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Re: WWE '13 Universe Mode Thread - How's Your's Going?

April Week 4

WWE Monday Night RAW


Due to this including a PPV, RAW will be a quick recap.

Razor Ramon d. Yokozuna to earn an Intercontinental Title shot.

Owen Hart w/ Bret Hart d. Shawn Michaels w/Marty Jannetty

Non Title Match, No interference allowed by the Corporation

The Brainbusters d. The Corporation

Randy Savage d. The Ultimate Warrior

Savage and Taker had a stare down post match.

WWE One Night Only – Manchester, England

The first match is for the newly created European Championship.

WWE European Championship

The British Bulldog vs. Lex Luger

The British superstar against the all American in this battle of powerhouses. Luger took the early lead by keeping Davey Boy grounded. By mid match however, with the crowd on his side, Davey fought back and landed an impressive gorilla press on Luger! He followed this up with the Running Powerslam and the 1..2..3 thus crowning himself the FIRST European Champion!

Tornado Tag No Disqualification

The Hart Foundation vs. The Rockers

As soon as the bell ring these guys were at each others throats. Owen was taking care of Marty Jannetty outside of the ring, while Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels did some absolutely brilliant things in the ring. These look like two future main eventers to me. Owen was incapacitated due to a swift chair shot to the head. This allowed Jannetty and Michaels to hit a double suplex on Bret through the Announce Table!! The Harts enjoyed a slight comeback from this situation but the Rockers speed and agility proved to be too much. Michaels picked up the pin on Owen after a top rope body splash.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Mr. Perfect © vs. Razor Ramon

These two men have known each other for a very long time and you could tell that very early on. The amount of move reversals was staggering as each man seemed to know what the other was going to do. Mr. Perfect relied heavily on his technical background while Razor relied on his power and agility. Perfect was able to counter the Razor’s Edge into a Perfect Plex for the win and remains Intercontinental Champion.

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Million $ Corporation © vs. The Brainbusters

Mr. Perfect was banned from ringside in this match assuring a fair fight. Arn Anderson had firm control over IRS for the first 5 minutes of this match. After some back and forth, IRS was able to tag in Dibiase. Tully Blanchard and Ted Dibiase put on a show of technical prowess not seen in some time. The Corporation seemed to have the upper when all of the sudden, Hulk Hogan’s Real American theme hit and the Hulkster began his march to the ring. The Brainbusters began to clap as the rule clearly stated that only Mr. Perfect was banned from ringside!! Hogan stood in the corner of the Brainbusters as the match continued. Dibiase and Anderson were tied up in the ring. IRS flew across the ring and knocked Tully Blanchard off of the apron and they began fighting on the outside. With the referee detained, Hulk Hogan got in the ring standing face to face with Dibiase when BOOM!!! HOGAN PUNCHED ARN ANDERSON. MASSIVE LEG DROP!!! Hogan exits the ring and the ref turns around for the 1…..2….3!!!!! This can’t be. Hulk Hogan has turned his back on the WWE fans and grabs a microphone. “Like Ted always says, Everybody’s got a price and his numbers match what the Hulkster is looking for. He wanted someone to go after the WWE Title…and that person is me!!”

WWE Championship

Macho Man Randy Savage © vs. The Undertaker

Macho was able to avoid an all out assault by the Undertaker thanks to his speed but ended up getting chokeslammed for his troubles. These two fought back and forth with 10 near falls!! In the end, the Macho Man was able to drop the elbow on the Deadman and retain his Championship. As he was celebrating, IRS, Ted Dibiase, and Mr. Perfect hit the ring and began to assault Randy Savage. The Undertaker got involved coming to the aid of Savage when Hulk Hogan hit him with a pipe from behind. The NEW Million Dollar Corporation stood over the beaten bodies of Savage and the Undertaker raising all of their gold in the air. Hulk Hogan lifted the WWE Championship above his head and told Savage he was coming for him.

Rumor Mill

Hogan Heel Turn? This must have been the MAJOR Storyline we reported on previously involving Hulk Hogan. After his very apparent heel turn at One Night Only, it would appear he is on a collision course with the Macho Man.

Vader Debuts. Vader made his WCW debut at a live event in North Carolina yesterday in a one on one match against Sting. Vader picked up the win and could be considered a top challenger for Ron Simmons’ WCW Championship.

Why the European Championship? It seems as if the WWE didn’t need another Championship in the mix and that the European Championship was created as a way to get Davey Boy Smith over with the crowd. From what I understand, the European Championship will only be defended overseas or as ordered by WWE Commissioner Vince McMahon. Davey Boy’s career has been in limbo since former Tag Team partner Wade Barrett left the company and they hope this will rise his stock as a singles competitor. Smith also recently married the sister of Bret and Owen Hart creating an interesting situation backstage I’m sure.
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Mode Thread - How's Your's Going?

