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The shot meter is my bread and butter in NBA 2K17 -- I will not tell a lie.

In fact, I admittedly am probably too reliant upon it.

But as Coach2K on YouTube points out in the video above -- you don't have to use the shot meter to be successful in NBA 2K17.

Why would you not use the shot meter? A couple of potential reasons come up. First, if the shot meter is tweaked for less green releases you aren't going to be affected by those changes. Second, you'll be more focused on the on-court action than if you are constantly looking at your shot meter.

The visual feedback you get from your shots will tell you if you are releasing too early or too late -- and from there you'll be able to adjust your shot releases.

Check out the video and let us know if you are one of the adventurous types playing NBA 2K17 without the shot meter on!

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Member Comments
# 1 Loot23 @ 10/19/16 04:42 PM
I turn off the shot meter every year. I leave feedback on for a few just to see the right release point and then I take it off. Leaving the shot meter off just makes it more realistic to me.
# 2 Luke Skywalker @ 10/19/16 06:50 PM
Loved the video, going to definitely do this from now on. I use custom sliders though (made for lower %), so this is going to be great!
# 3 Black Bruce Wayne @ 10/19/16 09:46 PM
How to shoot without the shot meter? Simple. Take it back to the old school, where you had to look at the players shot motion and pray lol
# 4 TreyIM2 @ 10/19/16 11:07 PM
I use a bit of both. I pay more attention to the shooting motion of a player and my own feel with a bit of peripheral vision on the meter, at same time.
# 5 fluent2332 @ 10/19/16 11:30 PM
The Shot Meter is a bad move. It will naturally give an advantage to those who use it versus those who go by the signature animation. It takes away from the immersion of the game and makes it more clinical and cold. Who wants to look at a meter when they shoot in a basketball game? Next you'll have to fill up a meter while passing, then fill up the dunk meter when you go up for a slam.

I wouldn't care much about an optional feature but it's going to give an advantage to those who use it, so it's not really fair for those who just want to play a simulation style basketball game and not turn it into who can hit the meter the best. What happened to relying on basketball knowledge? Basketball knowledge combined with a degree of stick skills makes the perfect game. Weighing it too heavily in one area by adding something like this shot meter is not a good look for simulation style players, IMO.
# 6 Queannn @ 10/20/16 12:51 AM
I always turn the shot meter off. I noticed a lot of players are so reliant on the meter and that's when they start expecting every shot to go in. Perfect release doesn't guarantee you make a shot in real life and it shouldn't in 2k.
# 7 awg811 @ 10/22/16 08:44 AM
Imo, and just my opinion, if they want to use aiming and a meter it should be at the rim.
Everyone, when shooting the ball has to look at the rim. Nobody looks at their feet when shooting!
They could have the meter the same size as the rim and you'd have to position the meter over the rim and time the meter correctly.
That's basketball and if you want to use aiming and a meter, I see no better way.
That would also make long distance shooting and close shots more realistic.
The farther you are away from the rim, the harder it is to aim and time the meter.
# 8 GiGAHEART @ 10/22/16 04:55 PM
SHOT METER = BAD DESIGN CHOICE. Shouldn't even exist in NBA2K games...
...shouldnt even exist in videogames particularly sports aiming for IMMERSIVE, REALISTIC & AUTHENTIC SIMULATION, period.

Let me ask you a simple question: DO YOU SEE A BAR OR METER BELOW YOUR FEET IN REAL LIFE WHEN YOU PLAY BASKETBALL? In NBA games broadcast live in TV, do you see these things?

Simple answer: NO.

Ive been NBA2K guy since PS2 era & eversince owning a PS4 then getting 2k15 for it & now 2k17, I turn all these things OFF.


Because thats how these kinda of games should be played: BASED ON SKILL & ABILITY TO TIME BASED ON RELEASE ANIMATION.

Just like, hello, IN REAL LIFE. You dont rely on bars & meters. You rely on practice & patience of learning. Now instead of doing that, guys literally look at shot meter, which is, again unrealistic. Why do we even have it, whats the point of tutorials if ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS LOOK AT A BAR / METER?

Dont even get me started on SHOT METER ON LAYUPS & 90% of the time, contestef or not, you will miss. This alone makes 2k17 very unrealistic simulationwise compared to every othet interation in the series.

I will say it again, Shot Meter = Bad Design Choice by the devs, maybe one of the worst ones since NOT being able to edit headbands (which mind everybody LAST GEN they allow you to & they havent given us REASONS WHY we cant now) & make custom teams outside of MyLeague.

If NBA2k18 still have these bad design choices FOR NO REASON (seriously, if as SIMPLE AS FREAKIN HEADBANDS is a problem then I dont know) & the fact they have oldschool guys in MyTeam but NOT in roster & their classic teams, I dont know if I can support these guys anymore.

Its like someone here said; one step forward, TWO STEPS BACK.

# 9 urjaywall @ 10/22/16 09:43 PM
I've actually never used the shot meter, ever. I turned it off when they introduced it a few years ago and have never turned it on. And I've had no complaints. I feel its more realistic without it.

The key isn't timing your release, its taking good shots. I only shoot when I have space, and only with players I know can make the shot. Ratings matter more than shot release timing. Steph Curry can shoot everything bad release and make just as many as Rondo shooting everything with perfect release.

Now, that's not to say timing isn't pointless. You generally want to release your shot three quarters of the way through the entire animation. I just simply release the shot when it feels natural to release it (for example, when you shoot, you use a lot of your legs, so if you release the shot right before you reach the top of your jump, you'll have the most lift and the most control on your shot, as opposed to releasing it as you start to come down).

I also understand that players only shoot 40 percent, on average. So I'm totally okay missing half my shots (as long as the CPU does the same! ).

There is only one player I refuse to shoot with because he never makes it but should make it at a very high rate. That's Ryan Anderson. His animation might be broken or something. I've never figured it out. Maybe the shot meter might help there!
# 10 Luke Skywalker @ 10/22/16 09:47 PM
I officially gave up on the Meter release, felt green release was cheese, so I now use Real Player % and as another poster said, work for the open shot.
# 11 kaluis05 @ 11/07/16 11:14 PM
I just read this thread last week so it's been a week since I turned off my shot meter via user timing. True enough, it's more realistic. Users will focus more on their players, not in a mini game of fill in the shade for green release. As per the earlier posts, shoot at the right place, at the right time, with the right player.

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