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Re: Official NBA 2K13 MyCareer thread

I will be doing a MyCAREER as a athletic SG. I want to be the best white basketball player of all time. Here are my vitals:

Name: Trent Hadler
Height/Weight: 5'10/225
Nickname: "The Captain" (the nicknames in NBA 2K games always suck)
Position: Shooting Guard
Play Style: Athletic
College: Washington State
Birth Date: August 12th, 1993 (my ACTUAL birth date is August 12th, 1997)
Jersey Number: #43
Dominant Hand: Right
Overall: 65 (highest you can be in from the start)

Rookie showcase stats:
7 points
5 rebounds
3 assists
1 block
teammate grade: C+

I kind if tanked the game I wanted to go to a winner.


Atlanta Hawks (23rd overall)

Atlanta GM:
"What do you think you'll bring to a franchise as far as marketability?"

"I think that's really for you guys to decide. What I bring to your franchise is my basket ball skills and a winning attitude. Anything beyond that, that's really for your team to sort out. I like to stay focused solely on the game."

Atlanta GM:
"Talk about what you have to improve on as you make the jump to the next level. We'd like to see what you think about your game as a whole."

"My offensive game is still developing. I call it a work in progress, ya know? I need to continue taking smart shots, basically take what's given to me. I think I'm coming into this league severely underrated and I plan on using that to my advantage."

Bostion Celtics (21st/22nd overall)

Boston GM:
"We had a lot of turnover here in Boston, but are still looking to be a team who can win the title. There is a tremendous amount of pressure for any player, much less a rookie, to win here. Do you feel you're prepared enough to step in and fill the shoes of the great players that have left our team in the past months?"

"Man, I'm a BIG fan of the history and tradition that makes the Celtics one of the most recognized franchises around the world. I'll be honest with you and say it will be a little intimidating coming in and trying to replace the talent that left, but I know deep down that I'm up for the challenge."

Boston GM:
"Playing in Boston comes with a certain level of expectations. We've had players come in and become overwhelmed by the shoes they needed to fill. I need to know if you can handle the pressure beforte we go and invest millions of dollars into you."

"Ultimately, I want to make my own name here in Boston, not try to live up to the past players. It's time to look forward and stop living in the past. I'm ready to lead that charge."

Cleveland Cavaliers

I just tanked this interview. I don't want to go to a rebuilding team. I want to play for Boston.

NBA draft:

In the mock draft I was projected to go to the Hawks with the 23rd pick. I really hope I go to Boston.

I'll either be drafted 21st, 22nd, 23rd, or 24th.

With the 21nd pick in the 2012 NBA draft, the Bostin Celtics select...Jared Sullinger
With the 22rd pick in the 2012 NBA draft, the Boston Celtics select... Fab Melo
With the 24th pick in the NBA draft, the Atlanta Hawks select... Trent Hadler!

My contract is 2 years, and my annual salary is 500 VC.
I will be expected to provide valuable minutes off the bench.

Next update will be the stats at the end of my rookie year.
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Re: Official NBA 2K13 MyCareer thread

just got this today, got drafted by boston #22 overall
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Re: Official NBA 2K13 MyCareer thread

What player should I base my my career off? I like being a team player that teammates like and can be trusted to be smart in the 4th. A good all around player with a good all around skill set. Not freakishly athletic, just skilled. I think I may have just described Paul pierce but I still want suggestions. And I would like it if thy were pg, sg, or sf.
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Re: Official NBA 2K13 MyCareer thread

Originally Posted by sly0981
just got this today, got drafted by boston #22 overall
Interesting, I started up a new one, didn't play great in the showcase and went #21 to Boston. Problem is, I'm a PF, so I'll be behind KG.

