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Microsoft and EA Sports have just announced their Madden NFL 16 Xbox One bundle, which includes an Xbox One console with a 1TB hard drive, a full download of Madden NFL 16 and a one-year subscription to EA Access. You can pre-order on Amazon for $399.99, with a scheduled release date of August 18.

Read the full press release below.

Football fans, rejoice: The Xbox One bundle you’ve been waiting for is here, just in time for football season. Featuring an Xbox One console with a 1TB hard drive, giving you tons of space for games, a full download of Madden NFL 16 to play when the game launches on Aug. 25, plus a one-year subscription to EA Access, the Xbox One Madden NFL 16 Bundle is built for sports fans.

Madden NFL 16 brings back your favorite Madden NFL modes: Connected Franchise, Ultimate Team, and last year’s new mode, Skills Trainer. Plus, it introduces brand-new modes like Draft Champions, a Madden-style take on fantasy football. New and improved controls give you way more playmaking options on both ends of the play, whether you’re a quarterback or a wide receiver fighting for the ball in the air. And the new presentation modes make the whole thing look, feel, and sound like a prime-time broadcast. All in all, you’ve got a massive new Madden NFL experience to keep you busy for many, many hours.

Plus, if you’re a fan of any EA game, the Xbox One Madden NFL 16 bundle with one year of EA Access is a dream come true. On top of access to The Vault, a collection of awesome EA titles that are free to play anytime, and saving 10 percent on all EA digital purchases, EA Access gives members the chance play upcoming EA games on Xbox One for a limited time before their release and the ability to keep your progress if you decide to purchase the game. That’s right, with EA Access, you can take Madden NFL 16 for a spin beginning on Aug. 20 before the full game launches on Aug. 25 only on Xbox One.

And don’t forget, Xbox One is the official game console of the NFL, so you can enjoy the NFL experience with the NFL on Xbox One App, and the ability to watch games right from your console.

Available for $399 USD, you can pre-order the Xbox One Madden NFL 16 Bundle at participating retailers now. The bundle hits stores Aug. 18, a week ahead of the full game’s launch on Aug. 25. Let’s get ready for some football!

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Member Comments
# 1 The JareBear @ 07/20/15 12:24 PM
I'm reading the wording carefully. Does the bundle allow you to play the game on the 18th? Or does the download unlock on the 25th?
# 2 sir psycho @ 07/20/15 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by The JareBear
I'm reading the wording carefully. Does the bundle allow you to play the game on the 18th? Or does the download unlock on the 25th?
I'm reading it as the download unlocks on the 25th, but you can play it early with the free EA Access
# 3 cthurt @ 07/20/15 12:35 PM
This actually has me intrigued, might have to get this, especially since I keep running out of memory space on my PS4. Might just get my EA sports games on Xbox One, and have 2k and the Show on PS4.
# 4 The JareBear @ 07/20/15 12:36 PM
It's definitely a good deal. EA Access is awesome.
# 5 4thQtrStre5S @ 07/20/15 01:06 PM
I may sell my current Xbox One and put the money towards the bundle...
# 6 BreakingBad2013 @ 07/20/15 01:40 PM
I would absolutely buy that bundle, if it came with a season of NFL Sunday Ticket Mobile
# 7 bigdipper88 @ 07/20/15 03:27 PM
Originally Posted by iloveparkmin
cool bundle with madden 16, i am not fan of xbox console and i never own xbox console. i am huge fan of playstation console for rest of my life since ps1 released in 1996
PS1 was released in 1995
# 8 TheBleedingRed21 @ 07/20/15 03:30 PM
Would buy if..

1) wife would let me and let me live to enjoy it

2) you could choose ps4 madden instead even though that might defeat the purpose of the bundle, I could use the EA access plus wouldn't mind having an xbox one with my ps4.
# 9 kaydigi @ 07/20/15 09:07 PM
I really hope a PS4 is announced soon, I was going to buy the Arkahm Knight bundle today.
# 10 TheBleedingRed21 @ 07/20/15 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by kaydigi
I really hope a PS4 is announced soon, I was going to buy the Arkahm Knight bundle today.
Won't happen. NFL is partnered with Microsoft.
# 11 Senor_Herbatron @ 07/20/15 10:05 PM
Yeah, that NFL partnership alone makes it intriguing. I'd get to play Madden early and get it for free. Could still purchase the PS4 too if necessary for leagues and such.

I may have to do this.
# 12 Gorilla Glass @ 07/20/15 10:25 PM
Wow! This bundle is well worth it.

For the guys up against the fence, this is the one.
# 13 sarlndr @ 07/21/15 01:13 AM
Even if it just came with the EA Access it's worth it. You'd get Madden, Live, FIFA, & NHL all for free by April. If you're a patient person this can save you a couple hundred dollars..
# 14 elgreazy1 @ 07/21/15 10:29 AM
Dang, should have waited to get my Xbox One. I haven't even touched the Halo bundle that came with it.
# 15 XxSpiritHunterX @ 07/21/15 11:23 AM
This is so tempting because I want an Xbox one, luckily it's 1TB and my birthday is a few weeks after this drops.. Hope it's still available
# 16 fballturkey @ 07/21/15 11:33 AM
If there were just a couple more exclusives I really wanted for Xbox (Forza is all I can think of) this might push me over the edge, but I just can't justify having two systems right now. Really good bundle for anyone who hasn't gone next gen yet though.
# 17 Jaysworld26 @ 07/21/15 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by The JareBear
It's definitely a good deal. EA Access is awesome.
Access is alright, they need longer trial times on early access and they need a 20% off on ea games not 10.
# 18 Sheba2011 @ 07/22/15 09:04 AM
Actually been looking at buying an Xbox One this year, all my friends play Madden on Xbox. Might be the perfect deal for me.
# 19 Sheba2011 @ 07/22/15 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by bigdipper88
PS1 was released in 1995
That depends where you lived at the time. In Japan it was released in 1994, in some European countries and North America it was released in 1995 and in several Asian countries it wasn't released till 1996.
# 20 4thQtrStre5S @ 07/26/15 07:08 AM
I recently pre-ordered this bundle...Now I have one issue I cannot find an answer for; I am going to trade in my current Xbox one and use the store credit to go to this bundle...But I cannot find out how to transfer my current profile to the new system, and I of course do not want to lose any of my add-ons and DLC's, etc...

Can someone please direct me on how to transfer my profile properly or point me in the right direction for an answer? Thank you in Advance...

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this question...

EDIT" Anyone notice that the Gamestop details of this bundle says nothing about Access Subscription for a year, and they are stating the release date is 8/25 ?

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