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NBA 2K13: Six Best Role Players for Your Association
NBA 2K13 just released, and some of us are still fiddling with our lineups trying to get that perfect team for the Association mode. Trying to figure out your starting lineup is only the beginning. What about the role players that, might not be a high-scoring threat, can still help you in those tough situations? That's what Operation Sports is here for today, to help give you the six best role players (in no particular order).

James Harden

This one is pretty much a no-brainer. Harden is an overall 81 overall and he can play point guard, shooting guard, or small forward. He is the epitome of a role player. His defense is above average, but he truly shines on the offensive side of the ball. A handling rating of 83, a 3-point shooting rating of 86, and an inside scoring rating of 87? Yeah, he can get the job done if a starting player is having trouble, or if you just want to give him a shot one game.

Taj Gibson

Gibson is a player who can help you out on both sides of the ball with his 84 block rating, 90 inside scoring rating, and 90 offensive rebounding rating. For some players who are starting an Association, you might already have a power forward / center you feel confident with. His overall rating might only be a 77 -- but don't let that fool you -- Gibson is the best role player at those two positions. He is also great with the hook shot or posting up defenders with his strength and his 84 close shooting rating.

Antawn Jamison

The days of being a star player is a thing of the past for Jamison. He still has a respectable 83 offensive rebound rating and an 80 3-point rating, but he's no longer a player who can carry a team on his back. He can, however, still do the job of getting those crucial rebounds and hitting a big shot on occasions. Just don't expect him to help you win several games in-a-row during your Association. Letting him play about 20%-25% of the time will help with rebounding and if you enjoy the pick & roll, Jamison can run that play with ease.

Ray Allen

Ray Allen, much like Antawn Jamison, has passed his prime as a player who will start and get the majority of minutes at shooting guard. In NBA 2K13, Allen, still has a very good 91 3-point rating. In the cases where you're down three and you need to hit one, Allen is definitely the player who can be subbed in for that. His overall rating might be down from past iterations (79), but he can still provide the necessary spark for your team in those close Association mode games.

Iman Shumpert

Shumpert is not at the level of being a star point guard in the NBA 2K series, but he's darn close. Need a steal to help you get back in the game? With his 89 steal rating, Shumpert is the guy to do just that. He's also not half bad on the offensive end with a 76 3-point rating, and an 80 inside scoring rating. Also, don't expect him to lose the ball too much due to his 84 handling rating. If your starting point guard needs the rest, Shumpert is the perfect player to put in.

Jason Terry

Terry has made a career out of being a dependable role player. In NBA 2K13, that's no different (77 overall). Although he is far from being the best role player, Terry still has the skills With his ability to play shooting guard, and even point guard if need be, Terry can help you go on a run or hit that spot up jump shot, with his 85 3-point rating. Not only that, but he does still posses the speed to blow past certain defenders and finish off the play with his 87 close shooting rating.

You might know someone who you think is a better role player. If so, let us know in the comments below.


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Member Comments
# 1 JasonMartin @ 10/16/12 03:29 PM
Harden not a high scoring threat? He can easily go 20ppg (if it wasn't for Westbrook/KD), 16ppg is still good enough like he did previous season.

Also, what position does Shumpert play? PG or SG, in my opinion he's a SG.
# 2 RajonMoneyRondo @ 10/16/12 04:11 PM
Shumpert is a SG , he can play the point but hardly does in real life .
I agree jr smith is huge as a role or 6th
# 3 madden316 @ 10/16/12 04:33 PM
I had Harden avg 30.ppg through the first dozen games in my last association. If it wasn't for his low low mid ( I think is around 67) he would be a amazing All-star player for any team.
# 4 RUFFNREADY @ 10/16/12 04:54 PM
This role can also be filled by a rookie, don't you think; as i have my eye on a Maverick named Jae Crowder at SF / SG. This kid is a beast, and i wouldn't expect anything less than 10 - 15 pts a night from this kid.
# 5 Dirty_Mik3 @ 10/16/12 05:31 PM
In my association I'm Currently the New Orleans Hornets. I would never have Austin Rivers a starter. He goes for 17 a game coming off the bench as a 2 guard. He's looking good for 6th man of the year with Anthony Davis as the rookie of the year just based off him Averaging a double double for the year.
# 6 Cedrik @ 10/16/12 05:31 PM
Is Harden considered a role player because he comes off the bench?
# 7 Dirty_Mik3 @ 10/16/12 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by ggsimmonds
Even though Harden is a role player for the Thunder, I don't think he is actually a role player. If he becomes a free agent in your game offer him role player money and let me know how that goes.

Contract figures are just as important as overall rating when it comes to role players.

