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2016 Sports Game of the Year: Best Presentation (Reader's Choice)

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2016 Sports Game of the Year: Best Presentation (Reader's Choice)

They say that presentation isn’t everything, but sports games rely on these visual and auditory aspects to a huge degree. The desire for authenticity requires developers to go the extra mile, and we as fans are quick to point out when they get it wrong.

Luckily for us, we were treated to a wide variety of great sports titles from a presentation standpoint last year. We recently asked you to vote on your top picks, and here are the results.

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2016 Sports Game of the Year (Presentation): Readers’ Vote

  1. NBA 2K17 (48.69%)
  2. MLB The Show 16 (19.37%)
  3. Madden NFL 17 (12.04%)

NBA 2K17 stole the show (no pun intended) with almost half the votes, echoing the sentiments of our review in which we stated that “NBA 2K17 does just about everything well when it comes to presentation.” MLB The Show 16took second place, benefiting from new animations and a physical-based rendering system to offer a host of graphical improvements over its predecessor. Madden NFL 17 secured the bronze medal, owing its inclusion to a variety of additions including a brand-new commentary system.

2016 was an excellent year for this category. Forza Horizon 3, the slopes of Steep, and the enhanced visuals of FIFA 17’s Frostbite Engine all failed to crack the list, despite receiving great acclaim. Ultimately, it was NBA 2K17that emerged as the definitive winner, cementing its place as your 2016 Sports Game of the Year (Presentation) by a landslide.

Do you agree with the results? Let us know.

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