Okay, here are my credentials:
Name: Sam Freday (same as 2k12)
Nickname: The Cobra (same as 2k12)
Ht/Wt: 6' 7", 232 (same)
Position: PF (same)
Style: Athletic (same)
College: Connecticut (same)
DOB: 10/16/1992 (year later than last year)

Got drafted by the Celtics at number 21, had 6 pts, 5 rbs, 1 ast, and 1 blk in the showcase. First play was an offensive rebound put back slam and one, but was downhill from there. Anxious to play first game against Heat tomorrow, will see how that goes. Sucks being a PF on the Celtics because there's KG, and if they move me up to SF, there's Pierce.
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Re: Official NBA 2K13 MyCareer thread

In the 2nd year of my career with my PG who is the starting for the Rockets, the defending MVP, and ROTY things are absolutely nuts in the league as we hit the home stretch with only 20 or so games left in the season. Take a look at the standings just to see how ridiculous things are...

NBA Standings - Updated: Mar 4, 2014
Chicago Bulls48140
Miami Heat42164
Philadelphia 76ers37219
Detroit Pistons332412.5
New York Knicks342613
Brooklyn Nets312916
Indiana Pacers293017.5
Milwaukee Bucks293118
Washington Wizards283018
Boston Celtics263220
Toronto Raptors233322
Atlanta Hawks243623
Orlando Magic223523.5
Charlotte Bobcats233623.5
Cleveland Cavaliers194128
Oklahoma City Thunder41150
Phoenix Suns332710
Memphis Grizzlies312711
San Antonio Spurs312811.5
Denver Nuggets302812
Minnesota Timberwolves312912
Houston Rockets313012.5
Los Angeles Clippers313113
New Orleans Hornets303013
Sacramento Kings293114
Golden State Warriors293114
Los Angeles Lakers283315.5
Portland Trail Blazers263316.5
Utah Jazz233619.5
Dallas Mavericks164527.5

That's what we're working with right now. You have the Bulls, Thunder, and Heat that are all WAY in front of everyone. In the games that I've played, we can hang and beat the Thunder as well as the Heat, but the Bulls are one of the hardest teams I've ever faced in any sports game ever. Their defense is NUTS and it makes things really difficult. The entire league is WIDE open besides the top 2 spots in the East and the top spot in the West. On any given night, the entire landscape of the playoffs could change. There is a legitimate sense of urgency and some stress with every game I play now because I know we have to perform well if we want to make it to the playoffs and making our way up to the 2nd seed is a real possibility.
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Re: Official NBA 2K13 MyCareer thread

KG starts at Center for celtics, so your competing with green for the PF spot. This year the game moves the player's position if it helps the team. for example I got drafted by celtics as a center and once i was starting they moved KG from center to PF and green to bench.
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Re: Official NBA 2K13 MyCareer thread

Just finished year 1. We (the Hawks) went 34-48, which wasn't good enough to make the playoffs. (10th in the east) In the NBA finals, the Heat beat the Grizzlies 4-1. This (year 2) is the last year on my contract with the Hawks. I think I might go somewhere else, and then get my big break there.

My year 1 averages:
12.4 MPG
5.4 PPG
1.5 RPG
0.7 APG
0.3 SPG
0.0 BPG

- Lebron won MVP/finals MVP
- Anthony Davis won Defensive player of the year
- Damian Lilliard won rookie of the year
- Ramon Sessions won 6th man of the year
- Brandon Jennings won most improved player
- Gregg Popovich won coach of the year

I only played 5 games because all I do is play key games. I signed a endorsement with Nike, because I already had custom Nike shoes made for my guy.

Here's our rotation:

PG Devin Harris
SG Louis Williams
SF Archie King
PF Josh Smith
C Al Horford
6 Delonte West
7 TH (me)
8 Jeff Teague
9 Jajuan Johnson
10 John Jenkins
11 Deshawn Stevenson
12 Armon Johnson
Reserve SF Coby Bishop (rookie)
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Re: Official NBA 2K13 MyCareer thread

So when is the next patch coming out?? They still need to patch the rebounding. CPU still gets too many cheap glitchy offensive rebounds. Plus there are way too many alley oops in this game.
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