Anyway, in past games I actually had success using JR Smith as a role player. Whenever my starters failed to get baskets I subbed in Smith. In game he was excellent at coming off screens for the J
Yea I did that and the Thunder had no problem matching as soon as here Decided to accept the offer. Sometimes in this case you have to over pay just a bit to get who you want.

But then again I don't know if I would build a team around James Harden ??? I'm I the only one that thinks this ?!?!?
# 8 d11king @ 10/16/12 05:39 PM
Uh..... no love for Ben Gordon? Dude has in-the-gym range and can practically hit a shot from North Carolina, has one of the easiest releases in the game, not too shabby on defense if you have great on-ball defense and has the microwave signature skill, he's an easy 18+ points.
# 9 teebee @ 10/16/12 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by RUFFNREADY
This role can also be filled by a rookie, don't you think; as i have my eye on a Maverick named Jae Crowder at SF / SG. This kid is a beast, and i wouldn't expect anything less than 10 - 15 pts a night from this kid.
# 10 eaterofworlds888 @ 10/16/12 06:33 PM
Taj Gibson is definitely great. He was on my association team on 2k12 and he helped out a lot. It's killing me stopped playing that association like a week before 2k13 came out and now it's been two weeks and I still haven't started an association on 2k13 because I'm waiting on more roster updates from 2k. Hopefully, they will have another one soon.
# 11 six4machine @ 10/16/12 06:39 PM
Wow! Jamison and Shumpert, and even someone mentioning rookie Crowder lol! But no Ginobili.. No surprise there, spurs are always overlooked. What's his rating this year? 84-86, don't remember. Higher than everyone on the list above. And still a 6th man
# 12 smlmeyer @ 10/16/12 06:52 PM
I submitted to Bill Simmons about Harden winning the Sixth Man award just because he comes off the bench. He played more minutes than any guard on the Thunder besides Westbrook. He's also clearly their second best guard next to Westbrook. To me, the "off the bench" thing seems to be purely semantics. He still plays like 25-30 minutes per game to Sefolosha's 20-23.
# 13 RB10 @ 10/16/12 08:18 PM
^^^^ What do you propose? Winner has to average less than 25 mpg and come off the bench? I mean if Durant came off the bench obviously he would win the award. I don't think he should/would be disqualified for any reason. It's the best player who starts the game on the bench. Of course it's because of matchups and saving some scoring/playmaking for the 2nd unit, but he is a starter. It's an interesting topic.
# 14 MrBigShot1 @ 10/16/12 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by d11king
Uh..... no love for Ben Gordon? Dude has in-the-gym range and can practically hit a shot from North Carolina, has one of the easiest releases in the game, not too shabby on defense if you have great on-ball defense and has the microwave signature skill, he's an easy 18+ points.
Yup, my favorite role player in the game. Dude is an absolute beast...a skilled player can drop 40 with him if they want to anytime.
# 15 kingdavidtaylor1989 @ 10/16/12 10:56 PM
Does ANYONE know how to play the dunk contest or 3 point shootout in Association mode? Players on my user team makes it to the contests, but I am unable to play it. I know this because I see the winners of the contests when I simulate the all star weekend and they are players from my team.
# 16 Ejfalcon9 @ 10/16/12 11:18 PM
Can I say the entire Clippers bench? Minus a few players the team is crazy good with a skilled rotation of role players. Can't be happier in real life ,but in my Clippers association i've had to re-tool the team due to guys being unhappy with their minutes. No Lamar....I'm not benching Blake so you can go out there and make your wife proud.
# 17 zmcman1 @ 10/17/12 12:01 AM
I've got Taj Gibson starting at PF in two different OAs. I don't think I ever want to use another PF again.

- Monster on offensive rebounds
- Lockdown Defender skill, held Durant to 4 points on 2-12 shooting (team I was playing against had him at PF)
- So many blocks on guards driving the lane.
# 18 okstate19 @ 10/17/12 12:16 AM
Wow, 20 comments in and no one has mentioned Nick Young yet? Dude may not be reliable defender, but he can provide buckets off the bench in a hurry. I've had him coming off the bench in multiple associations since at least 2k9. He can throw down some pretty sick dunks too.

I'd like to nominate someone that I've just recently traded for near the deadline in my Bucks association. Roddy Beaubois. The guy has good handles, passes the ball well enough, can play decent defense and get a steal every now and then, AND serves as a solid scoring threat any time he is on the floor. I can get to the hole with him at will sometimes, and he can knock down the open three. He, and some other roster moves, have vaulted my Bucks into the 3rd spot in the East a few games after the All-Star Break. Great pickup. Definitely my best acquisition thus far on 2k13.
# 19 The_Wise_One @ 10/17/12 01:43 AM
I was just thinking the same as this guy Nick Young is a JR clone and less expensive.
# 20 xRobertitox @ 10/17/12 12:07 PM
Nate Robinson if used correctly is MONEY

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