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Apr 23, 2004

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Apr 21, 2004

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All-Star Baseball 2005 currently has an average Reader Score of 6/10.
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# 5 nyisles16 @ 04/05/08 01:02 AM
Reader Score: 6

I still have it..It's ok for what it did playing wise.. Great "GM" stuff to do

# 4 bkrich83 @ 02/24/08 09:27 PM
Reader Score: 3.5

Best off the field franchise of any console baseball game ever. Expansion mode is still my all-time favorite baseball game "Game Mode". Gorgeous stadiums, great atmosphere in game.

On the field however, too many issues to even name. Hitting system was flat out broken. Pitching system wasn't much better. Vacuum fielding, etc. The Gameplay was worse than awful.

As great as the stadiums and graphics were, as deep and groundbreaking as the franchise mode was, and as innovative as Expansion mode was, the on the field portion of this game, ruined the experience for me.

# 3 cubsfan203 @ 02/24/08 03:49 PM
Reader Score: 9

Easily the game that I've played the most to this day. The franchise mode was deeper than any game that comes out today, it had every little detail that was needed. It also has the expansion mode which was also really entertaining and well done.

# 2 ty5oke @ 02/24/08 02:38 PM
Reader Score: 10

Also played the PS2 version not the Xbox, to this date I would consider this game a top 5 sports title for me. It had everything you wanted in a baseball game, the expansion mode was awesome. In fact I think I may pick it up again.

# 1 countryboy @ 02/24/08 10:46 AM
Reader Score: 1

How come there is no option for the PS2 version??

Anyhow... this is quite possibly the best off the field baseball that I have ever played. It was ahead of its time it seems, since no other series after it(including next gen) has been able to produce the offseason roster management opitons that ASB did.

40-man rosters, salary arbritration, waivers, option years for minor leaguers, expansion mode, new stadiums, etc....