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The OUYA console launched in stores for $99.99 this week, with an Android-OS base and the promise of a radically different gaming experienced for users in the offing.

Reports of the console selling out from Amazon and Target have already surfaced, with the famous $8.6 million Kickstarter project finding some early sales success it appears.

Have you bought an OUYA? Do you plan to?

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# 1 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/26/13 02:14 PM
Nope and don't plan to either. This console came out 2 years too late IMO. Not really into indie games and my PC can run emulators already. Seen some videos of some of the games and none of them appeal to me.
# 2 sydrogerdavid @ 06/26/13 02:45 PM
I already have a system that meets and exceeds all my wants.
# 3 The JareBear @ 06/26/13 03:08 PM
I am seriously considering ordering one...
# 4 MattyEdgeworth @ 06/26/13 04:17 PM
No, to be honest it looks rubbish.
# 5 Jukeman @ 06/26/13 04:26 PM
what is this PS4?
# 6 Phobia @ 06/26/13 04:35 PM
Seems like a pointless "console". I mean what can this thing do that my PC or my soon to be PS4 can't? It will disappear in several months and never be heard of again.
# 7 RedPhazon8 @ 06/26/13 05:02 PM
What the heck is an OUYA?

Explains what I was thinking...
# 8 legacyme3 @ 06/26/13 08:29 PM
No, it doesn't really cater to what I want out of a console aside from being cheap.

Cheap isn't always good.

I'll stick with just the PS4, and MAYBE the Wii U if I can get it a little cheaper.
# 9 Cletus @ 06/26/13 09:17 PM
Yeah I'll get one eventually. Games have gotten stale and lackluster on the other consoles anyway. I think people forgot about things being fun. This might bring it back.
# 10 TheBossPineapple @ 06/26/13 10:17 PM
Never heard of it. All I know is that the controller looks like a xbox 360 knockoff.
# 11 BenGerman @ 06/27/13 12:54 AM
I'm much more interested in a potential Steam Box.
# 12 Melbournelad @ 06/27/13 01:29 AM
LOL at the poll results.
# 13 Decoym @ 06/27/13 02:38 AM
I have literally never heard of this in my entire life.
# 14 EvanRG @ 06/27/13 08:30 AM
I've been following the console since it blew up on Kickstarter back in August. I think the most promising aspect of the console is not the graphics or game catalogue, but open-source nature of it.

Ouya was created with indie game developers front of mind. That means they want the console to be tweaked, modified, and there are absolutely zero barriers for someone to create content for the box.

Whether or not it will be able to stick out from the Triopoly of MS, Sony and Nintendo is another question.
# 15 Lulubongo @ 06/30/13 06:31 AM
Lol yea because I need one of those?

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