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# 1 Stain @ 11/10/07 11:31 AM
I'll tell ya what, man. I been around here since Steve opened the place but I don't speak.

That dude was unreal on the Guitar Hero thing.

I ask my daughter (14 yrs. old) about Guitar Hero and it was jamming AC/DC and Aerosmith and such and she was jamming it so I took her down to my studio and I played her the exact songs she was in the game. I can play the solos and all .. heck, I've been playing since the late 70's and I have two albums out.

I'll tell ya what, man .. no kidding here ... that dude could be thermal conglomerate SICK if he played. He's got the basics down. I have recorded solos on tracks on albums where .. uh .. hmmm .. how can I put this ... they were "chemically enhanced" so that I could play far faster than my true ability. I can't play them NOW beause I'm totally straight. But, there they are. I did once.

So, I wonder if anybody has made the leap to actually PLAY ... like not a game .. actually play the doggone instrument. Because I'm telling you .. I don't play no stupid Guitar Hero .. I AM a Guitar Hero .. or WAS 20 years ago .. I can play all those tunes. On an actual guitar. Note for note.

I'm thinking somewhere, there's gonna be a crowd of waygone intense actual players of the instrument that comes out of this. Those are all the basic skills you need, man.

That kid was friggin' Randy Rhoads crossed with Yngwie Malmsteen, man.




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