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NHL 2K9 Developer Diary #2 - Abe Navarro, Gameplay Producer

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NHL 2K9 Developer Diary #2 - Abe Navarro, Gameplay Producer

This week's NHL 2K9 Developer Diary focuses on the gameplay as gameplay producer Abe Navarro checks in with us today. Be sure to check out his entry into the NHL 2K9 Developer Diary and then hop on over to the NHL 2K9 Screenshot Page for 30 brand new screenshots to take in!

"Hey everyone, itís Abe Navarro. Some if you may know me from our past football titles, but what you may not know is that one of my first assignments here at Visual Concepts was as assistant producer on the original NHL 2K series for the Dreamcast. So this has been sort of a homecoming for me."

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Abe, why didn't you put 2K8s Pro Stick in the game as an additional option? I can understand, that a simpler control scheme was necessary, but why getting rid of the old completely? I'm one of the few who spend more than 5 mins. learning the controls (a rare exception these days, I guess) and really enjoyed the level of control it gave.
Don't get me wrong, I checked the demo and 2K9 seems to be a really great game; there is so much that has improved and the Pro Evo Stick is also fast to get used to, but I'd like to have the option to use 2K8s.
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I just wish that in pretty much caving in to the community and adapting EA's skill stick they would have gone all out animation and control wise, as is current in the demo build the stick work still feels very canned and it doesn't give the feeling of control like EA's game. Don't get me wrong I think the title is finally moving in the right direction but I would have liked to see a more full on adaption, toe drags and subtle stick moves and all rather than what Pro Evo seems to be offering.
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