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Reader Score
NHL 17 currently has an average Reader Score of 7.5/10.
Vote Now to contribute to this score. Before NHL 17 was released, 17 OS members voted and gave it a Hype Score of 7/10.
# 20 mrCPUgeek @ 10/12/16 01:54 PM
Reader Score: 8

Very addicting game. Love the customization options. Would like to see Franchise a little deeper though.

# 19 VeNOM2099 @ 09/20/16 08:48 AM
Reader Score: 7

NHL 17 is better than last year's game, and for that reason alone it deserves a better than average score. it gets an extra point because the gameplay has finally been tweaked to where it's mostly playable, especially online. It would've gotten a higher note if we could've had some type of progression system for EASHL back (not the broken one from previous years) and if they had changed the HUT formula to something that rewards users who grind through the divisions rather than those that have access to mommy and daddy's credit card on day one...

# 18 leburn @ 09/14/16 12:26 PM
Reader Score: 8

Overall an improvement on last years game.

As of September 12, 2016 NHL 17 has been released. It received a Hype Score of 7/10 from 17 voters.
# 17 El Generico @ 09/12/16 07:48 PM
Hype Score: 10

Pumped for a real NHL game after the last two disappointing efforts

# 16 Northernwolf @ 08/11/16 04:48 AM
Hype Score: 9

NHL 17 is bringing back a lot of the things that was good in the past generations. The ability to finally make your own created teams and stadium is great step forward.
Last year was a very good game, but it had some flaws. NHL 17 will attempt to address some of these flaws.
I am especially interested in their new goalie-stances and how the goalie will be to play as in franchise/be a pro.
The skaters especially the forwards last year was to easy to play as in be a pro. In NHL 17 with more sliders this could be corrected.
Last year the sliders worked to some degree, but they were still work in progress. The new sliders that has been promoted before release, at least indicates that the team is listening to their fans. Now players can use full sliders from 0 - 100. They want to give players more tools to mod their games the way they want to play.
Other sports games might be more polished and have built upon what is already great woth their annual releases, but I believe NHL 17 will take a larger step forward with their additions. 9/10 hyped

# 15 christian7210 @ 08/01/16 09:06 PM
Hype Score: 10

The best since '94

# 14 Jepockn @ 07/28/16 04:43 PM
Hype Score: 10


# 13 dtlm6 @ 07/28/16 01:02 AM
Hype Score: 8

Looking forward to NHL 17. It's a game that I enjoy playing but have never really committed to playing a season. Will try to change that this year.

# 12 miner7g @ 07/19/16 04:01 PM
Hype Score: 9

It looks like it's getting major improvements to the Be a GM (Franchise Mode) to add depth to a fairly barebones mode; still not nearly where it needs to be, but definitely a step in the right direction. The netfront battles will be a refreshing addition for players who muck it up infront of the net and defenders who try to box out the forwards. The goalie changes and EASHL improvements have me most excited personally; short side goals have been a plague on the EA NHL franchise and it looks like this'll be greatly helped by the post lean, the removal of the post bubble and the RVH. With improvements to the shuffle and T-push animations, goalies should have a less sleep learning curve, and it should encourage goalies to expand from the middle sit style that looks ugly, plays ugly and is generally awful for the experience of the rest of the players.

# 11 Dalsanto0026 @ 07/12/16 12:32 PM
Hype Score: 10

Looking forward to better defensive ai from my teammates.


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