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2016 Sports Game of the Year: Best Gameplay (Reader's Choice)

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2016 Sports Game of the Year: Best Gameplay (Reader's Choice)

Gameplay is the bread and butter topic to many OS’ers, and a game truly cannot be considered great without great gameplay. That is true today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

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So when it comes to awarding the best gameplay category here at Operation Sports, we tend to really vote with our passions in this category. This year’s winner may be surprising to some, but won’t be to many others.

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Best Gameplay of 2016 (Reader’s Choice)

  1. MLB The Show 16 (29.50%)
  2. NBA 2K17 (24.00%)
  3. Madden NFL 17 (14.00%)
  4. PES 17 (12.50%)

MLB The Show 16 winning best gameplay of 2016 is a well deserved honor in just about every way. When it comes to capturing the minute details that make baseball so enjoyable for generations of fans, The Show has been successful in doing that for years. However, it feels like the game was truly able to capture the hearts and minds of baseball fans everywhere just a little bit more this year.

NBA 2K17 being second on this list may surprise many die hard basketball fans, and the voting was truly rather close, but it seems like the entry point for more casual basketball fans may be a bit high. That may be the difference between The Show and 2K17 in the end, as The Show is more accessible both to hardcore and casual baseball fans.

The other two games on this list are surprising for a pair of completely different reasons. First, PES 2017 being on this list is surprising because the game simply hasn’t garnered as much excitement in the community as its football brother FIFA 17. It does seem, however, that PES generates more passion when it comes to the quality of its gameplay on the pitch.

Madden NFL 17 is surprising because the game has been a lightning rod for quite a bit of negativity over the years, and picturing the game sitting at third on a best gameplay list even a few years ago would have been a surprising thought. However, the improved zones, run fits, and overall on-the-field improvements have put Madden in a pretty enviable position moving forward.

What do you think about the reader’s picks for best gameplay in 2017? Sound off in the comments!

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