2 Weeks till Money In the Bank
Stephanie McMahon music plays She enters the ring and says "first of all welcome all to another edition of raw is war! I am out here to say who will be facing Kane at MITB as I and I am sure others feel that he been out of control him and his brother as a matter of fact who currently hold the Tag title as well" she adds "it look like it is up to me to put a stop to them both so I have decided Kane will face Paul Wight at MITB! as for the Tag titles Bradshaw and Faarooq will face them!" The Rocks Music plays he says "did I just hear you right Stephanie? your giving Paul a free ticket when I have work my butt off for this damn company and you have the cheek to not say The Rock will face Kane at MITB" "hold it right there ROCK!" says Stephanie "you had better watch your mouth when talking to YOUR GM unless you want to lose your job? do you want to lose your job?" Mankinds music plays "whoa Rock Stephanie right that's no way to speak to a lady" he says approaching the ring "you think you deserve a shot more then me everyone knows I am the only man here able to take Kanes wrath and.." "shut the Hell up!" The Rock interrupts "mankind...mankind you are starting to piss me off and everyone know what happens to people who piss The Rock off they face The Rocks bottom now carry on walking if you want a beating!" Stephanie then says "both of you shut up right now!" she adds "I had enough of interruption tonight so..." Stone Cold music plays he walks towards the ring passing mankind who's still outside and says "Stephanie nobody here wants to hear this crap from any of you they want a fight and I want a spot at MITB so Stephanie you put me in a match with these two pencil necked SOB and let me stunner them both..." Bret Harts music plays he stands at the ramp and begins to talk before Stephanie says "ok thats it you all obviously have no respect for me so I decided for your mouth Rock you will face Mankind in a Extreme Rules match tonight and the winner will qualify for MITB!I was going to place you in the match for FREE but not anymore" "What...what...what you can't just do that" says Stone Cold "oh forgot you was here AUSTIN! sorry just shut that trap of yours and listen you also have a match against Bret Hart it will be a No DQ Fallcount anywhere match! also a qualifying match! now if you all don't mind I have better things to do let this be a lesson for you all for disrespecting me" they all have a intense stare down

After the break

Chainsaw Charlie and Undertaker vs Mike Tyson and Shane McMahon

Winners Chainsaw Charlie and Undertaker

No DQ match Qualifier for MITB
Stone Cold vs Bret Hart
Shawn Attacks both Stone Cold and Bret Hart in this match Sweet Chinning him just as Bret was going to win.

Winner Draw

Stephanie comes out saying "come on Shawn there was no need for that seeing as you so badly want to be involved in my employees matches next week all three of you will face each other in a triple threat and whoever gets pinned or submits will not got to the MITB the other two will! thanks" She then walks of backstage

Billy Gunn vs Paul Wight

Winner Paul Wight

Non Title Match
DDP vs (C) British Bulldog

The European champion backs out and lets Goldust replace him DDP is less then pleased.

DDP makes sort work of Golddust and wins after a Diamond Cutter.

Winner DDP

DDP Says "Davy Boy you can run for now I don't blame you but at MITB you won't be able to hide! you complain about the competition but when you get some you just run punk"

backstage Kane and Undertaker approaches Paul Wight and Kane just stares at Paul and Paul says "can I help you kane? you do know I am going to hurt you so bad at MITB" Kane attempts to attack paul but Undertaker stops him and then says "brother what have I told you about your temper I will deal with this Paul you are about to hear some bad news Kane has told me that he wants you in a Inferno Match!" "now if you have guts you will not decline the match Kane..." Kane then tries to Chokeslams Paul but then Bradshaw and Faarooq attack Undertaker and Kane with chairs and Paul just laughs at them both and says "Kane you want to face me in a inferno match? pfft I will beat you in any match don't need to prove anything to you!" and walks off. Bradshaw and Faroooq then continue their attack before being separated.

Extreme Rules Match Qualifier for MITB
The Rock vs Mankind

Great match was a 20 min match and brutal they almost ended each others careers The Rock scrapes a win after a Rock Bottom on Mankind on top of a ladder. The Rock also cheating before the match using brass Knuckles to cheap shot Mankind before the match started Mankind also resisted two Peoples Elbows.

Winner The Rock

The Rock says "guess whoooooos going to win MITB and become WWF Champion! The Rock! and one more thing IF Yaaaaaa Smeellllll what the rock is cooking!" he looks back at mankind before leaving nodding his head

After the Break

Vince is in the ring with the Corporation "ok I am one unhappy man to have to come out here and see that brute Kane still holding the WWF Championship but I am out here after he requested a match from Paul and Paul I think this will be great for business you beating Kane at his own game!" Paul says "hang on Vince..." Vince says "what wrong are you scared of Kane did you not say you can beat him in any match so this should not be a problem?" Stephanie says "dad think about this it would be great but is it worth risking Pauls career?" Paul says "what was that are you assuming I can't beat Kane in his own match?" Vince says "that's sorted then you will face him in a inferno Match for The WWF Championship at MITB and please watch your tone of voice around my daughter" Stephanie has a strange grin on her face saying "Paul you should know by now if I did not believe in you I would not of placed you in the match" and Vince looks like he is planning something Paul says "why would you do this Vince?" Vince says "because we believe in you because and you are the largest Athlete after all" Paul looks less then happy about this and what is the Corporation up to?
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Mode Thread - How's Your's Going?

As all universes start once you restart it there were no cutscenes or anything thoughout the first month leading to the extreme rules pay per view. its sad for the build up but I know it will get rolling soon and im excited as the computer still put together good title matches even though the rest of the card ignored any matches that happened in the lead up to it.i would post my matches from raw and smack down but with nothing really happening I will start that after the extreme rules pay per view. With that said here are the results from Extreme Rules

Match #1 Billy Gunn vs Owen Hart
Owen dominated the match ending it in about five minutes with a sharpshooter. He is building solid momentum so far not losing a match yet.

Match #2 Tag Team Titles
Money Inc. (c) vs The Nasty Boys
The nasty boys dominated IRS early in the match as Brian Knobbs hit his finisher on him but dibiase was able to break up the pin. IRS finally got out of the ring with a tag and dibiase got on a roll before making Jerry Saggs submit in a boston crab submission hold to retain the titles for Money Inc,

Match #3 Lex Luger and Bushwhacker Luke vs Ric Flair and Typhoon
2 faces verse 2 heels in a randomly paired tag match. Flair and typhoon beat up Luke early and typhoon speared him through the barricade when neither of them were the legal men. As that happened Luger put Flair in the torture rack and made Flair give up for a good guys victory.

