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NBA 2K13 Developer Insight - Audio

Joel Simmons, Audio Director for 2K Sports, talks about some of the new additions to Audio in NBA 2K13 .


The features and commentary for NBA Today received a major overhaul for NBA 2K13. This year, one of the big additions is Player and Team-Specific Multi-Stat Rankings, including time-frame splits for This Season, Last Season, This Month, Last Month, Last 10 Games, and Since the All-Star Break. Multi-Stat ranks are one of the coolest features you’ll see on a TV broadcast, where an individual player or team is broken down by their rank in various stat categories. For example, you might hear an analysis segment detailing a player’s performance in December, where he ranked 3rd in rebounding, 7th in blocked shots, and 12th in assists. You might also find out that the Boston Celtics have been surging since the All-Star Break, ranking top-3 in field-goal percentage, 4th in rebounding, and 6th in assists. Having these additional levels of analysis about players and teams brings a new realism to the experience, all within the context of the season.


In the same way that you’ll be hearing about stars like LeBron, Kobe, Dirk and CP3 in Season, Franchise, or NBA Today modes, NBA 2K13 will have the same features showcasing your MyPLAYER. One of the main focuses this year was featuring your MyPLAYER on the Leaderboards, showing the top shooters, rebounders, assisters, shot-blockers and more. These leaderboards also cover timeframes such as Last 10 Games, Last Month, Since the All-Star Break or even looking back at the regular season once you reach the playoffs. We took this opportunity to add entirely new types of Leaderboards too, using positional and rookie splits. You’ll hear the commentators discussing top players at each position and their ranking within various time-frames. You might find out that amongst all centers in the league, Kevin Love has the top 3-point percentage over the last month, or that Tiago Splitter is the worst Free-Throw shooting big-man since the All-Star Break.



The new Rookie-Specific leaderboards will show you how your MyPLAYER ranks amongst his fellow rookies. Along with the positional splits, these new combinations of Leaderboards and Multi-Stat Rankings allow you to regularly hear about your MyPLAYER throughout his career. These segments dig deeper into the relevant splits data, highlighting players that may not normally show up in the regular leaderboards. Having your MyPLAYER featured on the new Leaderboards and Multi-Stat Rankings makes for a much broader backdrop to the experience.



So many new areas of commentary and features went into MyPLAYER this year, giving us lots of opportunities to record new dialogue. For the first time,, how you react in press conferences may become a topic you’ll hear during the next broadcasted game. Steve Kerr, Kevin Harlan, and Clark Kellogg all weigh in on how you’re handling the media, and provide their own take on what effects your comments may have on your career.



If you achieve a new career milestone like being featured in your first signature shoe TV commercial, or host a players-only meeting or a youth basketball clinic, the broadcast booth recognizes your activities off the court and brings them into focus as part of your overall career trajectory. Having the broadcast booth recognize your MyPLAYER’s activities off the court brings an added dimension to the broadcast.




Your MyPLAYER comes to life more than ever before in NBA 2K13, with major additions to Press Conferences, Pre-Draft Interviews, and the new GM Sit-Down feature. This is the first year your MyPLAYER can speak on camera during a game via a new “mic’d up” segment during the huddle. Whether you’re making your NBA debut, or revving up the team before a must-win game, you’ll get an cup-close and personal experience that sets the stage for the competition about to tip off.


In addition to the analysis of your MyPLAYER,, we wanted to make sure that your previous-game performance was brought into the conversation. In NBA 2K13, Doris Burke and our three-man booth discuss exactly what happened. Whether you had a break-out performance last night in a win against the Lakers or struggled in a loss to the Miami Heat, you’ll hear all about it. Throughout the season, our commentary team makes note of what you are doing in each game, adding to the level of emersion in the presentation and relevance to your MyPLAYER’s season, night in and night out. The best part is that your minutes on the floor are taken into consideration, so if you only played 7 minutes, but scored 8 points, it will be considered an excellent outing. Your coach and the GM will hopefully think the same thing.


One of our primary goals each year is to improve and expand our play-by-play commentary. This year, we added over 10,000 new files to cover more detailed ways of calling various situations such as turnovers, blocks, fast-breaks, made and missed shots, dunks, and statistics on individual and team shooting performances. It makes for a more entertaining and smoother flow, and brings each unique play to life, with more personality and relevant detail.


