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May 09, 2005

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# 6 hawkeye2188 @ 12/14/09 01:55 PM
Reader Score: 7

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# 5 Tjordan @ 08/20/09 10:32 AM
Reader Score: 10

PSP for me is very useful everyday. I get to play my music, video games, and movies in the car.

# 4 NAFBUC @ 01/16/09 08:35 PM
Reader Score: 9

I rented a PSP for my baseball vacation to play MLB The Show. It was a great system to use when traveling.

# 3 BGPurple @ 11/28/08 04:13 PM
Reader Score: 9

# 2 Steelerfan2k1 @ 02/25/08 07:51 AM
Reader Score: 6

Man - I was so excited about this before it came out.

But - the UMD disk format is such a chore to use. To me, it adds unnecessary slowdowns to games, and your movie selection is really limited if you only rely on the UMD movies that are available (and unnecessarily expensive).

Maybe it is just me, but I feel like most PSP games are bare bones ports of PS2 games. Every Madden PSP game has felt this way, as has MLB: The Show. As much as I love GTA on the consoles, GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA: Vice City Stories are both really hindered by the limitations of the UMD. The games hiccup their way through awkward loading sequences, and the cities that are so alive in the console versions feel dead because traffic and pedestrians seem so limited.

# 1 SportsTop @ 02/24/08 09:32 AM
Reader Score: 9.5

The only complaint I have about the PSP, albeit a minor one, is how compact the controls are on the system itself. It's more out of necessity than a design flaw on an otherwise outstanding product.