Monday, December 5, 2016
10:42 AM - December 5, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Franchise Hockey Manager 3 picks up where FHM 2 left off in keeping the series on an upwards trajectory. Developed by Out of the Park Studios, Franchise Hockey Manager 3 brings improvements across the board but still doesn't quite nail every aspect. However, the series has progressed enough this year to be in a better place.

Read More - Franchise Hockey Manager 3 Review (PC)

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09:41 AM - December 5, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah
Check out the latest direct feed gameplay videos of Gran Turismo Sport, including a new trailer from PlayStation Experience 2016 and an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi.

Gran Turismo Sport - BMW M4 Coupe at Tokyo Expressway (GTPlanet)

Gran Turismo Sport - Audi R8 LMS at Tokyo Expressway (GTPlanet)

Gran Turismo Sport - PlayStation Experience 2016 Trailer

Gran Turismo Sport - PlayStation Experience 2016: Livecast Coverage

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Sunday, December 4, 2016
Saturday, December 3, 2016
04:40 PM - December 3, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

We have captured a bunch of MLB The Show 17 screenshots from the trailer that was released earlier today. While the quality isn't going to be as good coming from a video, these will have to do until we get actual in-game screenshots.

If there are some things you spot from the screenshots, let us know what you're seeing!

MLB The Show 17 screenshot gallery - Click to view MLB The Show 17 screenshot gallery - Click to view MLB The Show 17 screenshot gallery - Click to view MLB The Show 17 screenshot gallery - Click to view MLB The Show 17 screenshot gallery - Click to view MLB The Show 17 screenshot gallery - Click to view
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02:25 PM - December 3, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Check out new MLB The Show 17 trailer and make sure you check out Retro Mode at the end of it. Post your thoughts!

UPDATE: Retro Mode details revealed.

During the World Series, we revealed that newly inducted Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. will grace the cover of MLB The Show 17. The Kid’s signature style transcended the baseball diamond and helped create some of the most memorable baseball video games of the 90’s. Most of us at San Diego Studio grew up playing those classics and wondered how we could recreate a nostalgic feeling for a generation of gamers.

To answer the most obvious question: nope, your eyes did not deceive you. At the very end of our PlayStation Experience trailer you caught a first look at a new game mode for The Show 17.

Introducing “Retro Mode,” a retro gameplay experience that pays homage to the classic baseball games many of us grew up playing. Retro Mode allows you to move the pitcher across the pitcher’s rubber and move around the batter’s box with ease, classic on-screen displays, an old school soundtrack, unique sound effects, a throwback pause menu and more.

Retro Mode is entirely separate to the popular Road To The Show, Diamond Dynasty and Franchise game modes. This new way to play MLB The Show is designed to be a fun, throwback game mode that instigates battles on the couch with friends. We’re not diving deep into those modes just yet, but there are a few teases about the changes coming to RTTS, gameplay additions and a couple of other things we snuck into the trailer for our eager fans. Some changes are more obvious than others and we’ll take a deeper look very soon in case the untrained eye missed a clue (I’m guessing our biggest fans will find most of them by the end of the weekend).

We’ve only scratched the surface on the feature set for MLB The Show 17, so stay tuned for info in the coming weeks. And if you’re at PlayStation Experience over the weekend be sure to come by the MLB The Show bar and try out an Alpha build of Retro Mode.

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Friday, December 2, 2016
05:30 PM - December 2, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

The official Madden NFL 17 roster update for week 13 is available now. These weekly roster updates include changes to player ratings, depth charts, and injuries for all 32 teams.

You can check all of the changes here. We've listed some of the changes below.

