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# 101 HustlinOwl @ 01/11/12 03:51 PM
edit GWPump23, just beat me to it

Some more gameplay

# 102 tnixen @ 01/11/12 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by Blzer
I speculated earlier that it might have had to do with how we push our analog sticks upward unnaturally to go straight forward with things like pitching and hitting, but I totally forgot about the Move motion controls, which is probably what it has more to do with (and two posters thankfully chimed in about).

Although, wouldn't it be "locked" if that were the case? It seems like if there is an option that you are not currently using, like 3D mode, music mode, or pitching camera options while hitting, that they don't even allow you to fine tune anything with it by putting a lock icon next to it.

By the way, as long as they show baserunner attributes in the pause menu when there are runners on, that will be the most amount of information anyone will need.
Yep they added that too
# 103 sydrogerdavid @ 01/11/12 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by GWPump23

Is Roger Bernadina's shin guard supposed to be turned in like that? I can't tell when it goes back to the regular catcher hitting camera.

In fact he does have a turned in shin guard in real life.
# 104 steelersfan77 @ 01/11/12 03:57 PM
After seeing this video and also understanding that's it a rather earlier build SCEA is definitely getting my money.

I really loved the presentation broadcast cut scenes. It adds so much realism to the game. Also the way the ball jumped off the bat and the way a batter would go down and get a ball is so creative. The sound of the ball off the bat was also cool. It appeared that players were closing their gloves after the catch. The new ball physics is a welcome sight. You could see the direct affect the spin had on the ball with the opposite field base hit as it almost got by the defender as it sliced away. Maybe it was in last year but I loved the way the catcher froze at his throwing position before he unloaded the ball to third after the strikeout of Utley. Loved the umps hook on the K as well. The crowd really seemed to really react well to the basehit by Howard. Lots of good things, nice little touchups.
# 105 BatsareBugs @ 01/11/12 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by tnixen
Yep they added that too
Doesn't seem like they have enough room to add BR ABL and BR AGG there. It would help.
# 106 Heroesandvillains @ 01/11/12 04:17 PM
Okay. After watching the video again, I have to second Pared on the little white lines around the Pulse pitching graphic.

I wonder if they serve a practical purpose to the mechanic itself, or if they can be removed entirely? I'm trying to envision what it would look like with them removed and I think I like what I think I'm seeing a lot better.

Just a suggestion. Even though I still plan on using it day one.
# 107 WarningTrackPower @ 01/11/12 04:27 PM
Originally Posted by GWPump23

Nice find.

In this vid you can really see some of the new elements that were added to the presentation. The camera cutting to Hudson post pitch looked pretty awesome. Especially with him closing his glove and the brim of his hat being bent the way it was.. that looked pretty slick. It's pretty awesome that we can focus on such small elements of this game. It really tells you how polished this game really is.

The other camera cut that I like was Heyward jogging back to his position. His bobble in right field looked like a pretty smooth animation as well (not forced).

I wasn't even that pumped upon hearing of spruced up presentation when the news first broke to us. Sure, a welcome edition to the game, but I was more focused ball physics, new tagging system, and collision/ avoidance. It's only a small sample size of the presentation and I've already been sold on it. Fantastic.
# 108 Blzer @ 01/11/12 04:29 PM
Just watched the 3D video on my 3D TV. For those who might have been interested/wondering, the display on the screen itself isn't in 3D, just the video itself (so the camera device that was being recorded was in 3D). Of course, if you turn off 3D on the video, you might have already noticed this.

I really want to try the Move on this thing now, provided there isn't too much lag!
# 109 btown12 @ 01/11/12 04:51 PM
This game is soooooo unrealistic. Utley would never jump out of the way of an inside pitch like that!
# 110 Simp @ 01/11/12 05:50 PM
About the pulse pitching, has it been mentioned whether we can adjust the size of the control in the camera editor? I agree with everyone that it would be nice if it were a little more subtle. I'm a minimalist with this stuff myself (the main reason I have used classic pitching the last couple years).
# 111 myghty @ 01/11/12 06:22 PM
I don't know if this was mentioned already but in the first video I saw a large ad of "This Week In Baseball" on the outfield wall. Was that there last year?
# 112 davis420 @ 01/11/12 06:23 PM
Originally Posted by myghty
I don't know if this was mentioned already but in the first video I saw a large ad of "This Week In Baseball" on the outfield wall. Was that there last year?
I'm sure it was in last year.
# 113 tnixen @ 01/11/12 06:24 PM
Originally Posted by myghty
I don't know if this was mentioned already but in the first video I saw a large ad of "This Week In Baseball" on the outfield wall. Was that there last year?

Yes and every year before that too lol
# 114 Still2REal @ 01/11/12 06:42 PM
Now this video got me real hype. I had no idea what "pulse pitching" was all about until I saw this and must say it is better than I imagined. Didn't notice any "ball physics" but the presentation definitely looked improved.
# 115 Still2REal @ 01/11/12 06:47 PM
Originally Posted by HitEmUp
Every time the ball hit the ground or the bat demonstrates the ball physics..
I'm talking about the advertised "improved ball physics" smart guy.

Then again I'm betting you knew that and just wanted to make a smart comment.
# 116 abcabc @ 01/11/12 07:01 PM
hope it's just due to an old build, but didnt like seeing the ryan howard replay of his swing finish.
# 117 agentlaw13 @ 01/11/12 07:27 PM
One thing I noticed in the video but that you can also see on the pause menu screencap from a page or so back in the thread: Mat Latos' pic is of him wearing the cincinnatti reds cap. Just curious if this is a new pic of him or if SCEA has implemented changing a players cap when a player is traded into this years game? I would have expected him to still have his padres cap. He was just traded a few weeks back so it would be a sweet addition if this has been added to the game.
# 118 irishred002 @ 01/11/12 07:58 PM
Lookin good.

The back side of the Phillie Phanatic is STILL unfinished/ left blank though. I don't know why, but this little detail bothers me to no end.
# 119 kenkraly2004 @ 01/11/12 08:11 PM
Looking forward to MLB 12 The Show for PS3. Can't wait to get it in March!!!
# 120 abcabc @ 01/11/12 09:11 PM
never liked the kind of robotic/urgent reaction impression i get of the outfielder scooping up the ball and immediately getting it back (gunning it back) into the infield kind of look.

i see it again on (again hope it's a old build) Ryan Howard slaps a single to left field. The left fielder, unless Ryan is trying to stretch the single into a double which in the case he's not, should soft toss it back into the infield instead of gunning it in. it's like the game's been missing a leisure throw animation routine in the holster.

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