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Re: NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Review (360/PS3)

Originally Posted by MMChrisS
To follow on the score point -- most people consider a 7 or 7.5 to be average for a game. In our full 10 point scale, a 5.0 is probably more equivalent to what many are used to being a 7.
I getcha, Chris and VBishop, and everyone has their own opinion. VBishop felt 5.5 fit.

Taken from the OS scoring linked above:

5.0 - 5.5 (Average) -- This is the quintessential average game. There are good spots, there are bad spots. You might love this game, then you might hate it. In the end, you'll just feel like it could have been so much more. Rent these for sure if you are a fan, and you might even buy the game if you can overlook the many flaws.

6.0 - 6.5 (Above Average) -- These games are definitely above average, but definitely not good yet. There are still some big flaws that need tuning, but overall these games can be quite fun for fans of the sport.

7.0 - 7.5 (Good) -- These games are pretty good, and while having several notable flaws, they generally play well and are quite fun. They definitely are not great yet, but with a few fixes they could get there. These are solid buys, especially if you like the sport.

For me, I think if I were writing this up for OS, I'd go 6.5 based on this scale and the descriptions. Fun but still some big flaws that need tuning.

I do agree with VBishop on one point on releasing games as complete. Eutechnyx took a pretty good amount of time on this one and it should have come out of the chute better than it did from a MP point of view. I question whether their testing methods for online play are sufficient, or whether they just have that much of an issue coding online multiplayer.

Now, this next cycle they are taking basically two years to release the next NASCAR game. If the pin hasn't popped when that one comes out of the oven, I won't be kind.


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Re: NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Review (360/PS3)

I would give it a 6.5 currently, if patch fixes key issues it could easily move up to a 8.0+
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The day that they incorporate the Nationwide and Truck series I will buy their game. Last years dissapointed me too much for me to buy this one. EA had a good game in NASCAR 07 and if the Inside Line team can get back to that kind of career mode they will be able to pull in a lot of us die hard fans. Until then I will continue to play NASCAR 07 on my PS2.
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I wish they would do an all-encompasing racing game. A lot of NASCAR drivers started drving quarter midgets, midgets, sprints & then moved to NASCAR. I wish they could have a career mode where you start racing midgets, or sprints & work your wway through the standings in hopes of getting picked up as a driver for a NASCAR franchise. That would be cool, because you would have the open-wheel dirt & pavement racing combined with the NASCAR racing all in one game.
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Re: NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Review (360/PS3)

I really had no issue with what was said in the review just the score doesn't really reflect the positives of the game more the negatives which is mainly the multiplayer. That's what I like about OS we can have friendly debates no matter who's right or wrong. Always enjoy the articles that are written.
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Re: NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Review (360/PS3)

I can only imagine the possibilities if this game were on PC and made modable!
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Funny enough I played this on a lowly 1MB connection and multiplayer didn't seem to be an issue (I was able to get into lobbies and even won a few tracks).

What does bother me is the multiplayer setup (you are put into lobbies where people are already on their 5th lap and there's no option to even view the racer rather just sit and wait for laps on end).

Shame really, 2012 and we had better Nascar games last generation.
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Re: NASCAR The Game: Inside Line Review (360/PS3)

Originally Posted by RUFFNREADY
This is a good game; and the review gives this game no justice. yes, the MP is terrible; but the devs are working on a patch that could hopefully fix those problems. As for the cpu/AI being overly aggressive is an understatement. lol
checkout what i mean:

And i don't drive on easy!
No offense here but:

I see nothing in that video that shows the A.I. being overly aggressive. There were two wrecks, both were your fault. The first you came down into the A.I.'s line and hit his front with your rear quarter panel, hence you spun out, just as you would in real life. The second looked to be an attempt at a bump draft but you hit the A.I. to hard and only hit the right side of the rear bumper, causing him to spin out. User error both times.

Also I'd recommend trying a different view, you seem to be a bit squirrely with the car at times. I can't drive at all while looking at the car. I use the in car views or the hood view, and have great results racing close with the A.I. with no accidents. I find the A.I. in this game to be some of the best I've played against in years.
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The video above gives me the impression the creator was driving with a controller, not a racing wheel.
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Anybody know the last NASCAR game where you can race for the cup series in multiplayer mode???
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