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Ben Haumiller talks to Kotaku's Owen Good at length about how the realignment uncertainty affects development of NCAA Football 13.

Here are some of the bullet points, but you should definitely read the detailed article, right here.

  • They're working on a scheduling logic that accounts for a 22-team conference.
  • They may include it in the game even if C-USA/MWC does not merge. It depends on space and other budget considerations.
  • They've had to develop multiple contingency plans for their scheduling logic.
  • They would probably never include the ability to rename or remove a conference in Dynasty set-up, for obvious reasons.
  • They would likewise never insert AI that realigns conferences midseason, independent of the user.
  • They won't try to predict future membership changes, as the TCU/Big East lesson this year bears out.
  • They don't want to hear their Madden colleagues bitching about schedule changes, that's for sure.

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# 41 ucas005 @ 11/16/11 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by LionsFanNJ
MAybe because the posts are off topic and is not the thread for it? and its goddamn NOVEMBER THERE ARE EIGHT MONTHS UNTIL RELEASE.

back on topic, at least it seems they're working on getting scheduling and everything right which is good. Hopefully its thoroughly tested so the bugs are minimal. Andi fully expect the CPB's and carousel to be better implemented in 13. Now as for any other nonsense people will spew in this thread no one knows because there's no damn info on the game yet.
I think venom towards the EA NCAA team this early is a sign that NCAA 12 was the last straw for many. At least for me it's very difficult to believe anything Ben and the NCAA team say now. Usually any small tidbit or article about next years game would have me speculating and searching to learn more. Not this year. Not with this team. For us hardcore NCAA gamers I really do hope they get this right and MANY other aspects of this game right next year. Not that I will buy, but as our only option this game must to start moving in the right direction.
# 42 jeremym480 @ 11/16/11 09:30 AM
Originally Posted by pk556
It's seems like they will have a real hard time finding out that your a previously banned member
# 43 jwilphl @ 11/16/11 11:25 PM
I have a hard time believing they get this straightened out for release next year--perhaps they can if they sacrifice improvements elsewhere. That said, I already know I'll be skipping '13 even if they claim it is the best game ever.

As a personal aside, I am quite tired of hearing Ben talking about this game. I really think EA needs to put someone else in front of a camera. He comes off as too much of a used car salesman/PR rep for my liking, and half the stuff he says lacks any sort of merit. I honestly trust nothing of what he says about the game anymore. I'd definitely prefer a straight-shooter (not that that is ideal for EA's image, I suppose). Retropyro said it well--this guy was "spin, spin, spin" but once all the issues came up, there's no one to be found.
# 44 Amoo316 @ 11/17/11 03:33 AM
I saw a purple post in the NCAA Football forum...must not be July, August or September anymore.

I'm with everybody else, this game is off my first day buy list for the first time in > 10 years. I'm waiting until at least Madden comes out before I even decide to get NCAA at all. We all know once Madden comes out NCAA gets it's patch and we'll see what kind of condition it is in afterwards. Until then, no way. At best I may give gamestop my money and buy a "used" copy, but I doubt EA gets my money next year after the debacle that was NCAA 12.
# 45 aimiami @ 12/30/11 08:48 PM
cant they just do an update that switches conferences around?

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