Match #4 Intercontinental Championship Match
Razor Ramon (c) vs The Undertaker Extreme Rules
An all out was ensued in this match with chairs tables mops and guitars being used. Razor Ramon built up some early momentum abusing the undertaker with some chair shots. He went for the razors edge and undertaker reversed it and shortly hit a tombstone to get the 1-2-3 for the win and new IC champion.

Match #5 Yokozuna vs Mr. Perfect
A match that took place a few times earlier in the month with each superstar winning one, Early in the match Yokozuna used his size and strength to dominate Mr, Perfect. Perfect was using his quickness as the big man would be to heavy to try and lift. Once Perfect was able to get yokozuna down he attacked with submissions and ground attacks. Finally he landed a dropkick from the top rope and was able to pin yokozuna.

Match # 6 Bushwhacker Butch vs Bart Gunn vs Doink
An odd triple threat match placed deep in the card between three bottom dwellers in the rankings. It felt like Bart and Doink were both trying to destroy Butch as he got speared through a barricade and put through the table. Doink picked up the pinfall pinning butch in a pretty good match with a lot of near falls and break ups.

Match #7 World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules
Hulk Hogan (c) vs Macho Man Randy Savage
Randy Savage defeated Bret Hart in a number one contenders match on raw the week before with Hogan in his corner, now the two are facing off for the Title in an extreme Rules match. The early stages of this match were back and forth with neither pulling any momentum or weapons used. Then it all changed as Hogan took the advantage macho man escaped the ring and got a chair. As Hogan saw this he went out the other side of the ring for a chair of his own. Hogan the got DDT'd through the announce table by macho man. Macho also brought out a trash can as he continued to brutalize Hulk Hogan. Hogan got back in the ring and caught Macho with a big Power slam followed by a leg drop out of nowhere to win the match and retain his title.

All in all it was a solid pay per view and fun to watch, im excited to see where this universe is heading. Im also thinking about introducing a few more legends such as Ultimate warrior and sgt. slaughter but im not sure.
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Mode Thread - How's Your's Going?

Welcome to WresteMania 24, live from the Citrus Bowl in Florida.

Money In The Bank Match: Paul London vs. CM Punk vs. Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Chris Masters

WrestleMania kicked off with what usually turns out to be one of the most exciting matches of the year. This one did not disappoint, with plenty of exciting moments. Mr. Kennedy attacked Matt Hardy and CM Punk with a ladder, and attempted to get the briefcase, only to fall off the ladder. Kennedy powerbombed Matt Hardy off the ladder and then Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Kennedy. Gregory Helms hit a northern lights suplex on Punk onto a ladder. As Kennedy and Helms battled at the top of the ladder, Punk pushed the ladder down, sending Helms and Kennedy tumbling to the canvas.

CM Punk nearly got the briefcase, but Paul London tipped the ladder over. Two times throughout the match, CM Punk caught a spring-boarding Helms into a Go To Sleep. Paul London hit a tornado DDT onto Kennedy on a ladder, and then suplexed Chris Masters off the ladder. Later in the match, CM Punk and Matt Hardy were down and outside the ring, as was Mr. Kennedy. Chris Masters had Paul London in the Masterlock, and Gregory Helms drop-kicked them both out of the ring. Gregory Helms climbed the ladder to retrieve the brief-case, and win the Money In The Bank match. Helms has earned a title shot of his choice at any time, in the next year.

Money In The Bank Winner: Gregory Helms

WWE Tag Team Championship: Rekking Cryme vs. Shad and Elijah Burke

Reks and Shad started off, in a battle of power versus power. Burke tagged in and went back and forth with Reks. JTG tagged in, and went back and forth with Burke. Burke began to dominate JTG, hitting the Elijah Experience. Reks tagged in, and he double teamed Burke with JTG. JTG hit Da Shout Out on Burke, who kicked out. Reks tagged in again, as did Shad. Shad and Reks went back and forth until Shad hit Thugnificent on Reks for the win.

Shad and Elijah Burke win the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Raw vs. Smackdown Elimination Tag Team Match: Randy Orton and John Cena vs. Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler

In a battle of brand supremacy, Cena and Orton battled defector Jericho and his protege Ziggler. Former WWE Champion Cena and Jericho went back and forth to start. Ziggler tagged in, and then Jericho and Ziggler isolated/double teamed Cena. Orton tagged in, and temporarily dominated until Smackdown isolated Orton as well. Jericho tagged in, and wore down Orton. Randy Orton fought back, double spike-DDTing Team Smackdown.

Cena and Orton double teamed Ziggler, and then Jericho speared Cena through the barricade.Two FU's eliminated Jericho, and Orton made quick work of Ziggler, finishing him off with an RKO. After the match, as Cena celebrated, Orton dropped him with an RKO and walked away smirking.

Team Raw wins.

United States Championship: Ted Dibiase with Hardcore Holly vs. Cody Rhodes

In a great back and forth match, Ted Dibiase faced Cody Rhodes. Rhodes had the match with the Cross Rhodes, but Holly distracted him. Hardcore Holly was ejected from ringside, but with the referee distracted, Dibiase hit a low blow on Rhodes and a Dream Street for the win.

Ted Dibiase retains United States Championship.

Intercontinental Championship: Ric Flair (c) vs. Shawn Michaels; Flair's Career On The Line


Shawn Michaels wins Intercontinental Championship; Ric Flair retires

World Tag Team Championship: Mercury and Nitro (c) vs. World's Greatest Tag Team (If WGTT loses, they must disband)

In a phenomenal tag team match, MNM defended their tag team championship against the World's Greatest Tag Team.The match was extremely back and forth; Benjamin hit a Paydirt in mid-air on Mercury. Then, Nitro thumbed Haas in the eye, and hit the Moonlight Drive for the win. After the match, Haas and Benjamin hugged, as they were forced to disband. Mercury and Nitro just might be the World's Greatest Tag Team.

