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With several games well past release, we're wondering what game is getting the most time from you? Sound off in the poll with your vote and if you pick other, let us know which sports game you are playing the most right now!

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# 1 dynastymgrguy @ 10/30/14 09:01 PM
Drumroll please... NBA Live 15.

But, I also want to add that I play NHL 15 just as much. I have NBA 2K15 and Madden but NBA Live is just "fun" to play. I normally don't play online with any game because I get abused usually due to not spending much time researching how to beat online gamers. But, I've played NBA Live online and whether I've won or lost it was a good, competitive, experience.

For NHL Live, the NBC Broadcast makes it great (in spite of what's missing from the game). An NHL game is short - so I might play four games back-to-back. When I play Madden, I am compelled to strategize, scout the opposing team, etc. And for NBA 2K15, I love the in-depth dynasty experience, and there's SO much there... can't just rattle off game after game.
# 2 solofx7 @ 10/30/14 09:07 PM
nba 2k15, is there anything else?
# 3 Aggies67 @ 10/30/14 09:09 PM
Nothing much, but when I do play, it's NCAA 14
# 4 Dantecamp21 @ 10/30/14 09:18 PM
NBA Live 15. I know those who enjoyed this year's effort like me are still in the honeymoon phase of it and I will be the first to concede that Madden, FIFA and 2K are better games (and I own all 3 of them).

Having said that, all I wanna do is play that thing all day long...
# 5 SDwinder @ 10/30/14 09:33 PM
MLB 14 The Show PS4. Been playing The Show Live mode with the updated playoff games and rosters.

Now with the baseball season over will play Madden 15, Fifa 15, and NBA 2K14 with updated rosters. All on PS4.

Played the NBA Live 15 demo. Better this year but still not the game 2K is.
# 6 Tomba @ 10/30/14 09:34 PM

# 7 jello1717 @ 10/30/14 09:38 PM
NCAA '14...
# 8 sportsgamer42 @ 10/30/14 09:47 PM
not a huge soccer guy but since it came out ive mainly played fifa despite owning the 4 other sports game (Mb the show, madden, nhl, and nba 2k) however i think im coming out of my fifa spell and since the nfl season is at the midway point i think madden will be getting alot more time the next few weeks
# 9 CaseIH @ 10/30/14 09:51 PM
Up until a few days ago it had been MLBTS14, and Farming Simulator. Now that baseball is over it will be NBA2k15, Madden15, along with some Farm Simulator sprinkled in.

Its hard for me to get into NBA2k15 until rosters get close to right, and since Im on the PS3, that usually takes a while. Wish I had a PS4, cause it looks like the PS4 has a competent person updating the rosters, and having all players in the game. Looks like old gen is still stuck with that incompetent fool they call the 2k insider doing its roster updates
# 10 pdawg17 @ 10/30/14 10:09 PM
Live 15! Should be an option
# 11 BCDX97 @ 10/30/14 10:19 PM
NHL 15 (on PS4).
# 12 TarHeelbred33 @ 10/30/14 10:28 PM
Ncaa 14...no brainer
# 13 Retropyro @ 10/30/14 10:28 PM
Surprisingly it's still Madden 15 for me. Have not gotten tired of it at all.
# 14 DirtyJerz32 @ 10/30/14 10:32 PM

Getting the shaft again by OS. No reason not to have another option.
# 15 cmehustle @ 10/30/14 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by Retropyro
Surprisingly it's still Madden 15 for me. Have not gotten tired of it at all.
See Im just the opposite. Everyone I play online runs the same 46 d, and the same plays on offense. Maybe its becuase I suck at it. 2K has been way more realistic for me , and since it came out I havent played anything else but Battlefield (yes Im still playing Battlefield)
# 16 oaba09 @ 10/30/14 11:32 PM
Nba 2k15...madden 15 is 2nd...
# 17 porkys8077 @ 10/30/14 11:37 PM
Right now I'm playing NHL 15 and NBA 2k 15 the most.
# 18 Phreezy P @ 10/31/14 12:06 AM
Clicked other by accident. I meant to click NBA 2K.
# 19 spidertour02 @ 10/31/14 12:14 AM
NHL 15 (on PS4)

And yes, considering that there are only a handful of sports games out there, it's hilarious that this poll only has four options. Upgrade your board, guys!
# 20 RayRay34 @ 10/31/14 12:33 AM
NBA Live 15

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