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2K Servers/Xbox Live/internet connection

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Arrow 2K Servers/Xbox Live/internet connection

In the 2 years that I've had my Xbox 360 (slim) and my xbox live account I've never (really never) had any troubles with my internet connection. There is always a connection, I just have to check my laptop if necessary.

What I'm noticing with NBA 2K13 is that often 1. I can't get/make a connection with the 2K servers 2. my Xbox Live account logs off because it couldn't make the connection with the server (this always happens after #1).

Is this my fault? I'm positive it isn't or couldn't be. I've played over 100 hours of BF3 and I've never lost my connection or did I experience lag or did my xbox live account sign out.

Why is this? What is this? It's frustrating to say the least, I'm glad I'm not playing MyCareer right now but knowing the servers are so messed up I'm actually scared to use my VC on a player knowing the risk exists that it could go offline and all my hard work is for nothing.

2K has to fix their servers and the VC system inside this game.

Please don't lock it because it doesn't need to be in 1 thread where no one notices it. This has to be addressed and talked about.

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I had coach mode on for 60 minutes, won the game and I press quit and I got nothing.

-> not logged on to xbox live

I log in again, 15 mins later I decide to play Blacktop:

-> didn't get any VC -> not logged on to xbox live

I just restarted my xbox since I couldn't log in and what do I get at the start: "Unable to connect to 2K Sports Server. Changes made to your MyPlayer will not be saved".

Come on 2K? what the hell is going on...
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Re: 2K Servers/Xbox Live/internet connection

I totally agree with the OP. I have had so many problems with 2k servers here in Chicago and I never, never have problems online.
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