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ESPN The Gamer has posted the Madden NFL 12 player ratings for the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers.

Are there any changes you would like to see, or are they just about right?

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# 1 DeuceDouglas @ 08/19/11 05:03 AM
Panthers, with the exception of QB, look pretty decent for a team that was 2-14. No depth but as far as starters go, not bad.
# 2 jonesha2000 @ 08/19/11 05:15 AM
Cam numbers look good...his medium throws(72) will be a bit suspect so you will have to make sure his feet are good and set before throwing medium routes...short pass and deep pass look good.
# 3 xpmar9x @ 08/19/11 05:49 AM
Anybody notice Norwoods 48 agility? That must be a mistake...

95 speed, 93 acceleration, 48 agility. lol

Panthers do not look like a 2 loss team. They have a pretty solid team, Madden wise. Newton is the perfect cheese player, 83 speed, 94 acceleration, and 97 throw power. Then he has Olsen, Steve Smith, Shockey, Gettis, and LaFell to throw too. Can hand off to a great duo in DeAngelo and Stewart. Then his OL is 92 - 85 - 86 - 76 - 85. That offense will be no joke in Madden. But wait, on D they're not bad either... 4 LBs that are 80+, a solid DE (Johnson), and a speedy secondary. Panthers might be an interesting team to play with this year.
# 4 batyuki @ 08/19/11 08:08 AM
Stewart is definetly more than an 81 !
# 5 therockstar2005 @ 08/19/11 08:09 AM
Yeah, I was really surprised...the Panthers looks like a good team. Could be a lot of fun to build around Cam Newton, and they wouldn't be that far either. The greatest challenge wouldn't be to rebuild that team, but having to deal with the Saints, Bucs, and Falcons. Might try them for a franchise.
# 6 Dbrentonbuck @ 08/19/11 08:34 AM
I think that Jones has much quicker acceleration than White. If you look at the way he put distance between himself and the defenders in camp and in the first preseason game it was his acceleration that stood out to me more than top end speed. He has one of the quickest bursts I have ever seen.
# 7 Dbrentonbuck @ 08/19/11 08:37 AM
Michael Palmer is under rated lol. He is rated below two guys who won't even make the team. He should be rated about a 64
# 8 Dbrentonbuck @ 08/19/11 09:02 AM
Grimes is also under rated. He is a pro bowl CB and is better than Robinson in just about every way but height.
# 9 Dbrentonbuck @ 08/19/11 09:03 AM
Owens is over rated. He couldn't cover anyone with a blanket
# 10 Dbrentonbuck @ 08/19/11 09:06 AM
I thought they were getting rid of accuracy since there are now three other accuracy ratings. Does accuracy even do anything?
# 11 Alter Eg0 @ 08/19/11 09:36 AM
Cam Newton is a beast. Only his AWR makes him a 77. And AWR doesn't mean anything when user controlled and he got a deep ball. The Panthers have two fast LBS w/ 85 speed. Damn!
# 12 angels eclipse7 @ 08/19/11 11:00 AM
Rams fans, Norwood is way too low. He has been overrated in Madden for a while, but this year he is just too low. I would bump him up at least 5 OVR points.

I think Weems is a bit overrated. I think he could definitely prove to earn that 70 rating, but as far as right now, he is still considered mainly a return specialist.

Sam Baker is way overrated. Waaaaay. He should be an 81 at the highest.

Mike Peterson is overrated in that he is just not a complete linebacker anymore. He is a pure run stopper. Nicholas is a much better pass defender, although not according to these ratings.

Grimes should be better than Robinson. Grimes should go up and Robinson down. Robinson is a very solid starting corner but 89? Come on. Grimes on the other hand was a pro bowler last year and played exceptional.

I'd say based on EA's scale, give Grimes the 89 overall and Robinson an 85.... maybe even 83.
# 13 The Amaizen Blue @ 08/19/11 11:16 AM
Their record was bad mostly because of injuries, not because they were a terrible team. I think the ratings for the most part are accurate.
# 14 JaZart @ 08/19/11 12:05 PM
Madden has gone back to the overly inflated Ovr ratings. In madden 10 EA stressed spreading out the ratings between starters and backups. Now everyone's ratings are too high. In my eyes ratings should be:
90+ Elite player
80+ Impact Player/Rising star
70+ Solid Starter/young rookie
60+ Avg Starter/Backup
59- Third string/unproven players
I'll be adjusting my ratings accordingly.
# 15 StL_RamZ @ 08/19/11 12:10 PM
agiltiy? 48? norwood? really so his agility is as slow as an O-lineman's
# 16 VaNc @ 08/19/11 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by The Amaizen Blue
Their record was bad mostly because of injuries, not because they were a terrible team. I think the ratings for the most part are accurate.
Thanks thats what I was thinking, and the head coach and staff. I feel like the panthers will have a 6-10 season to 10-6 season. something in that range this year
# 17 xpmar9x @ 08/19/11 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by StL_RamZ
agiltiy? 48? norwood? really so his agility is as slow as an O-lineman's
gotta be a mistake.
# 18 Cubs017 @ 08/19/11 01:30 PM
Cam Newton is stupidly good. 97 THP? 85 Deep Accuracy? The guy has a good arm, but those are actually on Peyton Manning's level (not that Peyton has the strongest arm in the league). They're as good as Vick. That's absurd.
# 19 genghisfrog @ 08/19/11 01:50 PM
Is this a misprint as well-Dunta Robinson an 89, or is it supposed to be 69?
# 20 angels eclipse7 @ 08/19/11 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by xpmar9x
gotta be a mistake.
Yeah, I feel like Norwood's 48 agility mistake is what oriented his OVR to be so low, too. No way are they rating Norwood a 61, especially with these inflated ratings. I expect they will fix it and he will be rated a 71ish.

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