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Dec 27, 2010

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Dec 26, 2010


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# 12 ROABS @ 02/13/13 01:04 PM
Reader Score: 8

I really enjoy iracing. It has a non stop development cycle which ensures it will constantly improve. The only negative is its initial price for all the content but once paid its cheap year to year if you race enough.

# 11 TonyG99 @ 07/27/11 12:47 PM
Reader Score: 10

Great Game!

# 10 ChappyEight @ 07/27/11 06:23 AM
Reader Score: 10

With the safety rating system, the laser scanned tracks/cars, and the large choice of content, this is simply the best sim racing title in the business currently.

# 9 Domas4 @ 07/27/11 03:02 AM
Reader Score: 10

There are games and there is iRacing. It definitely helped me to prepare for real life racing. It's best out there!

# 8 ShadowF @ 07/26/11 08:48 PM
Reader Score: 10

Definitely The Best Sim ever!!!

# 7 DarinSRT @ 07/26/11 07:39 PM
Reader Score: 10

Best PC Racing simulation hands down

# 6 lance2771 @ 07/26/11 06:54 PM
Reader Score: 10

It is my choice for a hobby. Why? Cheaper than any other hobby out there.

Awesome racing and community.

Everyone needs to understand about costs, that iRacing runs the servers, that takes money. You may think you are racing online for free in other sims, but someone is paying the dedicated server bills.


# 5 InspGadgt @ 07/26/11 06:22 PM
Reader Score: 9

Best racing sim out there...It may not have the pretty graphics of others but it has the best physics, is starting to roll out the best tire model, and the best community. The safety rating system helps to keep out all the kids that just want to play smash up derby that you see in so many other sims out there. There is a reason why so many professional drivers also race in iRacing.

# 4 kneebon5 @ 07/15/11 07:35 PM
Reader Score: 9

Edited: Best racing sim out there.

# 3 Dolphins20 @ 07/15/11 04:26 PM
Reader Score: 1

I subscribed to IRacing about a year ago, and it's very good. The downside is the price(s) you have to pay to play online. I couldn't see paying that much a month or year to race online, so I cancelled my account. This is not a rant, it's just that the cost was something that forcced me away.


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