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AEW: Fight Forever - New Gameplay Videos and Info Revealed

AEW: Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever - New Gameplay Videos and Info Revealed

Last week, we finally got a release date for All Elite Wrestling’s first video game, AEW: Fight Forever, which will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 29. However, with many uncertainties and questions surrounding the game, many gamers were eager to see more about THQ Nordic’s upcoming wrestling game. Thankfully, AEW was ready for the spotlight.

On Wednesday, Evil Uno and International Champion Orange Cassidy streamed Fight Forever on AEW Games’ official Twitch account, exposing a ton of new moves and features. Then, during Double or Nothing‘s fanfest over the weekend, gamers could experience even more gameplay, with several new characters and videos revealed. We even got a preview of Sunday night’s Fatal Four-Way main event for the AEW Championship, which looked absolutely fire in the game (and was fire over the weekend). Here’s everything we learned from this past week about AEW: Fight Forever.

Everything We Learned During AEW’s Fight Forever Twitch Stream

During Wednesday’s stream, fans had the opportunity to see four singles matches, all shedding new light on some of AEW Fight Forever’s unique gameplay and features. For example, this was the first time we heard that players could rotate the camera angle during intros and time the pyro to their liking. No, this isn’t a huge revelation, but it’s a cool feature, even if entrances are shortened like old games.

Additionally, we got our first glimpse of the barricade at ringside getting used as a weapon. And to the surprise of many, it actually moved! This is something fans have been begging to see for years. Another cool feature was Orange Cassidy’s ability to put his hands in his pockets. Again, this isn’t something that will make fans run out to purchase the game, but it adds an enormous amount of realism to the game. We also got our first look at star ratings at the end of a match and the ability to break out before and after matches to attack opponents.

It didn’t answer all our questions, but it was our first opportunity to get a comprehensive look at the game. And I came away impressed.

Additional Gameplay And Features Revealed During AEW Fan Fest

Later in the week, several more details emerged at the AEW Fan Fest, along with many new screenshots and tidbits. However, my favorite moment of the night was seeing -1 in attendance to watch his father Brodie Lee’s character be revealed. We also got an in-depth look at Eddie Kingston, Sammy Guevara, Jade Cargill, Miro, and several other characters. Kingston’s character model did not look good, but I think it was a poor picture. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop it from becoming a meme on Twitter and other social media platforms. Many other characters are on point, but my favorite that we got our first look at, outside of Brodie’s, has to be Miro.

During the gameplay footage, we saw the first look at chain wrestling, which looked great. The opening menu also made an appearance, showcasing a superstar of your choice in the locker room. This reminded me a bit of what I can remember from WCW Mayhem, but I could be way off base. Nevertheless, it was an excellent feature and a way for gamers to give AEW: Fight Forever its personality.

Injuries also made an appearance in some of the online content. This may suggest wrestlers hold their limbs depending on the severity of the injury, similar to WWF No Mercy. A Reddit user even spotted Brodie getting disoriented after being raked in the eyes, a nice little touch added by THQ/Yukes.

Video Of The Fatal 4-Way Pillars Match Revealed For The AEW Championship


The cherry on top, however, was the video released ahead of Sunday night’s Championship match between MJF, Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, and Jungle Boy. This was our first look at a four-way match and all the chaos. It also gave us a glimpse at some of the tag-team wrestling and moves that were in the game. But my favorite part from the video was watching Darby Allin powerbomb Sammy Guevara on the steel steps at ringside. Again, this was something gamers have been asking for in their wrestling games for years. Some of the moves in the game look really good too. Guevara’s Spanish Fly off the top rope was beautifully executed. Same with Darby’s over-the-back stunner. We even saw each wrestler celebrating post-match with the AEW Championship — the perfect ending to a week’s worth of content.

Ring The Bell!

AEW Fight Forever

There’s still plenty of time between now and Fight Forever’s official release for AEW to win over gamers that may still be on the fence. But with every new screenshot and video released, I get increasingly excited for All Elite Wrestling’s first video game. I feel like a kid again, waiting endlessly for WWF Attitude or the latest installment in the Smackdown! series to release. Whether or not it lives up to the hype is anyone’s guess. But for now, AEW: Fight Forever appears to be building a wrestling game they can be proud of. A game that merges the perfect blend of nostalgia with AEW’s fast-paced action. I’m excited and can’t wait to get my grubby hands on Fight Forever when it releases worldwide on June 29.

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