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The NBA 2K14 next-gen TV spot is live, with a new look at the next-generation of NBA 2K. The video shows off LeBron James in some insanely atmospheric lighting and then cuts to several gameplay sequences. A pretty exciting, although limited, look at the next generation of 2K basketball.

What did you think?

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# 61 CallMeDrop @ 09/30/13 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by RateSports
If only 2K had that NFL license.....
That may be coming sooner than you think...
# 62 Baller85 @ 09/30/13 02:17 PM
00:26. Identical triplets in the crowd.

Oh, and they're all wearing the same thing too
# 63 adub88 @ 09/30/13 02:17 PM
Can't wait to see my KINGS. Hopefully Cousins has a new cyberface, cause he's had same wack one since rookie year.
# 64 Hadlowe @ 09/30/13 02:18 PM
Yeah. That's . . . that's just.

Damn. Sorry, Live.
# 65 8and9 @ 09/30/13 02:18 PM
Wow man!

10 char.
# 66 JHUNT3 @ 09/30/13 02:18 PM
November 15 th can you come any sooner?! Harden face is on point . Even a new parsons & Lin face . KD , Lebron , & Parsons accessories on point. Finally the "little details are emphasized . I just wish we can have longer ng vids. But Great job 2k!
# 67 knick9 @ 09/30/13 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by Baller85
00:26. Identical triplets in the crowd.

Oh, and they're all wearing the same thing too
I noticed that, between 25-26 seconds I see a 4-6 dudes with black hair wearing gray vests in the first few rows...assuming that won't stay in the game.
# 68 adub88 @ 09/30/13 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by CallMeDrop
That may be coming sooner than you think...
Once this drops this should be all the evidence the NFL needs to let them 2K deserves a shot to represent their product, and do so in a much superior way than EA.
# 69 TemplateR @ 09/30/13 02:19 PM
Who want to make a petition for a NextGen-Version of PC, that 2k should release it this year im November? I can wait till that!!
# 70 bestout51683 @ 09/30/13 02:19 PM
I love it. Just hope the gameplay does not make the players feel "chunky", which happens at first when a new generation of consoles comes out.
# 71 GSWarriors9 @ 09/30/13 02:19 PM
Andrew Bogut's face look as real as it can possibly get. I'm getting current gen but I will definitely be getting this eventually. I just cant' wait another month for 2K haha
# 72 scottyp180 @ 09/30/13 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by RateSports
If only 2K had that NFL license.....
Why did you have to say that? I just went from incredibly excited to slighty depressed
# 73 tsbmolina @ 09/30/13 02:20 PM
48,49,50, counting how many times I've replayed this trailer. Words can not describe my level of excitement for this game!
# 74 basketball444 @ 09/30/13 02:20 PM
Out of all the next gen games shown, 2k has the best graphics by far. This looks like they are way ahead of their time. Looks like 2nd or 3rd year next gen. Can you imagine 4 years down the road?
# 75 CallMeDrop @ 09/30/13 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by aholbert32
I suggest you lower your expectations. I wouldnt be surprised if the next gen version has the same features but upgraded graphics. The team is working on two games so expecting significant changes in these modes is asking for alot.

Agreed. I do think that besides the game looking beautiful that there will be a few tweaks to game play and presentation.
# 76 kahjah @ 09/30/13 02:21 PM
That just sealed my non-purchase of the current gen.
# 77 JasonWilliams55 @ 09/30/13 02:21 PM


# 78 Beluba @ 09/30/13 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by eko718
Looks good. The actual game footage was about 5 seconds... Wish there was more. I hope they address the body sizes of Durant and Davis. The arms and legs look quite big... Parsons too.

Otherwise, lighting, accessories and faces generally look great.
Footage is from an older build. Durant's model is absolutely perfect now. And I mean spot on. It's amazing how much more it feels like Durant with the new model.
# 79 Sundown @ 09/30/13 02:22 PM
One downer. Doesn't look like foot planting's fixed this year. You can see Lin's feet jitter and side before they cut away. Hope it's at least improved.

If they can concentrate on that for 2K15, and possibly any dribbling issues carried over from current gen, 2K will be transcendent.

I'm ready to put a fork in Live 14. Graphically, 2K already beats it to death with its own arm. Or Lillard's mangled paw.
# 80 eko718 @ 09/30/13 02:22 PM
I notice that they fixed Lebron's mouth size while screaming, which is something many had comments about....

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