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  • Tony Hawk's American Sk8land (8.6/10)
    "Overall, Tony Hawk American Sk8land is a great DS game. The short and relatively easy story mode is still a blast to play through, and the other modes make it a fun game. Tony Hawk fans will be disappointed with the easy story mode, but the novelty of having a Tony Hawk game on the DS is still worth the purchase. The game makes it easy for anyone who hasn’t played one of the Tony Hawk skateboarding games to pick this up and get right into it. I really enjoyed American Sk8land, and it’s a great addition to anyone’s DS library."
  • Mario Kart DS (9.2/10)
    "All in all, Mario Kart is one of the better games to grace the Nintendo DS, and a great opener for Nintendo’s Wi-fi Connection. If you have the ability to use the WFC and own a DS, I can’t stop recommending purchasing MKDS. If you’ve been complaining about Nintendo not going online for the past two-three years, quit whining and get the set-up. With what I have experienced over the WFC, I can’t wait to play Metroid and Animal Crossing online, not to mention the possibility of something like Four Swords!"

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