For MyPLAYER and Association Modes, the NBA Draft is an important part of each season. We wanted to respond to the feedback from the community by enhancing the name database for NBA 2K13. This is our second year with David Stern and Adam Silver in the Draft, and it was a great opportunity to increase the depth of not only new names, but capture fresh performances and expand coverage for all of their dialogue. For NBA 2K13, we added over 800 new names in addition to the rookies coming into the league. David Stern returns to the Championship Ceremony for 2K13 as well, and this year he will announce the Finals MVP Award.


One of the most exciting areas for dialogue this year is the new All-Star events for the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest and the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. We really wanted to achieve the true-to-life broadcast experience that Kevin Harlan always delivers during a broadcast. With Steve Kerr and Clark Kellogg alongside Kevin Harlan, the key was having them record together and spend days capturing the natural reactions to all of the dunks and situational moments that make watching the events on TV so much fun. All three broadcasters had a blast recording with real footage, and it brings the events to life with their full enthusiasm.

You may have noticed last year that we made a big push toward improving arena atmosphere with tons of new arena-specific sound effects, chants and PA calls. We know atmosphere and realism are some of the most important things to the community and in 2K13 we’ve gone even further, adding hundreds of new music clips and sound effects specific to individual arenas. We’ve also worked hard to improve the sound on-the-court, implementing a whole new system of player grunts and exertion sounds to go along with contact, collisions, blocks, and falls. This system is tied into the AI to help us determine the most appropriate sounds to use on a given play. So if you’re driving to the basket and get roughed up hard going in for the dunk, you’ll hear a major exertion sound – whereas pulling down a rebound in traffic might be a step down from that. These are things you hear constantly in an NBA broadcast and that level of detail is an important aspect to get right in our quest to bring you true broadcast realism.

We’re really excited about the new features and depth added at nearly every level of the sound and dialogue in NBA 2K13, and we can’t wait to keep adding more. Thank you for the great feedback and suggestions we received for NBA 2K12, which have helped us take our audio to the next level. Keep those comments coming as you play NBA 2K13!

Source - NBA 2K13 Developer Insight - Audio (Facebook)
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Now that's an insight. Audio and commentary team have been taking things to the next level every year. I was impressed how much situational audio was recorded even for the three point shoot out.
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Re: NBA 2K13 : Audio Insight

Originally Posted by Sundown
Now that's an insight. Audio and commentary team have been taking things to the next level every year. I was impressed how much situational audio was recorded even for the three point shoot out.
I agree. That said, I've always kind of wondered why their crowd noise always seems to be a little glitchy. NBA Live seemed to be able to tackle that portion of their game pretty well back in their day but 2K has never seemed to be able to find something that was solid through and through, without weird non-reactions and whatnot.
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Now, why do they call me by my nickname most of the time instead of my actual name? Wasn't a problem last year. AND during the draft, Stern says, "The 21 year old from East Carolina." Why can't he say, "Jake Stevens, from East Carolina University?" That doesn't seem like it'd be too hard to fix...
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Re: NBA 2K13 Developer Insight - Audio

Thanks for posting this. Not to sound negative but I think there are still some 'major' improvements needed to fix the audio. Once 'wishlist season' starts I'll post my thoughts on it.
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Re: NBA 2K13 Developer Insight - Audio

There are still times when a big play happens and the crowd doesn't react to it...that's been going on since 2k11 and I have been asking to get that fixed since it happened but when the crowd is on point its actually really good this year! I love how the crowd gets louder in a close game but that one bug with the no reaction kills it....

Overall though I do love how each arena has its specific organ sound and they added a lot more arena specific sounds...
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I hate to post "off topic" here, but this is the first time I've seen this screen shot so I don't know where else to comment on this or ask. Where are those jersey's in that screenshot in the game? Is that some glitchy screen or is that some new options for the Knicks and Lakers to wear? And if so, do other teams have them? I have seen a screen shot about opening up Miami's "White Hot" Jersey . . . perhaps that is the same thing we are seeing here. Anyone know anything with regards to this?
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Originally Posted by Jakeness23
Now, why do they call me by my nickname most of the time instead of my actual name? Wasn't a problem last year. AND during the draft, Stern says, "The 21 year old from East Carolina." Why can't he say, "Jake Stevens, from East Carolina University?" That doesn't seem like it'd be too hard to fix...
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