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Behind every Super Bowl championship team there are plenty of star players and often times Hall of Famers as well. But not every star gets a ring or even the chance to play for one. It's the reason Randy Moss took a trip to New England and, more recently, Tony Gonzalez joined forces with the Atlanta Falcons.

Some players capture our attention with their work ethic, personality, or on-field performance. We love to see hard work and humility rewarded and it's slightly disappointing when the NFL's greats don't at least get a shot at hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

Sound Off: What NFL player, past or present, do you think most deserves a Super Bowl ring?

Sports Headlines for January 27, 2014

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# 1 willz1985 @ 01/27/14 02:13 PM
Dan Fouts and Marino, Both amazing gunslingers who were unfortunate to not win it all
# 2 unfriendlyghst @ 01/27/14 02:36 PM
Chris Carter, wake up!
# 3 jhendricks316 @ 01/27/14 04:51 PM
Since no love is given to kickers, I'd nominate Jason Hanson. He was more than faithful to the Detroit Lions for 20+ seasons, and also has amassed the most losses for a player (obviously, a majority cannot be credited to his leg). I am certainly not saying that others named/to be named are unworthy.
# 4 Aggies67 @ 01/27/14 04:53 PM
Jack Youngblood. One of the best DEs ever.
# 5 Aggies67 @ 01/27/14 04:54 PM
Eric Dickerson.

Jack Youngblood played in an SB, but didn't win,.
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 01/27/14 05:40 PM
Jim Kelly, Marino, Barry Sanders.
# 7 elgreazy1 @ 01/27/14 06:01 PM
Super Bowl... my man Takeo Spikes couldn't even get a Playoff birth. :'(
# 8 mike24forever @ 01/27/14 06:43 PM
Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, etc.
# 9 marq @ 01/27/14 07:42 PM
early 90's Bills (out of respect)
# 10 kjcheezhead @ 01/27/14 10:03 PM
Warren moon, Dan Fouts, Randall Cunningham,
Barry Sanders, Ladanien Tomlinson, Chistian Okoye.
# 11 Steven78 @ 01/27/14 11:59 PM
How can you not say Bo Jackson.
# 12 TheMatrix31 @ 01/28/14 12:12 AM
Aside from many mentioned, Andre Johnson.
# 13 mestevo @ 01/28/14 05:06 AM
Tony Gonzalez
# 14 bighat1984 @ 01/28/14 07:04 AM
Randy Moss, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino
# 15 elgreazy1 @ 01/28/14 07:48 AM
I'm really surprised TO was not mentioned anywhere. Say what one will about his attitude, the guy was a baller and almost single-handedly won a SB for the Iggles on one good leg. Guy came close.
# 16 joeyraiders01 @ 01/28/14 10:21 AM
Bo Jackson
Tim Brown
# 17 J_Posse @ 01/28/14 12:28 PM
Jim Kelly
Thurman Thomas
Bruce Smith
Andre Reed*
Steve Tasker*
Cornelius Bennett*
Darryl Talley
Don Bebe
Kent Hull*

Anyone else I didn't mention that played with the Buffalo Bills from '91-'94.

Asterisk = should be considered heavily for the Hall of Fame, but won't be because of the 4 straight SB losses.

from Spurs Nation/Bills Backer HQ using Tapatalk
# 18 Eski33 @ 01/28/14 05:43 PM
Steve Largent, Charlie Joyner, Kenny Easley, Curtis Martin, Earl Campbell, Derrick Thomas, Archie Manning and Fran Tarkenton.
# 19 Phillyboy57 @ 01/28/14 06:55 PM
Brian Dawkins and LaDanian Tomlinson. Two straight up dogs, man
# 20 DropkickCleary @ 01/30/14 12:16 PM
QB- Dan Marino
RB- Barry Sanders
FB- Lorenzo Neal
WR- Cris Carter
WR- Steve Largent
TE- Tony Gonzales
T- Jake Long
T- Gary Zimmerman
G- Randall McDaniel
G- Anthony Munoz
C- Dermontti Dawson
K- Morten Anderson

DE- Chris Doleman
DE- Jack Youngblood
DT- Cortez Kennedy
DT- John Randall
LB- Junior Seau
LB- Dick Butkus
LB- Derrick Thomas
CB- Lem Barney
CB- Dick Lane (I was surprised, Lane was still with the Rams when Detroit won their championship)
S- Brian Dawkins
S- Larry Wilson
P- Reggie Roby

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