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Edge has posted an article entitled, How to Market a Motorsports Game.

"When you take on a sports license youíre buying a specific audience. MotoGP fans follow that sport. Many of them own consoles. Your primary goal is to create a game that appeals to that particular audience.

The principle applies whether youíre looking at football or ice hockey or Formula One.

But even though itís televised in over 200 countries, MotoGP isnít the worldís biggest sport and weíre looking towards audiences that might not consider themselves fans of the sport - weíre looking at racing fans, which is a much larger audience.

I worked on MotoGP titles at THQ since 2000 and now here at Capcom, so Iíve been following this for some time now. Winning over the racing fan has always been the toughest challenge."

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# 1 lnin0 @ 12/03/08 07:45 PM
How to Homogenize a Motorsports Game So it Appeals to No One, Most of all Your License's Fanbase

Sorry, but that article is everything that is WRONG with motorsports gaming and gaming in general.

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