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12 of the Best Create-A-Wrestlers in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23

12 of the Best Create-A-Wrestlers in WWE 2K23

One of the best things about WWE 2K23 is its extensive creation suite, which allows gamers to add wrestlers, arenas, and even belts that may not have made their way into the original game. Additionally, it’s a way for gamers to use wrestlers from other companies and build their own unique worlds within an already-existing game. Over the last few months, I’ve seen everything from CM Punk to Donald Trump and even Gengar available online to download. But none of those characters crack my top-12 favorite create-a-wrestlers in this year’s game.

Here are 12 of the best CAWs currently available on WWE 2K23‘s creation suite.

12 Of The Best Create-A-Wrestlers In WWE 2K23

Kenny Omega (IconicCAWs)

All Elite Wrestling’s Kenny Omega is a wrestling god that has headlined the Tokyo Dome and put on one five-star match after another. But with the never-ending wait for AEW Fight Forever, creators have taken matters into their own hands and created The Cleaner. Omega’s entrance could use some tweaks, and it’s probably worth downloading an official render, but this character looks every bit as good — if not better — than some of the other character models. So, if you’re like me and eager to play with Omega, this IconicCAWs create-a-wrestler is right for you.

Solo (Diamond)

The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa is quickly becoming one of WWE’s top wrestlers. His recent story with Roman Reigns and his brothers, The Usos, is must-see television. And although his character is in the original release, his attire isn’t up to date. This is probably why I prefer Diamond’s Solo character, who is more in line with the wrestler we see taking out Roman’s foes every week. He also has updated attributes, which means he’s no longer an 82 overall, making him more dominant and closer to the character we’ve grown to despise. He still might not be able to compete with the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes, but this is the perfect Solo to authentically complete your Bloodline stable.

Malakai Black (Azorthious)

This is probably my favorite character of the batch, but be forewarned, it takes up quite a bit of resources with his endless layers of tattoos and features. Black, the former WWE star in his own right, was once in WWE 2K, so his entrance and moveset is already in the game. Couple that with Azorthious’ amazing CAW, and he looks like something the developers would’ve created. He even comes down to the ring wearing his spooky mask. So if you’re like me and want to play with Malakai Black and re-create his epic NXT run or build his current House Of Black stable, this is where I’d start. (If you’re looking for Buddy Matthews and Brody King, they are also available online. Julia Hart too!)

The Fiend (RamblinCinchairtoUltra)

One of the most anticipated returns in wrestling over the last several years was when Bray Wyatt re-signed with WWE. Unfortunately, his return didn’t live up to the hype, as he returned to feud with L.A. Knight and then went on a hiatus. Nevertheless, Wyatt remains one of the most over wrestlers in the industry. And although his character will be added in mid-July with the “Revel with Wyatt” DLC, not everyone wants to wait and pay extra money for characters and other upgrades. This leads me to this beautifully crafted CAW from RamblinCinchairtoUltra. His Fiend version of Wyatt is perfectly executed. And with Wyatt’s entrance and moveset already in the game, this Fiend is borderline perfect.

Dom Mysterio (DemonZeroM)

Dom Mysterio’s blow-up from inexperienced wrestler to one of wrestling’s top heels has been masterful. He can’t even pick up a mic and get a word in without hearing fans’ chants of “You Suck” as thousands of intense boos reign down from the heavens. He’s even become a solid wrestler, something I would’ve never imagined early on in his career. Like some of the other CAWs on this list, you might be content with 2K’s Dom, but for me, I wanted to have his most up-to-date look. And DemonZeroM’s is precisely what the doctor ordered, fully equipped with a bandana around his neck and Rhea Ripley shirt.

Sting (AttitudeCreationz)

One of the most iconic superstars in the history of wrestling is Sting. And although his WWE career didn’t go quite as planned, there’s still time for you to create some of the iconic matchups that you once dreamed of. Want to have Sting get his revenge on Seth Rollins? Maybe he’s the one to dethrone the Tribal Chief and end Roman Reigns’ iconic championship run. Perhaps you created an AEW Universe and want him to go one-on-one with Kenny Omega. Whatever the case, AttitudeCreationz’s flawless Sting CAW is the one for you!

Swerve Strickland (IconicCAWs)

I wasn’t very familiar with Swerve before he arrived in All Elite Wrestling, and for that, I feel ignorant. However, Strickland is one of my favorite wrestlers to watch now — at least, when he’s being utilized properly — so I felt the need to download him the first chance I got. In my Universe, I had Swerve join the Judgement Day, where he became somewhat of a leader in the famous stable. How you decide to use Swerve Strickland is up to you, but his character looks excellent, and he has the moves to back it up. Whose house?! Swerve’s House!

Joe Biden (Diamond)

Wrestling with presidents isn’t necessarily my thing, but they’re a staple in the CAW universe, and a Fatal Four-Way to decide the President of the United States may be worth diving into. I also wanted to mix things up and not have every character on this list be a professional wrestler. Of course, I encountered several political figures, including George Washington and Barack Obama, during my endless cycling of characters. Still, none looked more like their real-life counterpart than Diamond’s Joe Biden.

Jamie Hayter (Diamond)

The former AEW Women’s champion, Jamie Hayter, is one of the world’s most famous women’s wrestlers. And although she did not quite get the chance to show that potential with her title reign, there’s plenty left for her to do in the wrestling world. Having the opportunity to book Hayter vs. Ripley, Bianca Belair, and Charlotte Flair is nice to do for dream matches. And if you’re like me and looking to fill out your women’s division with quality wrestlers that can pack a punch, this create-a-wrestler by Diamond is the one for you. Her moveset may need a bit of work.

Logan Paul (Diamond) Wrestlemania

One of the biggest surprises over the last few years has been the success of some celebrity wrestlers, especially in WWE. And while Logan Paul is officially in the game, his attire from WrestleMania 39 was incredible — as was his match with Seth Rollins. Like Solo and Dom, you may not feel the need to download this character, but for me, it needed to be done. Once again, Diamond’s CAWs deliver in a big way, proving once more that he is one of the best — if not the best — creator on the market.

Spider-Man (ThePFonkyAwteest)

For those who like to create their own fantasy world, plenty of fictional characters are on the market, with some of the best-looking CAWs being superheroes. In previous WWE 2K games, I enjoyed The Joker and Batman create-a-wrestlers. But in WWE 2K23, no superhero has looked better than Spider-Man. And seeing as how the new trailer for Spider-Man 2 just dropped, I got spidey on my mind. So if you’re looking to build your own promotion jam-packed with comic book heroes and other creatures, starting with Spider-Man is the way to go.

Sasha Banks (Diamond)

She may be known as Mercedes Mone now that she’s in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but Sasha Banks was one of the most-liked wrestlers in WWE before her departure. You can relive some of her iconic matches with Bailey and Charlotte or even recreate the Four Horsewomen with Diamond’s CAW. Unlike some of the other characters, her moveset is in the game, as well as her entrance and other character-specific actions — making this one of the best CAWs on the market. The Bo$$ is Back!

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