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NBA 2K16 patch #3 is available now for PlayStation 4 users, weighing in at 2.4GB. It typically takes a while for the Xbox One patch to get approved, but when it does, we will update this post.

Check out the patch notes below.

  • Added support to view the uniform your opponent selects prior to starting a Play Now Online game.
  • Flip Saunders patch added to Minnesota Timberwolves uniforms.
  • A number of accuracy-based improvements have been made to classic team uniforms (07-08 Celtics, 99-00 Raptors, 05-06 Heat, etc.)
  • A number of improvements have been made with the 2KTV viewing experience. Make sure and watch the latest episode for your chance to earn some easy VC!
  • Improved the results of face scanning.
  • Primary Jersey and Primary Shorts colors are now used to determine both accessory and sock colors when using custom-built uniforms.
  • Certain materials were not properly appearing on user-edited shoes; this should be resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where users would not join the Locker Room when accepting an invite while playing in a MyCAREER game.
  • Corrected a disconnect issue that could happen when pausing and unpausing the game during online play.
  • Fixed an issue in MyTEAM where players/items from the 99-00 Blazers were returning when searching for the Timberwolves in the Auction House.
  • Resolved an issue where too much stamina would recover during timeouts (giving the effect that players never tired).
  • Finally resolved an issue where players would not sweat appropriately in longer quarter lengths.
  • Fixed a rare case where you would be unable to dismiss the quick sub menu when attempting to make a substitution.
  • Found a case where the camera would be pointing towards the crowd at the tip-off of an overtime game.
  • Corrected the Free Throw Difficulty slider, which was flipped. Make sure to update your custom sliders if you accounted for this on your end already.
  • Outdoor sound effects should no longer play in indoor environments after having previously played a MyTEAM Gauntlet game.
  • Players who have not yet had their in-game injury diagnosed will have their playable status updated once the diagnosis is complete.
  • Players who have not yet had their in-game injury diagnosed will correctly suffer from the effects of the actual injury.
  • Players who pick up short term injuries (lasting only minutes long) should now have them properly removed when the remaining duration reaches zero during a game.
  • Tuned the ‘hold ball too long’ event in the teammate grade logic to be a little more forgiving.
  • Fixed an issue where you could be awarded ‘good foul’ in your teammate grade when fouling a three-point shooter.
  • We no longer give an ‘allow offensive rebound’ teammate grade penalty after blocking an opponent’s shot.
  • Addressed a movement issue that would cause players to twitch while in Deny states.
  • Referees should no longer twitch during free throws.
  • Pass receivers are now less likely to veer away from the basket to catch a pass.
  • Improved CPU logic for when they should and should not use alley-oop passes.
  • Reduced the defensive impact of defenders who are on their way down after a block attempt.
  • Fixed a very rare case where a free throw shot would launch toward the wrong basket.
  • Tuned body-up system to prevent sub-par defenders from being overly effective at stopping the ball handler.
  • Fixed a frequent hitch in the dribble system seen when branching into certain dribble collisions.
  • Tightened up ‘crowded’ dribble launches to prevent unwanted hesitations when attempting to drive to the basket.
  • Fixed post-up double dribble and travel (pivot) issues.
  • Tuned down excessive flopping being performed by AI players.
  • Addressed the issue of ‘camping’ in MyPARK games by: 1) Disabling the set screen button within 6 feet of the basket, 2) Allowing users to initiate off-ball contact with screen setters near the rim, and 3) By adding offensive 3 seconds rule to half court games.
  • Fixed a case that was causing passers to stop to throw a pass in the backcourt.
  • Tuned the dribble system in order to tone down the effectiveness of behind-the-back dribble moves and ‘zig-zagging’ back and forth to get open.
  • Improvements made to alley-oop defense.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent some contact layups from respecting the user’s desired finish direction.
  • Reduced the frequency of unwanted contested shot fadeaways.
  • Tweaks to errant pass frequency when passing out of double teams and contact shots.
  • Made dive for loose balls more accurate and more likely to acquire the ball.
  • Swapped out ‘Normal 13’ jump shot pullups per community feedback.
  • Made low-rated shot blockers less accurate and capped their jumping verticals.
  • Made decisions by the CPU to steal a pass more reasonable through tuning the frequencies in certain situations.
  • Improvements to double team logic.
  • Increased the difficulty in stealing the ball from post players.
  • Improvements to logic system for when ‘ankle breakers’ should play and when they should not play.
  • Fixed an issue in which points would not count for shots that go in after a flagrant foul call (i.e. And-1 on flagrants).
  • Fixed a MyTEAM post move score exploit by better defining post shot scenarios.
  • Added jam ups to spin layups to prevent the offense from barreling through heavy traffic.
  • Improved CPU logic for when to hustle back in transition defense.
  • Added a pop-up overlay to let the user know when the Adaptive Coaching Engine is changing their freelance offense.
  • Adjusted freeland motion cut times and fixed an issue with swing freelance starting positions.
  • Adjusted stationary hop jumper shooting percentages to make them a more viable option on offense.
  • Tuned back the frequency of missed dunks in traffic.
  • Fixed an issue where if someone called for an icon pick and got interrupted by a stealing defender, the ball handler was previously unable to pass the ball by any means for the remainder of the possession.
  • Improvements to help defense and rotation logic.
