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The Journey is the newest mode in FIFA 17, which brings narrative storytelling to an EA Sports AAA title for the first time this generation. The Journey puts you into the shoes of rising star Alex Hunter, and it puts you into the Premier League and all of the trappings of that world.

In our FIFA 17 review
, we called The Journey 'a great addition' to the series.

But what do you think? After getting time to really dive into the mode, are you impressed with it? Sound off by voting in our poll and be sure to leave a comment on what you think of the mode!

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# 1 Cod @ 10/14/16 03:59 PM
All I want is the option to skip the useless cut scenes. If there is no choice involved, please let me skip it. The whole beginning sequence is way to long. I understand the need for a backstory, but the build up is ridiculously long.

Other than the cut scene issues I have, I actually like the mode and what EA is trying to accomplish with it.
# 2 HenryClay1844 @ 10/14/16 04:17 PM
Your play and your choice of team doesn't affect the scripted outcome. A young player in the PL will have a completely different experience depending on whether they are signed to Manchester United or Sunderland. And Harry Kane ain't going to be singing with Southampton anytime soon.
# 3 KennyJ1976 @ 10/15/16 10:54 AM
Of all the story modes in sports games, I think Fight Night Champion did it the best. That being said, The Journey is pretty good. I just wish it wasn't restricted to only the Premier League.
# 4 TheCitizen @ 10/15/16 02:22 PM
SPOILERS: Just finished it. I will say I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. The cutscenes weren't all that bad, but the replayability is non-existent. The mode was alright. For the first time that EA is doing this on FIFA I'd give it a 2/5. It needs to improve upon customization, sponsorship deals, interactions with your teammates/coach, social media was bland, no way to track stats other than your own goals and assists. Not to mention the end was utter crap. There were good spots though, I liked the whole dynamic between you and your grandfather. Williams kept me entertained every cutscene he was in. Training seemed realistic, although I hated not being able to choose what you wanted to work on. At the end of the day though, the mode seemed like a waste of my time. You play 1 season. Unless you choose one of the PL Giants you aren't going to win the Prem. I won the FA Cup, the celebration afterwards was so underwhelming. The final cutscene left much more questions than answers. Why would you tease getting called up to the England squad all throughout the Journey but once you earn your place you don't even make one appearance. Sure, it was fun. I liked building my own player and having some sort of interactions with your teammates, family, agent, etc. but it's by no means a mode I will touch again. Hopefully next year they build on this and add a lot more depth to it and atleast give me 5 seasons to play. Not just one underwhelming season. BTW, I had ONE interaction with Marco Reus. ONE interaction with Di Maria. Never met James in person. Only player that I had slightly more interaction with was Harry Kane, and that's due to him being unrealistically transferred to Leicester City. Again, 2/5 with potential of being something special in the next installment of FIFA.
# 5 ASUBoy93 @ 10/15/16 04:36 PM
Surprised at the lack of people who have played it. Give it a shot guys. It's actually pretty good, especially considering it's FIFA's first attempt at a narrative.
# 6 kidanything2 @ 10/16/16 09:33 AM
Originally Posted by ASUBoy93
Surprised at the lack of people who have played it. Give it a shot guys. It's actually pretty good, especially considering it's FIFA's first attempt at a narrative.
It's not about whether it's good or not for me. These modes have just never interested me. I play sports games for two reasons. To run a franchise (Madden and The Show), or to play online (FIFA and NBA).
# 7 Skeptikz @ 10/16/16 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by info0
I liked the mode. Signed with Bournemouth and of course it's scripted that whatever team you sign for, Harry Kane will join in. Unrealistic if you ask me.

However, The Journey replaced "offline" Be A Pro mode. The mode I enjoyed a lot.. It was not limited to 1 season and you could actually play for National Team/be transferred to other team, etc.

I just feel, if people like The Journey, EA will milk this mode. Paid DLC anyone? The Journey finishes off like it says: SEQUEL?
BTW Career Mode as a single player (AKA Offline Be A Pro) is still in the game.

RE the Journey mode, I was bit concerned when I played the demo and saw that the coach decided to send on the 17 yr old rookie (after starting another 17 year old rookie...) to try and win the game for Man utd even though Zlatan was sitting next to him.

So I figured I'll play for a smaller team (Watford) to try to give it some semblance of realism. Despite that, the cutscenes and all player interactions keep referring to my guy as a striker when I'm a CAM, so should e playing in midfield anyway.

Also by the time I had left on loan, Watford hadn't played their best striker (Troy Deeney) at all yet...

So yea - overall cutscenes and stuff are well done, but it's just so linear that immersion falls off the cliff pretty quickly...
# 8 SCB1990 @ 10/17/16 07:00 AM
It was never going to be perfect for their first attempt at this type of mode. I started one and got about 2 months into it before I found out the length of it and since then I haven't played any more. Hoping next years at least lets you carry on after.
# 9 Coffinsh @ 10/17/16 12:46 PM
I played a lot of this over the weekend. I think its a great start, but yeah, lots of bugs. The main thing is the story line, I played my first three PL games for Hull and had 6 goals. Now they bring in Kane and send me down? Doesnt seem realistic. Also, after I went on loan to Newcastle, that Williams dude was pegged to be my side kick. He spent the entire time on the reserves and didnt play in any game that wasnt tied to a cutscene. Oh and being forced to play as the entire team in the trials was frustrating.
# 10 avaya23 @ 10/17/16 01:14 PM
I think the dude on the screenshot looks kinda like "diamondback" from Luke Cage.... But maybe just my opinion

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