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Aholbert32 just sent in an image showing off the NBA 2K14 sleeved jersey for the Phoenix Suns and Golden St. Warriors.

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# 21 JAY_D1 @ 09/25/13 12:17 PM
Check the Clippers video with the sleeves, they don't look that bad..its probably a bad picture..people aren't going to like NBA players with sleeves next gen or current gen. People talking about "Football player models"...your going to buy the game, current or next gen..

At least we have that option for those that want it. You don't have to play in them..
# 22 GSWarriors9 @ 09/25/13 12:24 PM
Originally Posted by and1product
Steph Curry? Is that you Steph? When did you start frequenting our boards?
Haha "they wore"
# 23 JasonMartin @ 09/25/13 01:08 PM
These look uglier in game than IRL.

Are they wearing football padding underneath?
# 24 JasonMartin @ 09/25/13 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by Razer
I'm glad they at least put them in, but these are look terrible on the players.

They literally remind me of shoulder pads.
Didn't even read the whole thread and someone else thinks the same.
# 25 PH1LLYSFINEST13 @ 09/25/13 01:43 PM
Respect the fact that they tried to put it in there but the Suns jersey looks like he has football pads on underneath.
# 26 eaterofworlds888 @ 09/25/13 01:45 PM
I think they look alright, I just don't like the idea of sleeves in the first place.
# 27 Shadojoker @ 09/25/13 02:21 PM
Not bad actually
# 28 arimamba @ 09/25/13 02:27 PM
Originally Posted by Seidowskyy
man i cannot mess with the sleeved jerseys

this isnt soccer, i understand advertising but damn , keep it original
oh you never played basketball with a tshirt ooooo
# 29 Po0hd1n1 @ 09/25/13 05:23 PM
lol @ those shoulders
# 30 alkamist @ 09/25/13 05:51 PM
lmao, are you guys high on nba 2k14 drugs or what, look at there shoulders, those jerseys suck balls, look at the hands, and facial, hair, everything looks totally off... faical dont even look like them, look at the guy behind curry, come on that guys uni looks even worse, with the short sleeve are suppose to be tight on them not all loose, it just looks totally bad! this is why they didnt put out a demo, they want everyone to buy the game, than everyone will complain about because its glitched to hell, and the players dont actually look like them...

lets hope that all the players are skin colors are fixed, tattoos are done, because if not than its just NBA 2K13.5. Im waiting to see what you guys are going to be complaining about before i buy this game and even then NBA 2k14 for next gen comes out in 1 month 1/2. I probably just go rent the game at blockbuster before i even try to spend another $60 on a upgraded 2k game.
# 31 scottyp180 @ 09/25/13 05:59 PM
I keep telling myself "wait for next gen, just wait for next gen". Really hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment
# 32 Taer @ 09/25/13 06:23 PM
I'm not really interested in these t-shirt style uniforms.

The only ones I am interested in outside of the traditional styles are the Hollywood Nights alternatives for the Lakers.
# 33 youvalss @ 09/25/13 07:00 PM
Wow, I can't believe the NBA is actually doing this. I wish the NBA was more focused on the gameplay and less on the graphics. It's not what it used to be. Too bad.
# 34 jyoung @ 09/25/13 07:47 PM
Sleeves are for the kids and for skinny dudes who are embarrassed of their toothpick arms.

Keep sleeves out of the NBA!

# 35 zimmtron @ 09/25/13 08:29 PM
Since the warriors jerseys are white instead of yellow. Does this mean they will be going to only sleeved jerseys this year? Or will they just be adding a white alternate?
# 36 PepsiRacer4 @ 09/25/13 08:36 PM
*insert overstated expression of how they look like football jerseys with pads here*
# 37 mlp111 @ 09/25/13 08:39 PM
With those shoulders, i guess 2k finally figure out how to bring the NFL game back we been desiring for yrs.... shoulders look outrageous!
# 38 WISports @ 09/25/13 09:02 PM
That may be the worst thing I've seen on this-gen consoles.

First off, the shirts are way too baggy. Second, what's with the shoulder pads? Does 2K even look at real player models?

This looks like something off the Dreamcast tbh.
# 39 Goffs @ 09/25/13 09:20 PM
Don't care how it looks just as long its in....if it weren't then we would have threads about "OMG HOW COME WE DON'T HAVE THOSE CRAPPY JERSEYS IN?" "HURR DURR 2k IS LAZY"
# 40 Rasco11 @ 09/25/13 09:28 PM
Jerseys look fine up close. However, the Suns guy behind Steph Curry looks PS1 graphics. Instant eyesore...Probably bad timing on pic, i hope. Just looked unnatural. (Honestly not hating, just stating my first impression)

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