Mercury and Nitro retain World Tag Team Championship; World's Greatest Tag Team must disband.

Fatal Four Way for the World Heavyweight Championship: Big Show (c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Edge vs. JBL

With all the odds stacked against him, Big Show defended his World Heavyweight Championship against three men. For most of the match, JBL fought Big Show and Edge fought Rey. Rey DDT'ed Edge through the announce table in a hardcore moment. Then, Edge kicked out of the 619. Big Show speared JBL through the barricade, temporarily making the match a triple threat match. Rey hit his comeback sequence on Edge, who then reversed a chokeslam. JBL and Mysterio fought on the outside as Big Show hit his comeback on Edge. JBL brutalized Mysterio with the steel stairs as Big Show hit the chokeslam on Edge. Big Show pinned Edge to win the match.

Big Show retains the World Heavyweight Championship

Triple Threat Match For the WWE Championship: Kane (c) vs. Undertaker vs Royal Rumble Winner Triple H

This was was one hundred percent back and forth between all three men. The Brothers of Destruction double-chokeslammed Triple H. Undertaker hit the Tombstone on Kane, but Triple H broke up the pin. Undertaker kicked out of a Pedigree, and Triple H kicked out of a Kane chokeslam. In a breathtaking moment, the 300 pound Undertaker flew over the top rope and took out both men outside the ring. Later in the match, Triple H attacked both of his opponents with a sledgehammer. Kane chokeslammed Triple H, who rolled out of the ring. A series of Tombstone reversals between Kane and Undertaker ended in The Deadman hitting the Tombstone on Kane. Undertaker pinned Kane to win the WWE Championship. The move that won Kane the championship, the Tombstone, would be the move to cost him the championship.

Undertaker wins the WWE Championship; 16-0 at WrestleMania

Tomorrow on Raw: The WWE Draft! "It's time to shake things up again."
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Mode Thread - How's Your's Going?

2 weeks till MITB
CM Punks music plays he enters the ring and says "Well...well what can your WWE Champion says last week I had to teach that dwarf a lesson he must learn don't mess with the Best IN THE WORLD!" he continues saying "Danial Bryan is so deluded he actually thinks he has a chance against me shame he not here so I could embarrass him some more I do not care who is in MITB I will beat anyone who i face this title is mine and that's that" Sheamus Music plays he says "hey there fella I was just hearing someone trash talking Daniel Bryan who for one everyone knows how much I hate him nearly as much as YOU!" "say that again Sheamus I did not call you out here so why are you in MY ring get the hell out you think people care about your title don't make me laugh your pathetic just like Danial Bryan" "EXCUSE! ME....I Said Excuse ME! it Vicki she comes out screeching Excuse me as usual before saying "CM Punk... Sheamus I am glad your both out here having a chat as tonight it will be CM Punk vs Sheamus in a Champion vs Champion Match!" CM PUNK and and Sheamus just stare each other out

Jey USO vs Tensai

Winner Jey USO

Jey says after "Jimmy this is going to be you in a weeks time! I am going to make you pay for backstabbing me" Jimmy USO Music Plays but he comes running from behind Jey to Samoa Drop him but is reversed and then Jey does it to Jimmey. He then laughs at him before leaving saying "your never going to beat me"

after the break Vikki is in the ring and says "I have made my final decision for who will be in the MITB match next week and I promise next week I will reveal the people and i won't disappoint" Damien Sandows music plays"SILINCE" he says as he walks to the ring and says "So Vikki that must means your picking me! Damien Sandow!" Vikki says "excuse me! I am glad your out here because tonight you will be in a match with Randy Ortan!" "haha don't make me laugh Vicky him? are you serious?" replies Damien Vikki says "let me finish your match starts now!"

Damien Sandow vs Randy Ortan
They fight well and after 5mins Brock interferes ruining the match by F-5ing Randy Ortan Sandow glady pick up the Cheap win over Ortan

Winner Damien Sandow

Then Brock creeps back in the ring and F-5s Damien Sandow from behind before saying "I warned you Ortan and as for you Damien should not of butted in I won't let anyone go to that match without me being there I beat The WWE Champion! I only deserve to be there"

R-Truth vs Epico
R-Truth win after a lie Detector

Winner R-Truth

Christian vs The Mitz
The Mitz attacks Christian from behinds before the match has started and it pays off he wins after a 10min brawl and doing 2 Skull Crushing Finales.

Winner The Mitz

The Mitz says after "Sheamus I hope your watching this and that goes for you two CODY! see you both in a week!" he then walks off.

Champion vs Champion match
(C)CM Punk vs (C)Sheamus
Was one of the best matches lasted over 20mins both Champions proved why they was Champions by putting up a great show. Went back and forth alot Punk seemed desperate to pin Sheamus. Sheamus got two close calls after two Brogue Kicks but Punk would not stay down. CM Punk showed of his speed Sheamus his strength. Punk resorted to Elbow Dropping Sheamus through a Announcer table. Sheamus still would not stay down an then Speared CM Punk through a barricade. CM Punk seemed to be getting mad and then tried to make Sheamus submit to a Anaconda Device no prevail. The match finally came to a close when CM Punk did a highflying clothline to finally put Sheamus down.

