the Xbox One and scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation Store later today. Currently, it is available on the Australian PS Store.

A true reflection of the modern AFL game. Pursue your goals with greater depth, improved draft, free agency and state leagues. Includes Guernsey Creator, Player and Team Management. Create/ share online on FanHub. Play head to head and top the leaderboard, or team up with up to eight mates online.

  • All New Gameplay – Tight controls and smart AI help create a true reflection of the modern AFL game.
  • Bigger Career – Pursue your goals with greater depth, now with improved draft, free agency and state leagues running simultaneously with the AFL!
  • More Customization Options – Now includes Guernsey Creator along with Player and Team Management in the FanHub to create and share* your own dream team!
  • Enhanced Online* – Play head to head to make it to the top of the online leaderboard, or team up with your mates with connections of up to 8 consoles!
  • Commentary – Brand new commentary featuring Anthony Hudson and Garry Lyon.

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  1. Looking forward to something new to play while I wait for Super Mega Baseball 3. This AFL 2 game is still not on the PSN Store in North America as of now.
    2021 DLC announced. Hopefully a few tweaks and fixes come with it.
    Right time with the season under way, fingers crossed they get it right and get a decent income from it to develop the game further on next gen consoles.
    The new AFL Evolution 2 Season Pack 2021 DLC will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam in just 2 weeks on Friday, May 7th!
    The Switch version will be arriving shortly after.
    Features included in this DLC are:
    Cazalys Stadium
    2021 Fixtures
    2021 Guernseys
    2021 Team line-ups
    The new 22 club VFL Competition
    40 new enhanced player likenesses
    New rule changes
    All the AFL season's matches including line-ups and scores updated regularly in Match Centre
    Take on the Team of the Week for every round of the 2021 AFL season
    There will also be an update patch to accompany the DLC, more details on this patch to come soon.
    You can see the trailer at
    This is great news, plus the added bonus of patch support... that should be a positive as well, any tweaks/bug squashes will only enhance what there is here. Granted its not on the level of EA/2K etc in terms of overall polish, but for an AFL game it has a nice feel to it.. and well its our only choice!
    Already on my wishlist thats for sure.
    I often wonder this as well.

    Sorry didnt notice this.
    Yes it has, you can just move the controller to the middle and let the AI play it out for you if you wish, thats in Exhibiton or Coach Mode etc
    There is also an option in Coach Mode to simulate the games.
    DLC is out btw for anyone interested. Few decent tweaks that improves on the base game.
    Look its not EA/2K levels of quality, but you get a decent AFL game here and a Coach/Career mode that has a bit of longevity to it as well (if that takes your fancy).
    I think for niche sports its probably as good as it gets right now.

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