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The WWE 2K17 developers have posted a new video featuring tables. Check it out and post your thoughts.

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# 1 Razeart2422 @ 09/15/16 09:16 AM
The table match improvements look great. Thank you 2k sports. But I have a big problem with the way the tables break. The split ends of the table should be staying up after they are broken.

Like table breaks # 9, 8 & 7 of this video:


Also, the sound and commentary of the game need a huge overhaul. The sound effects should be exaggerated to create more of that wwe dramatic effect that you see on WWE Television. I can already tell that the commentators are not reacting with enough drama when the table breaks.

They should be reacting like they are reacting in this fan made video:


That would be a dream come true.

Just like NBA 2k17 is making dreams come true with their game. If NBA 2k can add 11 different combinations of Commentary. WWE 2k should be aiming for the same greatness. This would be a dream come true with WWE 2k17. Please overhaul the weapon sound effects, the crowd sfx and the commentary for next year!

WWE 2k should be aiming to win sports game of the year or shall I say fighting game of the year.
If you guys can overhaul the sound effects and commentary. I'm sure WWE 2k would be up there with NBA 2k. But right now.... I can already tell NBA 2k is taking the sports game of the year title once again. But I want it to be the other way around.
# 2 MrDubya @ 09/23/16 04:39 PM
I'm convinced that they will never fix the commentary issues and be able to recreate real drama moments which seem like a real show on current gen wrestling games. I mean, they have it done very well on the NBA 2K games every year, but never can get it correct for the WWE games.

I stopped believing in them after WWE '13. That was the last one I got into and even somewhat enjoyed due to the retro stuff.
# 3 redsox4evur @ 09/23/16 05:02 PM
Compare the NBA offseason to the offsea....oh wait nevermind there is no offseason in the WWE. And these guys are traveling to a new town every week.

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# 4 Bigg Cee @ 09/23/16 05:34 PM
Tables still break so ugly. Why do they need to break like a bomb went off on it. Why can't we have certain ends collapse or legs break off. It's looked the same over the last few years and looks nothing like how tables break in the WWE. Now if this was ECW mid 90' s and early 2000's then yes they would look great but not in 2016. I want a cleaner table break. All I play are ladder and tlc matches online so I've seen enough of them.

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