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Dec 15, 2014

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Dec 13, 2014


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Super Mega Baseball currently has an average Reader Score of 7/10.
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# 4 Kayxero @ 10/08/15 04:39 PM
Reader Score: 10

Dunno why this site lets trolls like CWS vote. If you dont like arcade games DONT PLAY THEM.

Super Mega Baseball is easily the best arcade baseball game Ive played in years. It reminds me of my days playing Baseball Stars on my MAME arcade emulator or Mario Superstar Baseball on GameCube. Both were great arcade type baseball games during their time period.

Sometimes you just need a casual baseball game, and Super Mega fits that perfectly. I used to be a hardcore baseball fan, but have fallen away from the game in recent years. While I dont have the time or interest to play sim baseball games often (like MLB the Show), arcade sports games still have their place.

Hitting and fielding feel good in this game. Pitching is great and you have so many pitch types at your disposal. Decent graphics too. However I do have a few gripes. The game needs a ball indicator in the field, and I wish there was more editing allowed for the teams.

Aside from that, its a great game. My real score is 8.5/10, but Im gonna rate it a full ten to counteract the troll voter at post #3

# 3 cws @ 12/20/14 10:49 PM
Reader Score: 2

Another STUPID arcade game! Enough is enough.

# 2 creator2700 @ 12/19/14 04:42 AM
Reader Score: 8

The idea and principle of this game is a 10/10. Currently, it feels lacking in the area of customization. Rosters should have been fully customizable off the bat, and customization should be able to be imported into season mode, for ALL teams, not only user teams. Down the road, uniform and even stadium customization would be cool features.

For now, focus on implementing full-customization that can be brought into season mode. With one good update, this game can be a 10/10, and certainly become an instant classic amongst arcade-style sports games.

# 1 tjspeaks @ 12/18/14 04:46 PM
Reader Score: 9

This game came out of left field and it's a hit! A blast to play.