  • Khalil Mack +2 (Overall 96)
  • Harrison Smith +1 (Overall 95)
  • Earl Thomas III +2 (Overall 95)
  • Eric Weddle +1 (Overall 95)
  • Kam Chancellor +2 (Overall 94)
  • Delanie Walker +1 (Overall 93)
  • Marshal Yanda +1 (Overall 93)
  • Eric Berry +1 (Overall 92)
  • Cameron Jordan +2 (Overall 92)
  • Devin McCourty +1 (Overall 92)
  • Dez Bryant +1 (Overall 92)
  • Landon Collins +2 (Overall 90)
  • Jordan Reed +1 (Overall 90)
  • Darian Stewart +1 (Overall 90)
  • Calais Campbell +1 (Overall 89)
  • Mike Evans +2 (Overall 89)
  • Josh Sitton +1 (Overall 89)
  • Brandon Brooks +1 (Overall 88)
  • C.J. Mosely +1 (Overall 88)
  • Jason Pierre-Paul +1 (Overall 88)
  • Kawann Short +1 (Overall 88)
  • David Amerson +1 (Overall 87)
  • David Bakhtiari +1 (Overall 87)
  • Derek Carr +1 (Overall 87)
  • David DeCastro +3 (Overall 87)
  • Ezekiel Elliott +1 (Overall 87)
  • Chandler Jones +1 (Overall 87)
  • Lamar Miller +1 (Overall 87)
  • Xavier Rhodes +2 (Overall 87)
  • Brandon Scherff +1 (Overall 87)
  • Zach Strief +3 (Overall 87)
  • Justin Tucker +1 (Overall 87)
  • Cameron Wake +1 (Overall 87)
  • Corey Graham +1 (Overall 86)
  • Kevin Zeitler +2 (Overall 86)
  • Greg Olsen -3 (Overall 94)
  • Jimmy Graham -1 (Overall 91)
  • Zack Martin -2 (Overall 91)
  • Russell Wilson -1 (Overall 90)
  • Darius Slay Jr. -1 (Overall 89)
  • Sean Lee -2 (Overall 88)
  • Cam Newton -1 (Overall 88)
  • Vontae Davis -3 (Overall 87)
  • Donald Penn -1 (Overall 87)
  • Terrell Suggs -1 (Overall 87)
  • Ryan Kerrigan -1 (Overall 86)
  • Doug Martin -2 (Overall 86)
  • Pernell McPhee -3 (Overall 86)
  • Matthew Stafford -1 (Overall 86)

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02:41 PM - December 2, 2016. Posted by redsox4evur. Written by Steve Noah
The Madden Companion App is available now for Android and iOS devices.

(UPDATE: 12-6) New blog is online with more Madden Companion App details.

Take your team all the way, wherever you are, with the EA SPORTS™ Madden NFL 17 Companion app. Access your Madden NFL 17 franchise quickly, and stay connected to the action. Get the latest news and updates from the Madden team – even find tips and tricks straight from the pros and developers themselves.

Check on your team anytime, anywhere. View your league schedule, set your game status, and export league data to supported 3rd party sites where you can analyze stats and more. League Commissioners can also utilize convenient tools to advance their franchise week, clear cap penalties, and set league members to “auto-pilot.”

Keep in touch with your franchise and Ultimate Team through Madden Messenger, and never miss an important update. Receive synched notifications straight from your console about completed auctions, new trade offers, rewards, objectives, and earned achievements.

Connect to the Madden community with user-generated content, from intense screenshots to videos of game-changing plays. Get hints and strategies from the pros, and even learn about fresh feature updates, exclusive offers, and information about upcoming competitive events directly from the Madden team.

Sign up to receive MUT rewards like Coins, Packs, and other great surprises throughout your Madden Season. View your rewards and discover unique and more in-depth reward stats, exclusive to the Companion app. Then, get in the game to redeem them for packs, player items, and more.

More details from the blog:

Use the Madden Companion app to advance the week, view the weekly schedule, utilize commissioner controls, receive important notifications, and even export stats to third party websites all from the palm of your hand.

When you open the M17 Companion App for the first time, make sure to enable Notifications. This will ensure you are notified any time the league advances or when games are played. When you are in a league with several friends, knowing when the week has advanced, so you can play your game is key. Enabling notifications will also keep you informed of Trade Proposals and League Invitations.

You can set yourself as ready, toggle autopilot, or force advance the week right from the app. Your commissioner now has no excuse for not advancing the week on time!

From the members tab, you can see all the other people in your Franchise and as a commissioner you can toggle auto pilot, clear cap penalties, boot users, make admin, and transfer commissioner status. In situations where one person isn’t available to play a game, the commish can now turn on auto pilot, while on the go, so the league can continue to run smoothly.

See scores and matchups for the week easily on the Schedule page. If you are the commissioner, then you can easily force a home or away win right from the app.

There are many Franchise fansites that provide a great service to the community, and now you can safely integrate stats from your league into these websites using the new Stats Export feature. You simply put in the URL for your favorite fan website that supports this functionality and then press Export. Once the process is complete, the fan website will have all the player stats and rosters for the entire league. A big “thank you” goes out to DaddyLeagues for working with us on this feature.

Start earning rewards for opening packs in Madden Ultimate Team. All packs you open will count towards your total. MUT Rewards members can receive Coins, Packs, and other great surprises throughout the Madden Season.

New players can sign up for MUT Rewards in the Madden Companion App, while existing members can view exclusive Ultimate Team stats, see the number of packs they’ve opened, and update the email address associated with their account.

