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# 1 Adzs K2 @ 09/27/10 07:51 AM
Can't wait to be playing and listening to the soundtrack this year man that songs nice man ;P
# 2 cdotharris @ 09/27/10 07:51 AM
Well I am glad to see that there are a lot more plays being showed in the reel. Looks pretty fly to me.
# 3 ThatSacTownKingsFan @ 09/27/10 07:55 AM
I didn't notice in the vid, but have they fixed Danny Granger's face from last year? lol
# 4 ffpp @ 09/27/10 08:41 AM
I just wish people would stop using music in their videos.

I want to listen to the game as well instead of the video getting banned because of music copy rights.
# 5 rondo123 @ 09/27/10 09:09 AM
yo guys, what song is that? sounds maddd
# 6 IV THA UNITY @ 09/27/10 09:25 AM
Nice vid, that song was not motivating me to play basketball though lol
# 7 T3AMGEIST @ 09/27/10 09:32 AM
Not available in your country! Damn! Youtube sucks!
# 8 Flip31 @ 09/27/10 10:05 AM
Dammit!...they got the pacers uni's wrong! :/

there's no blue trim on the arm holes, its all yellow...dang it 2k, thats gonna bother me everytime i play
# 9 ..GameOver.. @ 09/27/10 10:56 AM
Sweet looks good once again!
# 10 65South @ 09/27/10 12:26 PM
I see you Roy Hibbert! So good to see the Pacers get a little bit of love. Just too bad Jim O'Brien would never let the team play they way this team is playing in the video.
# 11 JWiLL02 @ 09/27/10 02:17 PM
Don't know the title, but I'm 99.8% sure that's Dilated Peoples.

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