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According to multiple sources, Gran Turismo 5 takes up to 50 minutes to install.

"The gameís install takes about 40 minutes. Youíre warned that it might be closer to 50, but Amarís installation was done in ten minutes less than that, so it presumably depends a little on your model of PS3 and the hard drive youíve got installed. The space taken is actually about 6.4GB, but that space gradually unpacks as youíre playing to be closer to the previously mentioned 10GB. In short, better make some room before the gameís release next week."

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# 1 JohnnytheSkin @ 11/19/10 09:17 AM
No biggie...I'll just read my book or watch TV while it's installing.
# 2 Blzer @ 11/19/10 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by JohnnytheSkin
No biggie...I'll just read my book or watch TV while it's installing.
For sure. We've waited years for the game, we can wait another 50 minutes.
# 3 ps3veron @ 11/19/10 10:13 AM
Can someone help clarify this? Is the 10GB optional or not? Seems like if its installing in the background then that's not really optional.
# 4 oldman @ 11/19/10 01:32 PM
So what happens if you don't install it? Does it just take longer on loading screens and so on or what?
# 5 DickDalewood @ 11/20/10 08:07 AM
If you have the space, I really don't see why you WOULDN'T install, other than being someone who lacks some serious patience. It's 50 min... get home, put the game in, and go eat some dinner or something. By the time your done, then it'll be ready to go.
# 6 Earl1963 @ 11/20/10 10:02 AM
I may end up watching that bar load for the full 50 minutes in anticipation.
# 7 teampunjabi @ 11/20/10 05:58 PM
Originally Posted by randombrother
Let's hope near the end a prompt doesn't come up saying:
LOL...I dont mind it all to be honest. I prefer it actually.
# 8 King10Sooted @ 11/24/10 12:31 AM
Originally Posted by EnigmaNemesis
This will be us staring at the install...

Was pretty much me, I looked over at the computer to check the forums here every few mins though. Has said "45 seconds remaining" for what feels like 3 hours on my install lol.

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