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# 1 kehlis @ 06/09/09 05:15 PM
Looks sweet! Can't wait.

Loved the save too.
# 2 dm3k @ 06/09/09 05:21 PM
Did he say "150 new goalie animations"?
# 3 Stroehms @ 06/09/09 05:28 PM
NOICE! Can't wait, woo!
# 4 sharks @ 06/09/09 05:35 PM
Poor collision detection again. Letang put his leg right through Kronwall's leg. It takes an incredible amount of skill to do that. Kronwall's skate goes through the boards when he kicks the puck to Hossa.
# 5 armi5718 @ 06/09/09 05:37 PM
Overall the animation looks brilliant. It looked a little odd with the defense being so timid about making a play on Kronwall, so I want to see more gameplay vidoes of boardplay in the future.

Also, did anyone else notice the ESPN score bar at the top left of the screen? Yessssirrrrr!
# 6 sharks @ 06/09/09 06:28 PM
Is the Stanley Cup on the playoff patch on the ice?
# 7 Shockgeez04 @ 06/09/09 06:30 PM
Originally Posted by boucher
Do you think anyone is going to use this online??

The throat protector isnt animated? It looks like a tool like that!

Nice to see Fleury use his power leg to get into position for the next save

His pads are wrong though

Nice to see the writing in the ice for the finals
I think the non-cheesers will use it because it has been said that it protects you from getting knocked down along the boards, i can see people actually abusing it if its not done right, imagine someone speeding down the boards from the blue-line and a second before they get checked into the boards like 09 (if the defender has an angle), they "turtle" into the boardplay animation to "absorb" the hit.

If it works too well, it could be a problem, if its done right it could drastically improve realism and allow some realistic puck possession and the ability to actually play dump and chase correctly
# 8 ohyeahbaby123 @ 06/09/09 06:35 PM
A few questions:

Why does Letang just wait there? It looks kinda odd with him just standing there.

Has the neutral zone play changed? Because it kinda looks the same from the small sample of video.
# 9 tyler289 @ 06/09/09 06:50 PM
I just hope the AI isn't so slow like Letang was there.
# 10 sharks @ 06/09/09 06:55 PM
The backwards skating looks weird. The players are not crossing over. Kronwall is also shuffling his feet from side to side, without even digging into the ice.
# 11 Ovie @ 06/09/09 07:03 PM
Regarding the AI in this video, I'm going to guess one of two things.

1) This build doesn't have the improved AI they've mentioned will be there.
2) This is on Rookie for the purpose of demoing their new features.

I'm not going to cry about AI til I actually play.
# 12 JimmyDeicide @ 06/09/09 07:09 PM
I think Letang is like WTF is this guy doing at first as it was not really a situation were you would protect the puck im sure it was just to demonstrate the new move, so it took him a while to go pin him.
I doubt its going to be perfect but it is a very welcome addition.
# 13 ether @ 06/09/09 11:45 PM
150 new goalie animations? They were talking already about goalie improvements in the last vid. I may never score another goal as long as I play this game.

Oh and the kicking animation is cool but I wonder what happens if an opponent is standing too close and gets kicked in the junk? Match penalty?
# 14 boritter @ 06/10/09 01:11 AM
As others have mentioned, the collision detection looked bad. It was insane (fake) how quickly Hossa was skating backwards after picking up the puck behind the net.

The NHL developers have earned the benefit of the doubt in my book so I'm going to chalk those two things up to this being an early build of the game.

Can't wait for launch day!
# 15 bigwill33 @ 06/10/09 01:54 AM
Still catching my breath from that game tonight!

Anyway, thanks for the vid, good to see. Liked the Stanley Cup Logo on the ice. Hopefully they get the patches on the jerseys too, pretty please. Steal Madden's technology for putting it on the uniforms.

Should be fun to work the boards and cycle with multi player and teammates online.
# 16 Vikes1 @ 06/10/09 01:54 AM
I'm really looking forward to NHL '10' too.
# 17 Qb @ 06/10/09 09:45 AM
Originally Posted by armi5718
Also, did anyone else notice the ESPN score bar at the top left of the screen? Yessssirrrrr!
I could only see half of it. While it did have an ESPN-ish look to it, I don't think we should jump to conclusions. And yes, I know 'ESPN' was on the dry-erase board in Littman's first video...

Originally Posted by boucher
Do you think anyone is going to use this online?? Nice to see the writing in the ice for the finals
I'm not sure how much it will be used in OTP/EASHL play initially, but if it's effective, people will eventually use it, possibly even abuse it. If done well, I think it could be a great addition for versus play with two guys who play the right way.

The "Stanley Cup Playoffs" logo caught my eye as well. It's a small addition in the big picture, but welcome and overdue.
# 18 centauris @ 06/10/09 12:11 PM
presentation is the same.

# 19 Ovie @ 06/10/09 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by Ruffy
Looks good...150 new goalie animations are great to hear...hopefully that keeps the goalie from flopping around and diving in situations that really did not call for that type of save in the past.
I quit playing J.S. Giguere over Hiller as the Ducks because Jiggy would give up the worst goals. Desperation when they pass across the ice at the point/high slot area...? REALLY?

It may just be my poor luck but whenever he was goalie he scared the piss out of me with his silly desperation antics.
# 20 Lubey @ 06/10/09 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by Ruffy
(ps I think your a dueche in real life if you do that, but hey to each his own).
Understatement of the year.

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