Winner (C)CM Punk

Daniel Bryan then comes out making gestures at CM Punk clapping before saying "Oh Well done CM Punk you won! shame you never got to make him tap out like I did two weeks ago remember I made him tap unlike you and you only have one more week of being WWE Champion after I make your bloodied body tap out at MITB" CM Punk whos worn out from his match says "You... come over ... here and say that you Goatfaced punk!" Daniel then says "hmm... let me think as you asked so nicely OK!" starts running in the ring and they fight once again Daniel tries to make CM Punk tap to a No Lock but CM Punk swiftly exits after a reversal just looking at Daniel Bryan who taunting him in the ring to come back in. CM Punk just smiles while staggering backstage saying "BEST IN THE WORLD! you will never make me tap out you SOB!"
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Mode Thread - How's Your's Going?

Money In the Bank This Sunday

Bradshaw and Faarooq are in the ring Bradshaw says "so we are here to ask Vince to make our tag match official at MITB we are the only team capable of beating The Brothers of destruction everyone knows it and want us to be there so Vince come on out here" Vince McMahons Music plays he enters the ring with the rest of the Corporation and says "first of all Bradshaw, Faarooq I have some good news you are a great tag team and probably could beat the Brothers of destruction" The Acolytes nod "BUT!" Vince says "I feel probably is not enough so I decided this moment of time you guys can take a weeks rest as you worked so hard and let the Corporation deal with Undertaker and Kane already we know Paul will be beating Kane at his own game" Vince says this smiling "or at least he better! I have decided that tonight there will be a Handi-cap match with my team of Shane, Ken and Bossman vs The Brothers of destruction as a warm up for when Ken and Bossman challenge Sunday like I said take it easy for the week you deserve a rest" Bradshaw says "what the hell Vince you can't just do that Ken and Bossman have not even earned a shot!" Vince says "I think you had better watch what you say it either you take a break or be FIRED! your choice now kindly leave this arena a be ready for work Monday thanks run along now" Bradshaw and Faarooq reluctantly leave while the fans boo then the lights go out and flames surround the arena the corporation know who this is it is Kane and Undertaker and Undertaker says "Vince you are sacrificing your own men to us why would you force Paul to face Kane in a inferno match not that Kane is complaining and now make another two of your men face us?" Vince says "because I know Paul will win as well as Ken and Bossman and if I was you I would not step one foot further on the ramp!" Kane starts to walk but Undertaker stops him "brother save it for tonight! will shall bury them early now Vince Rest... in...peace then lighting shows and the lights go out again and when back on The Brothers of Destruction are gone. Vince then looks at Paul and says "you know if you don't win this match you will of proven your no use to the Corporation?" Paul says "don't worry Vince I won't let you down" he looks very suspicious of Vince's motives while saying this and Vince says "oh forgot Paul you have a match too against Billy Gunn which starts now"

After the Break

Billy Gunn vs Paul Wight
This match plays out ok till all of a sudden mid match the WWF Champion Kane music plays distracting Paul and Billy school boys Paul for a shock win

Winner Billy Gunn

Billy then gets attacked by Paul and Paul says after Chokeslamming him "Kane this will be you! Sunday all i want is that title then I have another problem to deal with"

Non Title Match
(C) British Bulldog vs DDP

Will Davey Boy actually fight his challenger this time as last week he avoided DDP.
This time he does must of been the harsh words DDP said last week he comes out saying "DDP before you come out here you really think I am scared of you? Pfft I actually just wanted to see if you could beat my previous persistent loser and you did well done guess you might be the challenge I need or not... but it does not matter your still below my level I cannot be bothered to face you but i am being forced to..."

DDP comes out saying "Davey you and me may not be fighting for the title right now but i promise I will beat you here and now!" he runs into the ring and the fight starts.

The match lasted 10mins and DDP wins after Bulldog says "I am done with this it boring" and leaves the ring and disappears backstage. DDP wins by count out.

Winner DDP

DDP says "well Davy Boy looks like you are going to lose Sunday! as you seem to be afraid of me thanks for the win but Sunday so you can't escape me and you in a falls count anywhere match for The European Championship!" Stephanie then comes out and says "hmm DDP that's a good idea can't have champions who are avoiding fights so yeah it will be a Falls count anywhere match DDP vs Bulldog Sunday!"

Tag on Trio Match
The Corporation Shane, Ken and Bossman vs (C)(C)The Brothers of Destruction

Undertaker Controlled the match and looked to not let Kane in the ring or maybe he did not trust him enougth. After Kane shoves Undertaker out of way illegally and choakslammed Shane then knocked out both Ken and Bossman Undertaker just finishes the match looking upset about the shove Kane gave him he wraps up the 15min match with a leg drop followed by a tombstone to Shane.

Winners (C)(C)The Brothers of Destruction

The Corporation then start attacking Undertaker and Kane but Undertaker and Kane Both choakslam Ken and Bossman and Shane is still knocked out from the tombstone. The something strange happens Kane gives Undertaker a funny look and Undertaker stares him dead in the face and says "Kane you had better not lose control Sunday... and the next time you shove me it be your last time you do it! remember who made you WWF Champion in fact remember if it was not for me you would be nothing!" Undertaker then exits the ring looking back at Kane.

Looks like there is a little rift between these two men we already seen this at their last title defense last month can they keep in together?

Mankind vs The Rock
These two men have been at logger heads with each other for over a month after The Rock beat Mankind eliminating from The MITB match and qaulifying mankind after some revenge.
he attacks The Rock while he making his entrance and later wins after throwing The Rock into some steps but The Rock just Chair shots Mankind and gets DQed.

Winner By DQ Mankind

The Rock continues his attack on Mankind with a chair and says "Bret Hart...Shawn... Stone cold.. look right here it Doesn't matter which two of you are going in this match! The only winner will be The Great One THE ROCK now if you... smeeellllll what The Rock is cooking take a look at good old Mick here you all going to face the Peoples Bottom Sunday when the Rock wins the case and takes that title from that out of control SOB Kane or That Giant slob Paul Wight!"

