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Hi guys,

I'm the Social Media Coordinator for 2kSports and I know we have been having issues with the "My2K" account verification.

The issues to my knowledge are the following:
  • Registered users receive an e-mail and the verification code clicks in as "INVALID"
  • Registered users are not receiving ANY e-mails for verifications
  • From the "update My2K" menu via console, the "Reset Password" feature isn't sending an e-mail
Please leave your registered "My2k" username in this thread and I will manually re-send an e-mail attempt while our team works on the issues at hand.

Thanks for all your patience, I can promise the team is working on hammering out all the issues. For now, I'm here to help with e-mail verifications.

Thanks guys.


Great news for you users who need verification for your My2K accounts! Now you can verify manually by the following steps:

1. If you go to: https://www.nba2k.com/social/link
2. Enter your My2K account name AND password
3. When you log in, successfully, this is an automatic verification of your account via the log in!

Again its for people who havent received an email, had an INVALID link in their email, or are wanting/needing to verify their "My2K" account.

Additionally, ALL email links will work now, even if they are expired. You just may require a log-in before validating the account.

Hope this will be of MAJOR help to all of you who were having verification issues!

- Chris
Social Media Coordinator

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# 261 LD2k @ 10/06/11 11:39 AM
If you've posted, I've resent for ALL posters up to this point.

A few things I'd like to point out:

List of users that did NOT show up in our database:
  • kingofthecouch
  • [email protected]
  • [email protected]
  • Treize2k
  • Cav23
  • DazzaDogg (also make sure to include "-" when you enter Kings code)
  • wood712
  • Cjocan
  • goknicks20011
  • Tambonbon
  • Fli3333
  • soysauceNC
  • mcgillmaine
  • [email protected]
Also the following posts WILL BE SUBMITTED to our team to fix the issue(s):

Originally Posted by stlpimpmonsta
anyone else having issues doing the YT account thing? Keep geting this error page telling me i have to enable cookies and when i do nothing changes.
Originally Posted by MasterTMar
OK I received the email last night. I accepted & used the link for TMar but on my game the account says MasterTMar. What should I do. I would like to use my primary name(TMar), not my secondary(MasterTMar). Both times I set it up, I used the same email address.
Originally Posted by SuperMario29
SuperMario_29 (verified it through my email, but it didn't save in game)

SuperMario_2931 (saved in game and verified)

I verified two because the first one didn't save in the game and it made me do it over. Is this a problem? In the game the SuperMario_2931 is the id that is saved and it won't let me change. Will this be a problem, or am I good to go?
Originally Posted by Heavee J

My MY2K Account Is All Screwed Up...When I Try To Make Any Changes It Tells Me To Enter My Password But When I Do It Keeps Saying That My Password Is Incorrect When I Know For A Fact That Its Not...Then When I Select Reset Password I Never Get Any Email In My Inbox Or Spam...Its Acting Like I Never Created A MY2K Account In The First Place Because All The Fields Are Blank Including My Favorite Team And I Cant Just Start Over And Create A New MY2K Because I've Already Earned The A 2K To Call My Own Achievement So It Wont Let Me!

Please Help Me This Is So Frustrating!

MY2K Account Name Is heavee j (And By The Way If You Can, Could You Please Change My Account Name From All Lower Case Letters To All Caps Please, I Would Really Appreciate It - HEAVEE J)

And My Email Is [email protected]

Thank You,

Originally Posted by DazzaDogg
Originally Posted by SuperMario29
I verified two accounts but only the 2nd account worked in the game. Is this a problem that there are two accounts linked to my email address (especially because the first account is the one that didn't save). Please respond. I'll just run with the 2nd account because it's verified and won't let me change it in the game if it's ok.
Originally Posted by SuperMario29
I completed the registration the first time with the username SuperMario_29. NBA 2k12 booted me at the end of the process and it never saved on my account. I had to redo it with SuperMario_2931 and completed the registration for that one (I think). I just want to make sure I didn't do something wrong because I completed and verified two registrations under the same email address and only one worked in the game for me (the 2nd one). Please get back to me 2k.
Originally Posted by aceguy7
LD2k .. ok I got the email and when I go to the part that says If you did not create a My2K Account, click here... I click that and it tells me the link you clicked is invalid. Still have aceguy78 greyed out at the top where you login to your my2k account. Still wont let me delete or try logging in with a different name. ... :-/ I am on the ps3 version
Originally Posted by SuperMario29
I have a question for the 2k guy here. When I first signed up it booted me during the end of the process and an email still got sent that I accepted. When I tried to sign back in online. It made me go through the process again and I couldn't retrieve my username for "My2k" and I had to enter a different one and that time it worked. Is it going to be a problem that there are two accounts created to my same email address? This whole thing has me confused.
# 262 LD2k @ 10/06/11 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by avwhitechic
Ayo straight up this is how customer service should be done. No one said problems wouldnt arise with these games. But i luv how to 2K attacks the problem head on. PROPS TO U 2K
Thank you.

# 263 jmmontoro @ 10/06/11 11:46 AM
Just activated! Thanks a lot LD2k, this is the way support should work everywhere!
# 264 dsan88 @ 10/06/11 11:47 AM
email was sent to me and once i hit "allow" on facebook, it linked me to this google account thing..do i need a google account? and please send me the email again

username: ahcla88


nevermind that google account thing...my nephews account was logged in..i just need the email again please
# 265 xRay @ 10/06/11 11:47 AM
xRay (resetting Password didnt help)
# 266 kevinc @ 10/06/11 11:51 AM
Got my verification this morning. Probably about 12 hours after I first logged in. Using a yahoo email.

No issues

Echoing the good customer service comments
# 267 LD2k @ 10/06/11 11:52 AM
Please let me know if the "Reset Password" is or is NOT sending an email.

I will forward it to the team if it's not.

Thanks guys.
# 268 Knighttime24 @ 10/06/11 11:56 AM
My2k Account Username: SetPlayz

"Reset Password" has not sent me any emails. I've checked my spam folder.
# 269 GIBE9612 @ 10/06/11 11:58 AM
# 270 BigTigLSU @ 10/06/11 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by LD2k
Please let me know if the "Reset Password" is or is NOT sending an email.

I will forward it to the team if it's not.

Thanks guys.
Not working for me checked spam folder

[email protected]
# 271 Knighttime24 @ 10/06/11 12:02 PM
I received the email. Thanks alot, LD2k.
# 272 xRay @ 10/06/11 12:07 PM
I received a mail now Thanks alot
# 273 rawmc30 @ 10/06/11 12:09 PM
My bad my username is goknicks2011. I gave u the wrong name sorry.
# 274 DMac 20 @ 10/06/11 12:18 PM
User Name :

# 275 texasgmr @ 10/06/11 12:29 PM
Username: texasgmr
email: [email protected]
# 276 ibewhoibe0910 @ 10/06/11 12:29 PM
Hey LD2K this is kinda off topic but i seen someone mentioned about the codes for kings and warriors. Mine worked fine, but the problem i am having is when i first get into the game my code isn't showing and the team isn't showing. After playing for awhile it finally shows up? Same thing with my brothers code. Not sure why its not showing up at first but it takes AWHILE for it to finally show the code is in and then i can use the teams
# 277 Butafinguz @ 10/06/11 12:32 PM
User name: Mr Ennis
# 278 JJT @ 10/06/11 12:35 PM

my 2k name.
# 279 NealN42 @ 10/06/11 12:35 PM
# 280 KidHypeTellem @ 10/06/11 12:38 PM
Username: Lesh0430489


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