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Max Scherzer struck out 20 batters last night, tying the all-time record.

While Scherzer's performance wasn't the greatest of all-time for sure, he still put up a plethora of impressive stats.

Zero walks. Twenty-four of thirty-three batters faced hit with first pitch strikes. Only twenty-three balls thrown.

That's the type of stats that, if you had them in The Show, you'd instantly start adjusting the control slider to make the game more realistic. Scherzer isn't the only pitcher tearing it up this year, so is Jake Arrieta of the Cubs.

In your time playing MLB The Show 16, have you had a performance similar to that of Scherzer's 20K performance Wednesday night? Let us know in the comments if you've done anything similar!

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Member Comments
# 1 AvengedAgainst @ 05/12/16 12:37 PM
17 with Strasburg.
# 2 KBLover @ 05/12/16 12:53 PM
Got 21 earlier in the year with my fictional ace in my carryover.

Most of the time, I end up capping out at 13-15 K's.
# 3 BDrizz @ 05/12/16 12:53 PM
Actually just K'd 20 in a game with an RTTS pitcher
# 4 Moss44 @ 05/12/16 01:01 PM
Struck out around 19 once in diamond dynasty with Yordano Ventura. The guy chased everything.
# 5 lisinas @ 05/12/16 01:14 PM
13 with Jason Hammel
# 6 Airfaron23 @ 05/12/16 01:27 PM
I started relief pitcher Yusmeiro Petit and threw a perfect game with him. No joke lol. It was in an online franchise game, fantasy draft league on The Show 15. I'm still in this league on The Show 16. Petit had a good stamina rating so he got the start again the Nationals.

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# 7 ZoeK35 @ 05/12/16 01:37 PM
I've had a 17 strike out and 15 strike out in back to back games with Arrieta
# 8 PPerfect_CJ @ 05/12/16 01:39 PM
19 with Jerad Eickhoff.
# 9 Trojan Man @ 05/12/16 02:24 PM
I had 16 in 7 innings with Kershaw in this year's game pretty early on in the season.
# 10 Atax1s @ 05/12/16 02:45 PM
18 strikeout no hitter with MadBum on all-star.
# 11 tril @ 05/12/16 03:39 PM
Ive had 15ks a handful of times with various pitchers. but have never gotten any higher. I find the more strikes out I get, the harder the player makes contact with the ball, and also the more foul balls they hit. so those 15ks, I usually wind up with pitchers being fatigued because of the number of pitches thrown.
Ive probably only had one complete game with that many strike outs. other than that I have to call in the bullpen.
# 12 Cubs2424 @ 05/12/16 08:04 PM
25Ks one hit with Verlander
# 13 kyle1231234 @ 05/12/16 08:14 PM
No joke same as the other dude with eikoff.. I had 16 my first start with him ever since though I've been bad lol
# 14 romeosdistress @ 05/12/16 09:36 PM
struck out 18 with eickhoff.
# 15 MrVogon @ 05/12/16 11:57 PM
Struck out 24 in 11 with Gausman, only 135 pitches
# 16 Smallville102001 @ 05/13/16 03:38 AM
I think the most K I have ever got in any show game is 16 and most the time I don't get more then like 13.
# 17 jaredsmith83 @ 05/13/16 08:06 AM
I had a 20 K with my RTTS guy, but as far as an actual player, I think my best has been 16 or 17 with Wainwright.
# 18 bwright25 @ 05/13/16 11:48 AM
15 K's with the 27th batter breaking up a perfect game with 89 Ubaldo
# 19 Cavicchi @ 05/13/16 12:22 PM
I struck out 21 with Luis Severino.
# 20 Hoosierdaddy76 @ 05/13/16 12:29 PM
My best is a 22 strikeout perfect game by 89 Latos:

Second best is a 15 strikeout perfect game by Garza:

Third best is a 16 strikeout no-no by 89 Latos (with one walk):

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