  • You now have the ability to design an ‘Away’ uniform for your Pro-Am team. The appropriate uniform will be worn depending on if your team is Home or Away for the current game.
  • The correct overall rating for your MyPLAYER will now be shown on the Pro-Am loading screen.
  • Improved voice chat support in both MyPARK and 2K Pro-Am.
  • Accolades will now unlock based on your performances in custom arena Pro-Am games.
  • A number of fixes have been applied to improve lineup building during the Pro-Am.
  • Made CPU players that take over for quitting users less effective in Pro-Am.
  • A Pro-Am game will end immediately with a win if all opposing players have quit out of the game.
  • ‘Quit’ deterrents have been added to deter users from quitting out of Pro-Am games. Too many quits will result in the short term inability to play the mode.
  • Removed the 10-second delay that would occur before the start of a game to 21 in MyPARK.
  • Fixed an issue with the squad countdown timer displaying incorrectly when traveling between parks.
  • Users can no longer celebrate when their opponent scores in 21.
  • Camera flashes should no longer be seen in empty custom-arena matches. Progress further in your MyCAREER to draw more people to your Pro-Am games!
  • Fixed a very rare issue where some users were reporting a hang when exiting their MyPARK.
  • The ball should no longer get stuck to your MyPLAYER when celebrating in the park.
  • Corrected an issue where some users were not receiving the correct amount of VC after winning a MyPARK Ante-Up game.
  • Fixed an issue where stats would sometimes show as incorrect in the Game Recap following a Pro-Am game.
  • Fixed an issue where certain players were unable to travel back to their home parks at the end of Rival Days due to travel restrictions.
  • A large number of other MyPARK performance fixes and enhancements have been made to improve the overall experience.
  • Fixed an issue where certain store rewards (from Connections) weren’t saving upon unlocking. Previously unlocked items should again show up as owned items.
  • Added support for crowd members to hold up ‘big head’ posters of your MyPLAYER.
  • Users should now start seeing ‘photobombs’ again once they reach their second NBA season in MyCAREER.
  • Custom code added to prevent very similar shades of white/grey/black uniforms from being matched up automatically as part of the ‘alternate uniform night’ feature. This logic also applies to the MyGM/MyLEAGUE modes.
  • Fixed a MyCAREER issue where your contact could inadvertently change after being traded between two teams.
  • Improved PlayVision to better help you understand what you should be doing on offense in MyCAREER.
  • Reduced the max amount of scheduled minutes your MyPLAYER can get to 38 (pro-rated) minutes. Actual playtime can vary based on game conditions, of course.
  • MyPLAYERs who have retired from their NBA careers can now access their MyCOURTs.
  • When not participating in a MyCOURT scrimmage, users can now freely walk around. Have fun.
  • The game will no longer hang when attempting to equip the skateboard from the 2K Sports Store while in your MyCOURT.
  • Sock length is now customizable for your MyPLAYER via the 2K Sports store.
  • Tuned the fair market value for players; teams should now be signing players for the appropriate amount of money.
  • Improved negotiation options when negotiating with Staff.
  • Generated prospects should now have their own unique jumpshot animations, free throw animations, and signature size-ups. Note that this particular change will only work on GMs/LEAGUEs started post-patch.
  • Improved support of the NBA’s new tie-breaker rules for Playoff seeding.
  • Teams are now less likely to trade away newly signed players, specifically those signed to longer contracts.
  • The League Realignment option will now appear during every offseason in MyLEAGUE, even if a team was not relocated during the current season.
  • Location/Team-specific crowd chants have now been disabled for relocated teams (as they no longer apply).
  • Support has been added for users who wish to use position lock with multiple controllers.
  • Added playcalling support during Scrimmages.
  • If a user has relocated or rebranded a team with new uniforms, those uniforms will be used for Summer League/Scrimmage/Freestyle rather than the team’s current practice uniforms.
  • Players with the ‘Force 6th Man’ option turned on will no longer complain about wanting to be starters (and their expectation are adjusted accordingly).’
  • Fixed an issue where changing your uniform for a Summer League game would result in the game being played in a non-Summer League environment.
  • Injuries are now turned off during the Hoops Summit game in the offseason.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur when jumping out of a game and into SimCast.
  • Taking an invalid gameplan into a SimCast game will no longer cause the game to hang.
  • Fixed an issue where hot spot player tendencies would get overwritten after changing them and leaving the Edit Player menu.
  • Corrected an issue when using Player Lock where users would sometimes control all players, rather than just their own.
  • Copying/Pasting/Deleting of gameplans should now function properly in MyLEAGUE Online.
  • Trade Notifications in MyLEAGUE Online will now properly be deleted after being handled by the user.
  • (PS4) Sony’s invite system can now be used to invite users to your MyLEAGUE Online.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause the game to stutter during a MyLEAGUE Online fantasy draft when the timer would run out with auto-draft enabled.
  • The calendar now displays scheduled user games when one falls on the same day as the Player Re-signing deadline.
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Standing Shot Close’ would sometimes be errantly displayed multiple times in the Training Camp Results overlay.
  • Added ‘Normalize Played to Sim Minutes’ and ‘Normalize Played to Sim Stats’ to MyGM settings. Give them a try.
NOTE: All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves (unless specifically noted otherwise).

