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2MD VR Football Coming to PlayStation VR This Spring

2MD VR Football

2MD VR Football Coming to PlayStation VR This Spring

2MD VR Football, which released on Steam in September 2017, is scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation VR this spring.

2MD is a motion-controlled VR gridiron football game – it’s a thrilling, two-minute drill arcade experience that encourages players to stand up and take on the role of a quarterback tasked with capturing victory in the final minutes of a championship game. The goals are simple: Draw the plays, call the shots, and throw, hand-off, or run the ball to take down opponents before the clock runs out!

Some features:

  • Unique, 1:1 throwing model which allows for natural form in VR.
  • Customizable for players of all sizes, for either standing or seated play, utilizing Move motion tracking
  • Freedom to design your own offensive plays (up to eight unique ones that can be dynamically ‘flipped’ for 16 total)
  • Call audibles using either standard digital controls, or using speech recognition if you choose.
  • Defensive AI is deceptively simple at first, but quickly becomes complex as you progress through the seven-round heat.
  • Defenders have unique behaviors that will vary from one play to the next and may act individually or respond as a group. As a result, no two plays will turn out the same.
  • Eight immersive stadiums (with unique touchdown celebrations and thousands of screaming fans), customizable teams, rapid-fire post-game bonus rounds that allow you to exponentially increase your score, and more.

Read more about it at the PlayStation.Blog.


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  1. wow this almost looks as good as ESPN 2K5, 13 years ago
    this is the best they could do with the graphics? In 2018? 
    well I guess they have to start somewhere

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