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Obi Wan said it best about the current situation, there has been "a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced"

'King' Lebron James has won himself a title. For all of you guys, the question now to be asked: What are you expecting next from Lebron and the Heat? Is anything less than a repeat a failure?

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# 1 RedSceptile @ 06/22/12 11:15 AM
3-4 more titles, another 2 MVPs and into that rarified top 3 status is what I want to see.
# 2 DaImmaculateONe @ 06/22/12 11:30 AM
parade time

# 3 Jadakiss88 @ 06/22/12 12:07 PM
An immediate repeat wouldn't be a failure especially if they meet the Thunder again in the Finals. HOWEVER, I do expect maybe one or two more titles out of Lebron and the Heat. Seasonal Awards are good but like we have heard for the last few years they mean nothing without a title at the end of the year.
# 4 SteelersFreak @ 06/22/12 12:07 PM
For that team, anything less than getting to the Finals every year is a failure because that's the expectations that were set when they came together.
# 5 NYdreams @ 06/22/12 12:34 PM
They deserved it... But ppl forget that there's other superstars in the NBA as well .. Thats been left off the hook since day 1 ... I expect lebron to get more rings there's no doubt that he will being the player that he Is... But let's talk about Carmelo Anthony whos been in the same draft lebron was in ... Let's talk about that NYK team who's been playing poorly having 2 superstars ... Melo has been gettin slandered this year but it's time for them to step up and it's time for melo to finally get out of the first round in the playoffs for a second time in his career
# 6 AlexBrady @ 06/22/12 12:40 PM
Just because LeBron won a ring doesn't mean he shouldn't continue to work hard to improve his flaws. He should expand his post game even further. Relish setting more screens and making more off ball cuts. Improve the accuracy of his perimeter and free throw shooting. He should constantly be in pursuit of playing the perfect game.
# 7 DieHardYankee26 @ 06/22/12 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by poohty_t
like him or not , the man deserves the ring . i know many wanna hate , but the guy admits how he left cleveland on hour special was immature. i mean at least he can admit his mistakes. most people cant do that. will they win 6 or 7 nope wade is getting older and less athletic. however , they played a heck of a playoff run this year.. congrats to the whole team! its time people stop being childish themselves and just hate on a guy because he is really that good. that is the true underlying issue with most, they just cant admit it. the man can admit his mistakes.... can you?
No one "deserves" a ring. It's not a God given right. He earned the ring. And people have reasons, legitimate in your or my opinion or not, to "hate" LeBron. Believe it or not, not everyone just hates him because it is the cool thing to do, and even if they do, that's their prerogative. It's not "childish" to dislike a guy that went against what you believe in.

People are going to believe what they want to believe. They aren't going to try to make you hate LeBron, so you shouldn't try to make them like him.
# 8 authentic @ 06/22/12 01:04 PM
Well deserved. The man obviously works his tail off and matured a lot this season, finally. However, 1 championship has been done before. He has a couple more to go. Well done and well deserved. I can finally say that LeBron won't get my hate, he finally has done what he should've done a long time ago.
# 9 Tyrant8RDFL @ 06/22/12 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by Dirk504
I agree... and "hate" is such a strong word. I don't even know the guy to hate him. But in my opinion, he took the cheap route. Yes he got his ring, but let's be glad that every superstar isn't following in his steps. Otherwise you'd have probably 6 allstar teams and the other 24 teams would just be fill ins.
Yes hate is a strong word, but it also depends how or what you use the word. I hate what Lebron did, and in turn this made me lose a ton of respect for him. I dislike him a lot for going the cheap route in getting a ring. Once he teamed up with Wade I knew they would get one.

Now seeing what I saw this year out of Lebron he gained my respect. I was still rooting against him, but Lebron played great.

Where I thought he could only accomplish this task was if Wade lead the way, Lebron did. Where I saw him countless times just fade away in the fourth and settle for jumpers. Lebron did the total opposite, and just attacked and in all phases of the game.
Where I saw and heard Lebron make immature remarks. He became much more mature and said the right things.

I hated what he did, but he is a prime example of a person who made a mistake learned from it, and did the right things. To me this deserves respect and forgiveness.

Lebron James Congrats on your championship. You displayed great basketball play from day 1 till the final game of the championship. You earned this championship, and every right to feel great about it. I take my hat off to you.
# 10 Checmate101 @ 06/22/12 01:33 PM
Now what?...we can go back to our regular lives, isn't that what he told us little poor people last year after they lost
# 11 da ThRONe @ 06/22/12 01:34 PM
Hopefully some of the nonsense regarding James die down a bit. Obviously now it's about chasing guys like Duncan, Bryant, and ultimately Jordan. James has the physical gift and is still at a point in his career where he could be the the consensus best player to ever play. It should be fun watching this play out. Hopefully my Nola team can steal a title over the 6-7 seasons.
# 12 neifro @ 06/22/12 01:43 PM
Hopefully his head size continues to grow....its Barry Bonds like already
# 13 woogie98 @ 06/22/12 01:45 PM
His hairline might grow back now
# 14 wwharton @ 06/22/12 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by jeebs9
You know I love you man. Why don't we have this converastion in the LeBron thread? I know you a writer here. I think it's better to keep everything together.

edit: I expect him to win one more ring/mvp... Anything else would be a shocking for me
This one couldn't be part of the other thread (you may have figured that out already)
# 15 Layoneil @ 06/22/12 02:00 PM
are Drexler, Shaq and Garnett's rings cheap too?

Lebron didn't invent free agency.
# 16 Graphik @ 06/22/12 02:02 PM
Time to direct our hate at another player...
# 17 wwharton @ 06/22/12 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by Layoneil
are Drexler, Shaq and Garnett's rings cheap too?

Lebron didn't invent free agency.
Shaq is the only one of those guys to switch teams via Free Agency and he didn't do it bc he thought the Lakers had better players to join up with.
# 18 aloncho11 @ 06/22/12 02:08 PM
Good for Lebron. He literally got the world off his back. I simply can't put myself in his shoes and imagine how much pressure he has been dealing with over the past few years; one thing is to be a spectator like us fans, but to live it first hand like players and coaches is a whole different story.

A large number of people simply wanted to see him fail and got enjoyment out of it (much like with MJ and Kobe at one point in their careers), and I bet that for him to win a championship is more of a personal accomplishment rather than a professional/social one. He learned from his mistakes in the past and capitalized on them.

Congrats to him and to the Miami Heat.
# 19 PVarck31 @ 06/22/12 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by jeebs9
You know I love you man. Why don't we have this converastion in the LeBron thread? I know you a writer here. I think it's better to keep everything together.

edit: I expect him to win one more ring/mvp... Anything else would be a shocking for me
This is a feature piece for the front page. It links to the forums from there. Its not just a random forum post.
# 20 DoomsDayD1978 @ 06/22/12 02:19 PM
Congrats to the King! I predict the Heat will be right back in the championship equation next season.

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