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Basketball Fundamentalists: What do you expect from 2K13?

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Re: Basketball Fundamentalists: What do you expect from 2K13?

I expect 2k to implement more of a strategy aspect of basketball for all modes. In some of the previews they talk about how the teammate AI is better in myplayer, example they can play off of you better but this has to apply in all modes with some realism with the CPU. Like others have said it is not just about double teams it is about matchups, the CPU needs to adjust their matchups to place their best defender on the user team best player. The CPU should recognize missmatches and have the abilty to alter their gameplan/ tendency on the fly if they have clear missmatches. I think this should be on the higher levels the CPU should alter their gameplan realistically which should make me switch up things on my end. I know we got the double teams this year but that is not the only strategy

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Re: Basketball Fundamentalists: What do you expect from 2K13?

To me the most important thing regarding fundamentals is to balance properly the risk/benefit of everything.

For instance, some people complained about the “deny ball” to be the same as “play tight” in 2k12, the problem with “deny ball” in other iterations was that it was a clear exploit because the risk-benefit was not balanced, I mean you could not take advantage of it with back doors and that kind of stuff as you will do in real life, also the opponent was not penalized with too many off the ball defensive calls as it would happen in the real NBA if you put the on ball pressure too high and gamble a lot… In fact I remember that was the defensive setup of many cheesers (to deny ball to every player in the court along with the maximum on ball pressure) and it got a game almost unplayable in a realistic basis…

Hopefully 2k13 will be much better balanced (and in a realistic way) regarding coaching sliders and defensive settings.

Cheers! ;-)
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Re: Basketball Fundamentalists: What do you expect from 2K13?

A little thing that I hated in 2k12 was the stripping the ball animation on jump shots. Your jump shooting animation was intentionally delayed for a split second in order to allow the defender to catch up for the animation to occur. The whole thing was a pre-determined animation, similiar to the contact dunks. I'm hoping the action isn't as predetermined and the cpu AI doesn't pull it off as often.

A big thing is the pass logic. The manual bounce pass is great, but it won't be required in every situation. If I'm in the paint and I want to pass it over the d's heads, I don't want to do some low lazy flip pass that goes off a defender's back. Also, the handoffs need to be improved a lot. The simplest pass in basketball would get bobbled too often in 2k12, even on the perimeter without much defensive pressure.
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Re: Basketball Fundamentalists: What do you expect from 2K13?

Spacing improvements (i can't realistically expect A.I. teammates to immediately scatter if i dribble in their direction, but move, do something damn it!)

Fewer magical offensive rebounds for the CPU (i.e. 1 cpu player out rebounds 3 of yours, or CP3 grabs a board over Pau Gasol)

Realistic CPU offense (if a shooter's open for the love of God shoot it, and no more miracle turn-around fadeaways by some big with a garbage mid-range rating)

Realistic user offense (if i execute a dribble move correctly, Tony Parker should easily blow by Dirk, Bynum, etc.)

And most importantly, i expect the ball handler to actually pass the ball when i push the corresponding button (icon or directional), not three seconds later

There's more i'm hoping for (but can't realistically expect) from 2k13, but all i'm really asking for is a realistic challenge. If i play the CPU on Hall of Fame, they shouldn't do magical crap to keep the game competitive, they should just up their intensity and play smarter.
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Re: Basketball Fundamentalists: What do you expect from 2K13?

I expect boxouts to happen realistically, not with my player stopping in place so someone can get into position, to not be performed on me at the 3pt line and if they are, to not be velcroed into them.

I expect to be able to move through the paint as a My Player/Career big without getting stonewalled by point guards that switched into a mismatch with off ball bumping animations.

I expect my player to sprint when I'm off ball, running a play as diagrammed and pressing turbo.

I expect floaters to actually avoid the defender's hand, rather than get shot directly into it.

I expect My Player teammates to recognize when I've got a step cutting to the rim and call for the ball and for the game to not hit me with Bad Call For Pass, even when I'm standing under the basket WIDE OPEN.

But I'm also expecting to be able to reliably score near the bucket without anybody and everybody blocking the ball out of my hands, at least not without fouling me and sending me to the line.
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