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Member Comments
# 1 ksuttonjr76 @ 11/13/15 12:40 PM
Wow! That's got to be the quickest turnaround for a NBA 2K patch in the history of the series!
# 2 cthurt @ 11/13/15 12:43 PM
I swear I am always at work when a patch is released....
# 3 ch46647 @ 11/13/15 12:43 PM
Very excited for these patch notes.
# 4 qjrchris2 @ 11/13/15 12:44 PM
Here comes the waiting game for us XB1 users. Probably won't see our patch till around thanksgiving. I hope.
# 5 QDB9 @ 11/13/15 12:45 PM
OMG that was faster than The Flash.
# 6 Tunechid @ 11/13/15 12:45 PM
What are the pro-am notes?
# 7 JUSTlFIED @ 11/13/15 12:46 PM
Just played one quick MyPark Game.

Controls fell tighter, and the TeamMate grade had color now
# 8 The 24th Letter @ 11/13/15 12:46 PM
of course it is....

I cant play until Monday.
# 9 Gosens6 @ 11/13/15 12:46 PM
Holy crap! Didn't see this coming so quickly! Time to Sim Myleague and see if they fixed the contracts

Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
# 10 ataman5 @ 11/13/15 12:47 PM
Both very excited and scared, for patch notes and overall gameplay changes.
I hope that the changes will be for the merrier not for the cheesers.
# 11 cthurt @ 11/13/15 12:50 PM
I cant lie I am a little nervous I just had a great game this morning before I left for work, oddly enough It was the best game I played in a long time. Hopefully this patch is a good one.
# 12 Steve_OS @ 11/13/15 12:50 PM
Updated OP. Patch notes included.
# 13 ksuttonjr76 @ 11/13/15 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by qjrchris2
Here comes the waiting game for us XB1 users. Probably won't see our patch till around thanksgiving. I hope.
Honestly, as fast as this came for the PS4 users, we better get ours next week .
# 14 JUSTlFIED @ 11/13/15 12:56 PM
- Addressed the issue of ‘camping’ in MyPARK games by: 1) Disabling the set screen button within 6 feet of the basket, 2) Allowing users to initiate off-ball contact with screen setters near the rim, and 3) By adding offensive 3 seconds rule to half court games.

Yes!!!! Btw Offensive 3 is in full court games too, just saw it happen
# 15 Tunechid @ 11/13/15 12:56 PM
# 16 Mickeyknoxx @ 11/13/15 12:57 PM
Is this Patch coming to PC also ?
# 17 ataman5 @ 11/13/15 01:01 PM
Can someone explain to me what is this ?

- Corrected the Free Throw Difficulty slider, which was flipped. Make sure to update your custom sliders if you accounted for this on your end already.

What should i do ?
# 18 The 24th Letter @ 11/13/15 01:04 PM
-Improved CPU logic for when to hustle back in transition defense.
-Improvements to help defense and rotation logic.
# 19 ramspeedkill @ 11/13/15 01:06 PM
Improved the results of face scanning. wondering if they changed hair too
# 20 ch46647 @ 11/13/15 01:06 PM
Patch notes look PHENOMENAL!

Almost every one of my gameplay concerns have been addressed. I am thrilled to see a significant emphasis on dribble drives and the elimination of hitch/ suction defense.

The one thing I do not see is an emphasis on defenders leaving offensive players wide open in the paint. This was a significant issue which caused an unusually high PIP statistic for user controlled games.

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