Bulldog is speaking with Bret Hart "Hey Bret how it going, so I know you go a important match to go to just want to wish you luck can you believe what the Corporation are doing?" Bret says "Davey you kind of brought it on your self never thought of you as a coward anyway I need to win my match so I get to compete in the MITB match Sunday!" Bulldog says "Bret just for your information I not a coward! it just I am bored of nobody being a challenge for me! anyway I will proved how much of a non coward I am Sunday!" he then walks off Bret just continues walking to the ring nodding his head.

Triple Threat loser eliminated from the MITB match the other two Qualify for MITB
Stone Cold vs Bret Hart vs Shawn Micheals

Was a good 20 min match all men knew what was at stake nobody wanted to be pinned. They all just wanted to hurt each other. Although Bret and Shawn seemed very focused on each other most of the match. Stone Cold seemed to be focused on Shawn too maybe took a dislike to his interference last week. Then after while it looked like Shawn and Bret Hart was teaming up till that idea was cut short after Shawn Tried to pin Bret with a school boy. Austin almost got pinned b Bret on many occasions but Shawn keeps breaking it looks like he is intent on getting Bret eliminated but he fails after Bret throws Shawn out of the ring and then piledrives Austin to win.

Winner Bret Hart and eliminated from MITB Stone Cold Steve Austin

Shawn then Sweet chins Bret in the face from behind before leaving the ring with a smile on his face.
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Re: WWE '13 Universe Mode Thread - How's Your's Going?

2 weeks till MITB

Daniel Bryan music plays he starts by saying "hmm... I am baffled about something The WWE Champion seems to think I can't make him tap out this is crazy because I swear he ran like a little coward last week after giving me a invitation to come fight him is this what a Champion does? wonder where this bad excuse for a champion is hiding now all I can say is stay hidden PUNK! The Second Best in THE WORLD! because the next time I see you my NO Lock will be making you tap!" Sheamus Music plays he says "for god sakes I am sick of you both coming here week after week pouting nonsense and just being a pair of bitches" "wait" says Daniel Bryan "you call me a bitch was it not you who tapped like one 3 weeks ago" he shows the reply of it happening and then says "also should you not be concentrating on your own match not mine and CM Punks business? unless you want me to make you tap out again tonight!" Sheamus then tries to Brogue Kicks Daniel Bryan who dodges and exits the ring and says "Fella you can try because tonight it going to be a rematch and don't worry about me Cody and the Mitz can wait for now!" Daniel just looks at Sheamus laughing.

After the break

Jimmy vs Jey Uso
Jey and Jimmy come to blows with just a week before their Street Fight Match and it a brutal one Jimmy wins after exposing a turnbuckle and launching Jey into it then superkicking him and following with a schoolboy. Looked like Jimmy was trying to count out Jey on many occasions and just as Jey enters he seizes the moment to super kick him.

Winner Jimmy USO

Jimmey swiftly exits the ring and says "Jey USO... your no longer my brother I am done with you and Sunday I am going to end your Career and show you I am the stronger brother and I carried you" Jey angry about his lost just taunts Jimmy to come back in but Jimmy just laughs at him walking backstage.

Tag Team Match #1 contender Match
Team SOS vs Epico and Primo

Good match lasted 10 mins and was finished after a variety of highflying moves Kofi finally tags in R-truth who does a Lie Detector on Primo to win.

Winners a new #1 Contenders Team SOS

Backstage Sheamus is getting ready for his match later and Cody Rhodes bumps into him "well... well... look who it is The World Heavyweight Champion why is it you seemed more focused on Goatface Bryan then me? you do know after Sunday it will be Cody Rhodes the New World Heavyweight Champion!" "Eh Em" The Mitz appears behind Cody "I think I misheard you I think you mean The Mitz will be the New World Heavyweight Champion!" "how about this?" Sheamus says "you both get out of my face and Sunday I Brouge kick you both in the face and retain my World Heavyweight Championship!" he adds "or how about you both stand there and get a Brogue Kick right now?" Then Cody and The Mitz try to attack Sheamus but Christian then helps him and Sheamus tries to Brogue Kick Cody and The Mitz but both avoid Sheamus and run off and Christian says "see you tonight Mitz you punk" Sheamus just says "Christian guess I should thank you but I won't I know you only wanted to get your hands on the Mitz now I won't Brogue Kick you this one time because of you help anyway I have things to do see ya fella" he then walks off Christian then looks baffled at Sheamus weird reaction to his help and says "what the hell? am I supposed to take that as thanks... it only a matter of time before I get my shot anyway..." he then leaves.

After the Break Vicky is in the ring and says excuse me as usual... and then says "I have some very important news the time has come for my final decision for the 3 men picked for the MITB Ladder Match" She adds "it been hard for me but I have talked with Vince and he agrees that first of all Randy Ortan will be first choice and we have decided to give a underdog a chance to prove himself Damine Sandow!and..." Damien Sandows Music plays he says "SILENCE! you inbred morons... Vicky tell me you did not just say I am a Underdog I am thankful you chose me to be in the match but never ever say I am a underdog..." Randy Ortans music plays he walk towards the ring and says "Damien just shut it will you your just all mouth now Vicky I am glad you saw sense putting me there but who is this third man?" Vicky the says "I have chosen.." but she is interrupted again by Brock Lesnars Music He starts walking to the ring and says "Vicky you think carefully about this because right now I could injure these two punks so they don't make it to the the match" "whos a punk?" says Randy and Sandow as all three square up to each other then Vicky notices a fight is about to start and says while exiting the ring "before you three fight there need to be a referee and also BROCK Lesnar as you so badly want to be in this Match you will face Randy and Damien Sandow right now in a Handicap match! should you win you will be granted a spot in MITB you do not deserve a easy way in!" Then Randy and Damien attack Brock and a ref runs in to start the match

Handicap Match Tornado Tag (if Brock wins he get to go to MITB)
Damien Sandow and Randy Ortan vs Brock Lesnar
Brock looked to be outnumbered but after resisting a lot of attacks from the opposition he wins after F-5ing both men and pinning Damien Sandow

Winner and Qualified for MITB Brock Lesnar

Brock exits the ring smiling saying "Vicky guess you little plan did not work!" Randy and Sandow are just lying there knocked out.