Madden NFL 17 screenshot gallery - Click to view Madden NFL 17 screenshot gallery - Click to view Madden NFL 17 screenshot gallery - Click to view Madden NFL 17 screenshot gallery - Click to view
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11:31 AM - December 2, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Fraser Gilbert

As a UK-based contributor, I'm lucky enough to possess a unique perspective on the world of sports gaming from across the pond. Unfortunately, I'm also left out of my depth in regards to certain sports, and basketball is one such example. It's not that I don't understand the basics. I've played my fair share of basketball games over the past twenty years, but I've never ingrained myself in the culture of the sport to the point where I understand the tactical techniques or terminology involved.

Back in February, I published a 'noob's perspective' on Madden NFL 16, and following the recent weekend-long trial of NBA 2K17 on Xbox One, I set myself the task of tackling a new variation of this challenge. In the process, I gathered further impressions from a copy of last year's game to add extra longevity to my playing time.

Keep in mind that these are a small selection of initial thoughts from someone who doesn't understand the sport or the mechanics of 2K's NBA games all that well, but it might be illuminating to you as to how a more casual fan sees the games we play. Go easy on me, folks!

Read More - NBA 2K: A Noob's Perspective

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Thursday, December 1, 2016
02:51 PM - December 1, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

The December NHL 17 roster update is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, updating the NHL, AHL, ECHL, WHL, OHL, QMJHL, NLA, DEL, LIIGA, SHL and EXTRALIGA.

Roster Update Download Instructions*:
  • In the NHL 17 main menu, select (Customize)
  • In the Customize section, select (Roster)
  • In the Roster section, select (Active Rosters)
  • In the Active Rosters section, select the most recent update organized by 'Date & Time' under EA SPORTS NHL Official Rosters
*NOTE: Your console must have an internet connection to download this roster update.

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01:12 PM - December 1, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

HB Studios have released The Golf Club VR patch 1.05, check out the full details below. Currently the game is only available on PC via Steam, compatible with the HTC Vive.

Over the past two weeks we have put a lot of focus on improving Rivals and adding shot feedback to putting. With the Rivals improvement you can now see the ghost balls of the users you have selected to play against. Putt feedback can be seen after completing a practice putt or after your actual shot to breakdown the swing and give you a grade. We have also added 25 additional courses from the original TGC and enabled the option to favorite courses.

Bug Fixes
  • Adjusted the angles that the watch appears to improve visibility of it.
  • Addressed issues with grabbing a new ball just as the stroke limit has been reached.
  • Club faces will now switch properly when changing handedness.
  • Selecting favorite during the rate course screen now has an indication to show the course has been favorited.
  • Putt preview will no longer be sent if you swing overtop of your actual ball.
  • Reduced hitching issues when golf bag and ball are in view of HMD.
  • Dropping a ball onto your golf bag no longer flags your scorecard for cheating.

Ghost Balls
While we continue to improve on Rivals for TGCVR we have added Ghost Balls with patch 1.05. Now when selecting to play against Rivals you will see each of the selected players shots with each stroke that you take throughout your round.

Putt Feedback
Similar to shot feedback leading up to the green, we have added specific grading feedback to the watch for putting. The watch feedback will breakdown the weight and tempo of your swing to give you an overall grade. To view your putt grade hold down on the trackpad after your shot and view your watch.

Additional Courses
With this update we have pulled in 25 additional courses from The Golf Club. These courses can be selected by going to the course select screen and selecting all courses, the hex button with three lines in it. With this addition we have also added the ability to favorite course as well. Courses can be favorited by selecting the option at the end of your round, or you can select the star on the course details screen of each course. To view the courses that you have chosen as favorites you can select the hex button with the star icon on the course select screen.

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10:49 AM - December 1, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Things used to be so good with sports games.

Not only did we start off release season in July with NCAA Football (oh those were the days!) but we ended in October or November with the newest WWE game. In between all of that madness was a steady stream of sports game releases which were timed well enough to allow people to digest each release before the next one came.

In short, we had a solid four months or so of sports game releases only just a few years ago.

Today not only do we have fewer games, but they're all released in a very short time span.

Madden is released in late August to kick us off, then FIFA, NHL, and NBA 2K all come within a few weeks of each other in September and WWE is all the way into Mid to Early October.

What used to be a four month celebration has turned into a mind-numbing six week sprint.

Does it have to be this way? I don't think so. Its possible a title or two could be moved around to give us more breathing room -- but is it even a big deal? Does anyone else care?

To find out, we're posing a poll question to everyone -- and leave a comment on your thoughts on what could be done (or not done) to fix the release schedule of sports games!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
04:04 PM - November 30, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball is a series which has been around for quite awhile. Its initial releases were highly regarded, but the series has recently kind of fell into a rut.

The Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball series puts you in the role of an NBA general manager, giving you control over a franchise and its future. Initially the game has fake teams (but correct rosters), but you can get around that by simply hunting down a NBA mod.

In Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2017, there's a lot of improvements over last year's game, and fans of management sims will likely find a lot to love about the game. Let's take a look.

Read More - Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2016 Review (PC)

03:35 PM - November 30, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Mike Stauffer (@2KStauff) has sent us the NBA 2K17 roster update details. Check them out here.

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10:13 AM - November 30, 2016. Posted by Steve_OS. Written by Steve Noah

Another Madden NFL 17 title update is available now for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The update includes gameplay, Madden Ultimate Team and commentary updates based on feedback from the community.

  • Adressed some RAC catch animations that were incorrectly triggering drops in certain situations.
  • Addressed certain situations where Ice the Kicker was not triggering even though conditions were met.
  • Fixed issue where catching a missed field goal in the end zone caused the position of the
  • ball and the direction of play from the field goal play to be used in the play following the turnover.
  • Addressed certain instances of defenders travelling across the field when the defensive play is flipped, instead of switching assignments.
  • Fixed issue where receivers were getting a speed boost by timing the snap with motioning.
  • Fixed several fatigue issues related to weather/temperature penalties for the Away team.
  • Fixed an issue where using the give up mechanic after recovering a fumble would cause the player to fumble again.
  • Fixed an issue where users could consistently place the ball in the coffin corner on a kickoff with an inaccurate kick.
  • Fixed an issue in 3-4 Under where safety was taking himself out of the play vs. outside runs.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the QB would pass the ball backwards when attempting to throw while crossing the LOS.
  • Fixed an issue where user could ice their own kicker when calling a time out during a field goal attempt.
  • Fixed an issue where a successful fake FG run would result in the player being called out of bounds.
  • Fixed an issue where player icons were displaying ‘grey’ color for fatigue on the play call screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the ball would rarely hit the FB when running HB Lead toss out of I Form Tight.
  • Fixed an issue where the wind direction arrow was backwards in CFM.
  • Fixed an issue where increasing the fumble slider was not causing more fumbles.
  • Fixed an issue where Defenders were not always being credited with a Sack and Forced fumble in the Stats screen when causing a sack-fumble.
Madden Ultimate Team
  • Added MUT Head-to-Head Seasons.
  • Added Super Bowl presentation to appropriate MUT Head-to-Head games.
  • Added the ability to give rewards after each MUT Head-to-Head game rather than waiting
  • until the Event is over.
  • Added additional logic to tell how many items you have available to add to a particular set.
  • New lines and logic added for post PAT scenarios. This is previously a spot in the game
  • where we had no commentary.
  • New/additional names added for RB’s, QB’s,Kickers/Punters, and WR’s.
  • New postplay analysis from the team for various different situations.
  • Refreshed common touchdown analysis lines, and added additional logic and lines to fire
  • new situational commentary.
  • Hundreds of new lines added to Play the Moment to provide more variety during return to
  • game scenarios.
  • Legends names added.
  • Numerous tuning changes based on common line telemetry.
  • Various stability fixes in all modes including Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016
04:11 PM - November 29, 2016. Posted by MMChrisS. Written by Chris Sanner

The three point basket has changed how the game of basketball is played -- and as recently as last year, a revolution on how teams approach the shot has really taken hold throughout the NBA.

NBA 2K has understandably had a bit of difficulty in keeping up with a game that is changing before our very eyes at times. At what point are three pointers too easy vs. at what point are they unrealistically hard?

And how do you strike that balance?

I have noticed quite a bit of chatter on three-pointers in NBA 2K17 over the last couple of weeks, with many of the complaints seemingly coming down on the "they're too easy to convert" side of the debate.

It's possible that is the case, but its also possible how you are shooting the three ball could depend on which team you are using, what player you are shooting with, what mode you are playing in, and any other number of factors.

On a personal anecdotal level, I played four games of NBA 2K17 recently and averaged 40.4% from behind the three point arc with the OKC Thunder. In real life the Thunder are hitting 34.5% -- but I'm also playing with a different personnel set at this point. The Spurs lead the league at 39.9% from behind the arc and the league wide average has hovered around the 35% mark for years now.

So technically we should expect to see the three point shots we take consolidate around that sort of an average.

But I'm not so sure there's a singular answer here. Could threes be too easy for certain types of shooters and not nearly easy enough for others? Are you finding that universally three point shooting percentages are too high? Too low? Are they just about right?

Sound off in the comments about your own experiences with three pointers in NBA 2K17!

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