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5 International Players Selected in 2020 NBA 2K League Draft - Here Are The Full Results


NBA 2K League

5 International Players Selected in 2020 NBA 2K League Draft - Here Are The Full Results

The 2020 NBA 2K League Draft was held last night at Terminal 5 in New York City. The 23 NBA 2K League teams selected 68 players to complete their rosters ahead of the league’s third season. 

Wizards District Gaming selected John “JBM” Mascone of Irvington, NY with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft.  Knicks Gaming selected Christopher “Duck’ Charles with the second pick.  With the third pick, Kings Guard Gaming chose Rafel “Crush” Davis.    

There were five international players selected in the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft, including a historic pick in the fourth round when Hu “Luck_Yi_Wesley” Yi was chosen 56th overall by the Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai, becoming the first Chinese player drafted into the NBA 2K League.  Rounding out the international players selected were Sten “SAV” Valge-Saar (Canada, 7th overall to Lakers Gaming), Jomar “Jomar-12PR” Varela-Escapa (Puerto Rico, 23rd overall to Pacers Gaming), Brock “NIKO” Nikolakakos (Canada, 36th overall to Knicks Gaming) and Destiny “JoshJay” Idugboe (Canada, 59th overall to Cavs Legion GC).

Teams used the four-round NBA 2K League Draft to complete their six-player rosters for the 2020 season, which will begin with THE TIPOFF powered by AT&T.  The dates of THE TIPOFF and the complete 2020 season schedule will be announced in the near future.

The 228 draft-eligible players consisted of 147 new players who were selected by the league through the NBA 2K League Combine, 21 players from the 11 team-hosted Pro-Am tournaments, five players from the league’s first European Invitational, five players from the league’s second Asia-Pacific (APAC) Invitational, and 50 unretained players from the 2019 season.

Below are round-by-round results from the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft delivered by Panera Bread. The official NBA 2K League page has posted quotes from the top 10 draft picks here.

First Round
Pick Team Player Name Gamer Tag
1. Wizards District Gaming John Mascone JBM
2. Knicks Gaming Christopher Charles Duck
3. Kings Guard Gaming Rafel Davis Crush
4. Pacers Gaming Eddy Perez BOHIO-
5. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai Dhwan White ShiftyKaii
6. Hornets Venom GT Alexander Whelan Expose
7. Lakers Gaming Sten Valge-Saar SAV
8. Heat Check Gaming Glenn Wilkerson Glennratty7688
9. Nets GC Josh Humphries Choc DF
10. Jazz Gaming Kimanni Ingram Splashy
11. Raptors Uprising GC Eric Donald Timelycook
12. Bucks Gaming Reginald Nash Jr. Regg
13. Heat Check Gaming Abdafatah Noman Shiftay
14. Pistons GT Trenton Simmons Charger
15. Knicks Gaming Robert Nastasi CantGuardRob
16. Hawks Talon GC Levi Lamb Lee
17. Kings Guard Gaming Matthew Robles Bash
18. Hornets Venom GT Justin Stemerman Snubby
19. Hornets Venom GT Zaeya Ishak Zae
20. Warriors Gaming Squad Malik Leisinger Slaughter
21. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai Mercedes Williamson Deadeye
22. T-Wolves Gaming Xavier StJohn Big Saint
Second Round
Pick Team Player Name Gamer Tag
23. Pacers Gaming Jomar Varela-Escapa Jomar-12PR
24. Lakers Gaming Wady Tactuk Tactuk
25. Knicks Gaming Timothy Hayworth BigRiM
26. Kings Guard Gaming Hayden Caudle Nasthetic
27. Raptors Uprising GC Anthony Rivas Wuan
28. Hornets Venom GT Robert Giovanni Elizondo Trap
29. Nets GC Marquis Gill Randomz
30. Wizards District Gaming Justin Howell Just Awkward 
31. Jazz Gaming Fredrick Whelan GetonMylevel41
32. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai Brian Diaz X I Kno Killey
33. Bucks Gaming Idris Richardson Squidris
34. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai Wesley Mcnair Gen
35. Magic Gaming Alex Snowden Profusion
36. Knicks Gaming Brock Nikolakakos NIKO
37. Wizards District Gaming Manuel Newman Newdini
38. Hawks Talon GC Mykel Wilson Kel
39 Mavs Gaming Jahil Mcclure Sleetys_
40. Blazer5 Gaming Brandon Caicedo Hood
41. Heat Check Gaming Jonathan Roberts Jr. Delusion_HD
42. Raptors Uprising GC Maurice Flowers Reece
Third Round
Pick Team Player Name Gamer Tag
43. Pistons GT Cody Hart LYKaPRO
44. Lakers Gaming Antonio Valladares Dweq
45. Grizz Gaming Justin Rodriguez Jrod
46. Hawks Talon GC Kwan Larry Niblack Jr. followTHEGOD
47. 76ers GC Michael Albiter USERPICK
48. Heat Check Gaming Matthew Hoffman King Peroxide
49. Heat Check Gaming DeMar Butler Deedz
50. Nets GC Jackson Potts Potts
51. Wizards District Gaming Brandon Richardson BRICH
52. Raptors Uprising GC Jake Knapp Legit 973
53. Bucks Gaming Tyrell Johnson TDJ
54. Grizz Gaming Joel Lazu Lav
Fourth Round
Pick Team Player Name Gamer Tag
55. Hornets Venom GT Alontae Proctor Gliz
56. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai Hu Yi Luck_Yi_Wesley
57. Jazz Gaming Brentathan Aasgaard Lord Beezus
58. Bucks Gaming Anmool Singh ChaChingSingh
59. Cavs Legion GC Destiny Idugboe JoshJay
60. Magic Gaming Daniel Burge djbama
61. Pacers Gaming Bobby Jones Jr. Bobby Buckets
62. Hawks Talon GC Derrion Elmore Arkele
63. Mavs Gaming Joshua McHatten Spartan
64. Celtics Crossover Gaming David Urena TooxCool
65. Warriors Gaming Squad Matthew Grant Matty
66. Blazer5 Gaming Georgio Bonte OOC Slim
67. 76ers GC Tucker Henry TuckerLocksUp
68. T-Wolves Gaming Christopher Doyle Detoxys


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