Christian vs The Mitz
From earlier there no love lost here and Christian seems to dominate The Mitz till The Mitz Skull Crushing Finale Christian to win.

Winner The Mitz

The Mitz continues attacking Christian after the match and says "look at this Sheamus this is going to be you and Cody Sunday! and that's a fact!" he goes to walk off but Cody comes from behind The Mitz and Cross Rhodes him saying "Your sure about that Mitz" while smiling

Non title match
Daniel Bryan vs (C)Sheamus
was a good 15 min match Daniel seems on a mission to make Sheamus tap but after a while resorts to a elbow drop pin to pin him 1 2 3.

Winner Daniel Bryan

CM Punks music plays he comes out saying "Daniel... Daniel you never learn do you, did you really think I was not going to show up tonight and let you steal my lime light? Daniel back out of this match this is your last chance before I humiliate you! I am The..." "NO! NO! and NO!" says Bryan "you are the SECOND best never The Best and never will be you arrogant piece of trash!" CM Punk looks pissed of with what Bryan says and says "You call me arrogant! look at you disrespecting me! The WWE Champion! believe me Bryan I would come down there but I rather end you Sunday one more thing YES! YES! YES! I am The BEST in the world! Best in The WORLD! get it in your thick skull!" Daniel then chants "NO! NO! NO!" all day while CM Punk is teasing
by responding with Yes! Yes! Yes! BEST in The world!"

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Re: WWE '13 Universe Mode Thread - How's Your's Going?

Money in The Bank Schedule

Money in The Bank Ladder Match
The Rock vs Shawn Micheals vs Bret Hart vs Randy Ortan vs Brock Lesnar vs Damien Sandow

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat

(C)Sheamus vs The Mitz vs Cody Rhodes

World Tag Team Championship
(C)Brother of Destruction vs The Corporation w/ Shane Mcmahon

One on One Street Fight Match
Jimmy vs Jey USO

European Championship
Falls Count anywhere Match

(C) British Bulldog vs DDP

WWE Championship
Submission Match

(C)CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan

Undisputed Championship
Inferno Match

(C)Kane vs Paul Wight

Post results later

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Re: WWE '13 Universe Mode Thread - How's Your's Going?

I'm in year 3 of my universe, run 2 shows and am heading into Summerslam '14. I run with current rosters mixed with NXT stars, part timers, and ex WWE stars with no divas.

Here's a summary of what happened in my 2014 so far:

- TLC '13 -Brock Lesnar ended Daniel Bryan's 29 week Undisputed WWE Championship reign.
- TLC '13 - Bray Wyatt ends Rob Van Dam's 3 month IC title reign.
- Royal Rumble - The Rock returns from an injury suffered at the hands of Lesnar and wins the Rumble.
- Royal Rumble - Dolph Ziggler ends Antonio Cesaro's 5 month WHC title reign.
- Elimination Chamber - Seth Rollins wins the US Title in a Championship Scramble match by pinning Kassius Ohno, ending Dean Ambrose's 4 month reign.
- Elimination Chamber - British Invasion (Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey) defeat The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) to unify the WWE Tag Team Championships and World Tag Team Championships.
- Road to Wrestlemania - The Shield officially break up with Dean Ambrose turning on Seth Rollins.
- Road to Wrestlemania - Drew McIntyre, Cesaro and Kassius Ohno join forces to injure Chris Jericho, leaving him out for months.
- Road to Wrestlemania - Drew McIntyre becomes #1 contender for WHC and challenges Ziggler at WMXXX after Orton screws CM Punk in the #1 Contender match. (Dolph and McIntyre spent the last half of 2013 as a upper mid-card tag team and spent most of their time screwing Cody Rhodes out of WHC match opportunities until McIntyre eventually turned on Ziggler.
- Road to Wrestlemania - HBK returns and turns heel, attacking Daniel Bryan.
- Road to Wrestlemania - Brothers of Destruction seemingly return only for the Undertaker to turn on Kane setting up their third and final WM encounter.
- Wrestlemania XXX - Drew McIntyre defeats Ziggler for the WHC after irish whipping him into the bare turnbuckle into the Futureshock DDT.
- Wrestlemania XXX - The Rock finally defeats Brock Lesnar for the Undisputed Championship after going 0-2 against him in 2013 and 0-3 lifetime.
- Wrestlemania XXX - Undertaker defeats Kane in a Hell in a Cell match to go 22-0, only for both men to retire after.
- Wrestlemania XXX - Daniel Bryan defeats HBK in a teacher vs. student grudge match.
- Wrestlemania XXX - CM Punk defeats Randy Orton in a steel cage match.
- Post WM Raw/Smackdown - Randy Orton, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, Del Rio drafted to RAW.
- Post WM Raw/Smackdown - Sheamus, Barrett, Ryback, RVD are drafted and Sami Zayn debuts on Smackdown.
- Extreme Rules - Daniel Bryan defeats Triple H in an extreme rules match.
- Extreme Rules - Curtis Axel defeats Corey Graves and Bray Wyatt in a Triple Threat match to win the IC Title.
- Extreme Rules - The Rock defeats Brock Lesnar in an extreme rules match in a blow off match to end their rivalry for now.
- Over The Limit - The Kings of Wrestling (Cesaro & Ohno) defeat the British Invasion for the Unified WWE Tag Titles.
- Over The Limit - The Rock defeats Triple H in a one on one singles match for the Undisputed Title.
- Over The Limit - Drew McIntyre defeats Sheamus to retain the WHC after Wade Barrett runs in and attacks Sheamus while the ref is down.
- Capital Punishment - Randy Orton defeats The Rock for the Undisputed Title after an RKO and a punt, putting The Rock out.
- Capital Punishment - Bryan defeats ADR in a submission match after a month long rivalry.
- July - Wade Barrett, Adrian Neville, and Oliver Grey form the stable known as 'The Order' after jumping Sheamus.
- July - Leo Kruger debuts on Raw.
- July - CM Punk and Rey Mysterio feud over the #1 contender spot.
- July - Ryback, RVD, Dean Ambrose and John Morrison feud over #1 contender spot for US Title.
- July - Ziggler and Drew McIntyre reignite their feud after McIntyre assaults Ziggler with the WHC after a match.
- Money In The Bank - Cody Rhodes defeat Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, RVD, Del Rio, and John Morrison to become the new Mr. Money in the Bank.
- Money In The Bank - Corey Graves defeats Curtis Axel to take the IC Title.
- Money In The Bank - Drew McIntyre defeats Ziggler to retain the WHC in a bloody steel cage match.
- Money In The Bank - Orton defeats CM Punk with an RKO to retain the Undisputed Title.
- August - Brock Lesnar returns, attacks Rey Mysterio before a match with Orton and F5's Orton through a table.
- August - Chris Jericho returns to Smackdown and attacks Drew McIntyre for putting him out.
- August - Cody Rhodes injures Curtis Axel and puts him on the shelf indefinitely.
- August - Brock Lesnar interferes in a match between CM Punk and Randy Orton on Raw to set up a Fatal 4-Way at Summer Slam.
- August - Fandango defeats the Miz in a #1 contender match for the IC Title.
- August - John Morrison defeats Damien Sandow and Sami Zayn to become #1 contender for the US Title.
- August - Dean Ambrose, RVD and Ryback are engaged in a heated feud.
- August - Sheamus attempts to get his hands on Barrett but is attacked by the re-debuting Mason Ryan, who then joins The Order.

This all leads up to my Summer Slam 2014 card!

Intercontinental Title Match
Corey Graves (C) vs. Fandango

US Title Match
Seth Rollins (C) vs. John Morrison

Steel Cage Match
Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

Triple Threat Extreme Rules
Dean Ambrose vs. RVD vs. Ryback

Tag Team Championship
Kings of Wrestling (C) vs. The Wyatt Family

World Heavyweight Championship
Drew McIntyre (C) vs. Chris Jericho

Undisputed Championship Fatal 4-Way
Randy Orton (C) vs. Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Hope the post wasn't too long, just wanted to get you guys caught up before I posted my actual Summer Slam card!

EDIT: And for those 1 or 2 people wondering where John Cena is, he was Tombstoned 2 times on the stage during a Falls Count Anywhere match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 and never seen again.

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Re: WWE '13 Universe Mode Thread - How's Your's Going?

I have my 1993 universe heading into its second pay per view since WrestleMania and it will be Over the Limit. In the past month a few feuds have been brewing such as Tatanka and ted dibiase although dibiase is half of the tag team champions so either he wont face tatanka or the tag titles wont be defended. Also Bam Bam Bigelow and Hacksaw Jim Duggan have had their run ins. Bam Bam won a match and began attacking his opponent the big boss man and hacksaw came down for the rescue. Also Macho man defeated Bret hart in the first month to earn a shot at hulk Hogan for the title which Hulk Hogan defended successfully. This month the same two were fighting for that title shot with Macho man earning a victory in the number one contenders match. Although in the last smack down before the pay per view Hogan, Hart and Savage were in a triple threat falls count anywhere match in which Hogan was able to get the victory.
Heres the card for the Over The Limit Pay-Per View
#1Lex Luger & Bushwhacker Luke vs Papa Shango and Adam Bomb
As odd as this match sounds Luger and Luke have teamed up 4 times over the last two months, could there be trouble with the Bushwhackers?
#2 Mr. Perfect vs Earthquake (CPU scheduling, never faced eachother)
#3 Tatanka vs Doink ( Same thing)
#4 Bushwhacker Butch vs Bart Gunn vs Typhoon
Members of the other three tag teams that are not in the tag title match battling to possibly see who gets the next shot at the tag titles.
#5 (C) Money Inc. Vs The Nasty Boys Tag Team Title Match
The Nasty boys came up short at the Extreme Rules pay per view and have another shot at capturing the gold against Money Inc
#6 (C) Undertaker vs Bret Hart 20 minute Iron man match Intercontinental title. Brets persistent chase at gold landed him in the intercontinental title match against the undertaker.
#7 (C) Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man Randy Savage I Quit Match for the WWF World Heavyweight Title. After a great match at Extreme Rules Main Event for the title, the two allies will do battle one more time for the Title if Macho Man loses he can not challenge Hulk Hogan again for the title during this current title reign.

ps I also have to say this universe is 38 superstars and only one (bret Hart) is from the game the rest are CAWs and ive gotten so many cutscenes in these short two months compared to normal. I work in the morning so this pay per view will get played tomorrow after it.
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