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30 For Nerdy Brings FIFA 94 Referee Chase to Life

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30 For Nerdy Brings FIFA 94 Referee Chase to Life

After covering the rise and fall of the Mutant League in their previous episode, parody series 30 For Nerdy returns to set their comedic sights now on the sport of soccer. Featuring an infamous glitch (or feature, depending on how you look at it) in FIFA 94 that allowed players to temporarily avoid being carded after fouls by simply running away from the referee for pretty much as long as they wanted, Running on Empty tells the story of hapless ref George Nuttersonburg and his pursuit of US player Pete Webster.

When Webster commits a violent act on the pitch, Nuttersonburg futilely attempts to run him down while Webster leads the poor guy on a wild goose chase filled with taunting, slick evasive moves and even tactics that border on the supernatural.

Will George ever get his man? Have a look to find out.

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