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Xbox 360
Apr 20, 2006

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Xbox 360
Apr 19, 2006

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Top Spin 2 currently has an average Reader Score of 6.5/10.
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# 4 JMan1c1347 @ 08/11/11 01:11 AM
Reader Score: 6

From a UI (user interface) standpoint Top Spin 2 is much easier to get around in the menus as opposed to Top Spin 1. It's still not a 2ksports game though. Not "truly." Look at what the NFL 2k series did, & NBA 2k11 did with their commentary, presentations & features. There was so much to hold onto. & with the direction that Top Spin 3 & 4 have went, it appears that this particular branch of 2k missed the boat on the necessities of a great sports game.

From a game-play mechanics standpoint, it's probably the best tennis game ever made in it's still being simple to learn but harder to master. It's not over-the-top in it's button layout & player motions like the sequels that follow.

But these facts only accentuate the tragedy that is the absence of features, a better UI, & of online depth & overall interactivity. Every sports game needs to bring the sport, the player, & their careers to life, doubly so for a game like tennis with solo athletes. It just fails to do so.

Great game-play, not over the top... but the Top Spin series could be so much more & we're not seeing it, which is a surprise from a game under the label... 2k.

I rate Top Spin 2
6.5 loading screens to change your clothing... out of 10.

# 3 LHSLax_D24 @ 02/15/10 05:00 PM
Reader Score: 7

This came with my original XBOX and it was good for a while.

# 2 boritter @ 06/07/09 03:59 AM
Reader Score: 7

Not as good as 1 but it is fun to play multiplayer.

# 1 thaima1shu @ 02/24/08 11:15 PM
Reader Score: 6

After playing the first Top Spin and loving it, I was rather disappointed by this game. Something felt off about it, but I'm not quite sure what it was. It just felt less...interesting, I suppose. I just felt bored with it and could never really get into it as much as I did the first game.