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NBA 2k signature shot edits 
Posted on April 7, 2012 at 04:08 PM.
Atlanta Hawks
Kyle Korver
quick SF-release 68, SB-jump shot 1
Lou Williams
SF-release 4,SB-jump shot 28, dribble pull up -stiff 2

Boston Celtics
Rajon Rondo
SF:release 26, SB: jump shot 31

Brooklyn Nets
Joe Johnson
SF- release 63,SB-jump shot 42, fade away -Turner
Paul Pierce
SF: release 70, SB: jump shot 18
Kevin Garnett
normal SF-release 50,SB-Duncan

Charlotte Bobcats
Ramon Sessions
normal sf-release 17,sb-jump shot 35

Chicago Bulls
Carlos Boozer
SF: release 61, SB: set shot 3
contested-big,fade away-s side hop
Jimmer Fredette
SF: K. Durant, SB: Jump shot 24

Cleveland Cavaliers
Kyrie Irving
SF: release 3, SB: jump shot 33
Luol Deng
SF:release 59, SB: jump shot 28

Dallas Mavericks
Dirk Nowitzki
normal SF: D. Nowitzki, SB: Jump shot 48
Mike James
SF: release 46,SB: jump shot 19

Denver Nuggets
Wilson Chandler
SF: Release 36, SB: Jump shot 2
fadeaway-s grounded, free throw-cue
Nate Robinson
SF-release 8,SB-jump shot 24, dribble pull up-elite 3
Danilo Gallinari
SF - release 80,SB- set shot 16,fade away-s bowed,free throw -R.Gay,post fade-fade 2

Mahmoud Abdul-Raouf
SF-release 10,SB-jump shot 40, dribble pull up-normal 6

Detroit Pistons
Tayshaun Prince
SF: Release 72, SB: Set shot 10
Jose Calderon
SF:release 26,SB: jump shot 1

Golden State Warriors
Stephen Curry
SF: release 71, SB: set shot 10

Baron Davis
SF: Release 10, SB: jump shot 12

Houston Rockets
Chandler Parsons
SF: Release 57, SB: Set shot 12
Jeremy Lin
dribble pull up -normal, free throw - J.Richardson,
lay up - Wade
Carlos Delfino
SF: release 37,SB: jump shot 21

Indiana Pacers
Chris Copeland
SF:release 62,SB: jump shot 33

Los Angeles Clippers
Jamal Crawford
SF: release 36,SB: jump shot 14
dribble pull up - elite 7,
spin jumper - normal, behind back- 6,spin - 4, hesitation 3

Los Angeles Lakers
Pau Gasol
normal SF: Release 15, SB: P. Ewing
spin jumper-normal 3, hop jumper-normal 3
post hook- hook 12
Kobe Bryant
fade away-Pierce, dribble pull up-elite 7
Steve Nash
SF: Nash,SB: jump shot 36

Memphis Grizzlies
Mike Miller
SF: Release 14, SB: set shot 17

Miami Heat
Lebron James
normal SF:James,SB:jump shot 40,post hop shot- deliberate, crossover-2, behind back-7, hesitation 4
Shane Battier
SF: Release 16/59, SB: Jump shot 3
Norris Cole
SF: release 4,SB: set shot 6
Ray Allen
SF: release 42,SB: set shot 4
Rashard Lewis
SF:release 50,SB: jump shot 31
Dwyane Wade
quick SF- release 51,SB - Jump shot 31
Michael Beasley
SF: M. Beasley, SB: R. Allen
Toney Douglas
SF: release 57,SB: jump shot 28
SF: release 77,SB: jump shot 36

Milwaukee Bucks
Ersan Ilyasova
SF: Release 61, SB: Set shot 14

Minnesota Timberwolves

New Orleans Pelicans
Eric Gordon
SF: Release 13, SB: Jump shot 31
Anthony Morrow
SF:release 22,SB:jump shot 31

New York Knicks
Carmelo Anthony dribble pull up - McLemore,
post hop shot- big smooth
Iman Shumpert
normal SF- release 47,SB-jump shot 35, fade away s hop back
free throw-codum,dribble pull up-stiff 6,
Amar'e Stoudemire
normal SF: release 33, SB: jump shot 36
free throw-Bryant,post hook-hook 8
Raymond Felton
SF-James,SB-jump shot 10
free throw-Marvin Williams
Pablo Prigioni
normal SF: release 8,SB: Kidd
Andrea Bargnani : normal release 77, set shot 9, contested - normal,free throw - Bonner
JR Smith : SF - release 1, SB - jump shot 25,
dribble pull up- Akognon ,lay up - Ellis
Tim Hardaway Jr. fade away - s kick, dribble pull up- elite 9, hop jumper - normal 3
lay up- Rondo

Oklahoma City Thunder
Russell Westbrook
SF: release 25,SB: jump shot 11
Kevin Durant
SF-release 68,SB-jump shot 2

Orlando Magic
Ish Smith
SF: Release 74, SB: Jump shot 35

Philadelphia 76ers
Thaddeus Young
SF: P. Pierce, SB: J. Smith

Allen Iverson
SF:release 69,SB:jump shot 31

Phoenix Suns
Gerald Green
SF:release 8, SB: jump shot 7
Leandro Barbosa
SF: release 28,SB: jump shot 35

Portland Trailblazers
Wesley Matthews
SF: Release 57, SB: T. Duncan
Damian Lillard
SF:release 27,SB:jumpshot 30, fadeaway-j small kick 2

Dorell Wright
SF:release 65,SB:jumpshot 38

Sacramento Kings

San Antonio Spurs
Kawhi Leonard
SF: Release 65, SB: jump shot 19
Manu Ginobili
quick SF-release 9,SB-Ginobili

Toronto Raptors
Landry Fields
SF: release 40,SB: jump shot 36

Steve Novak
fade away -s bowed

Kyle Lowry
normal SF-release 33,SB-jump shot 34

Utah Jazz
Richard Jefferson
SF:release 71, SB: jump shot 33

Washington Wizards


Patrick Ewing Jr.
SF: Release 54, SB: Jump shot 21
Jason Kapono
SF: Release 52, SB: Kidd
Eddie House
SF: Release 18, SB: Jump shot 7
Roger Mason Jr.
SF: release 35,SB: jump shot 13
Tracy McGrady
SF:release 70,SB: Pierce
Josh Harrellson
SF: release 45,SB: set shot 10
James Singleton
SF: release 71,SB: jump shot 17
Kelenna Azubuike
quick SF: release 9,SB: jump shot 30
Manny Harris
SF: release 69,SB: jump shot 11

Linas Kleiza
SF: Release 37, SB: Jump shot 34

Stephen Jackson
SF: Release 69, SB: jump shot 36

Ronnie Brewer
SF: release 11,SB: jump shot 1

Bill Walker
SF:release 35,SB:jump shot 8
Rudy Fernandez
SF:release 6, SB: jump shot 36
Malcolm Thomas
SF: release 69, SF: set shot 17
Deshawn Stevenson
SF: release 29,SB: jump shot 35
Beno Udrih
normal SF-release 26,SB-jump shot 22,dribble pull up normal 6
free throw - Ellis
Keyon Dooling
SF: release 31,SB: jump shot 36
Earl Clark
SF:release 80,SB:jump shot 49

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