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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

cgalligan, I believe my settings are either exactly like yours or I bumped the CPU settings to 48 or 49 instead of 47.

My game 6 update: My Bulls traveled to Denver to take on a Denver team that is pretty good on paper. However, this was the first game so far this year where I had guys come out HOT from the opening jump ball! Gay actually hit a couple of early 3 pointers coupled with a few alley-oop dunks to get things rolling and then Curry and Durant took it from there.

The game was never really close. There were a couple of times when Denver would chizzle at the lead and get it to single digits but then one of my big 3 would hit a big shot or 2 and keep Denver at bay.

Curry was AGAIN named MVP of the game (his 5th out of 6!) and both Durant and Gay had great games. Curry continues to take over games with is precision passing racking up assists and 3-pointers. Its just amazing how much better an entry pass into the post to Durant is from Curry versus from Gay!

Playing Tip: One thing that I have found is that I have FAR better success shooting 3 point shots coming off of screens where my player sets up on the baseline versus the top of the key or the shoulder. Even if in the player profile it has his strength being at the top, they seem to make a larger percentage from the baseline. I don't know what this is. I think it is partially to do with the fact that the baseline pick seems to work the best but if there is anyone out there that would like to shoot and make more 3 pointers I suggest looking into these type of plays.

Looked up team and individual stat leaders and I was pleased to see where my team was. We were #1 in nothing as a team. We were dead last in producing turnovers and steals as well as offensive rebounds but oh well, I am 6-0 so "fixing" those would only make the game easier which I do not want. Next up is the first place LAKERS which should be our first REAL MEASURING STICK game! I am pumped to see how we do.

Side note: I have been playing with this personnel for a while. I am fairly confident that I could rack up a lot of wins and be a playoff team with just Gay and Curry (not needed Durant). However, having the 3rd scorer makes it VERY nice to always be able to find someone on the team that can score. Its pretty cool to watch the CPU switch up who guards Gay and Durant during the game and then take advantage of the mismatch. I still don't think I am quite using Durant right. I am still searching for new plays for him. I like to add/switch at least 1 play per game to both mix it up and look for the best plays.
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Originally Posted by cgalligan
Cavs association / All 30 Teams update... Kinda long, but I hope you enjoy it...

So, as you all know, I've created an Association, and I am controling all 30 NBA teams, but, mainly just playing as MY Cavaliers... The idea, obviously, is to rebuild my team in the "post LeBron" era, through the draft and smart player developement... Honestly so much has happened, its gonna be tough for me to remember it all haha...

Here's a quit rundown of the first 2 Seasons so far...

Season 1 - Cavs
- Simmed the entire Season
- Made the real life deadline trades... IE- Melo to the Knicks among others...
- My Cavs finished with the worst record (no surprise)
- Won #1 pick in the draft lottery with my Cavs pick, and won the #2 pick with the Clippers pick acquired via the Baron Davis trade... (I did not cheat, I swear)
- Cavaliers draft PG Kyrie Irving, SF Harrison Barnes and SF Jon Diebler in the 2nd round... (I had this draft class before I found out Barnes was going back to UNC)

Season 1 NBA
- LeBron wins his 3rd straight MVP
- Lakers over Heat in 7 to complete their 3 peat

Season 1 Offseason
- Cavs pretty much stand pat, not making any bigtime FA signings... Its tough to bring in big time FA to Cleveland, but, having young studs Kyrie Irving and Harrison barnes could help that in the future...
- No real superstar Free Agents moved in the 1st offseason, just a few solid roles players
- SG Shannon Brown heads to New Jersey to team up with Deron Williams and Brook Lopez to form a respectable 3 some...

- Hawks were big winners in the draft, as they drafted PG Brandon Knight...
- PF Jared Sullenger goes to the Sixers and looks to be the eventual replacement for the ageing veteran Elton Brand
- The Jazz land youngster from Baylor Perry Jones
- Kings draft PG Kemba Walker, which will move Tyreke Evans to his natural SG position.
- SF from Arizona, Derrick Williams lands in Toranto
- Wizards draft SF Terrance Jones from Kentucky
- SG William Bufford, on his way to Minnesota
Season 2 Cavs
- Played roughly 20 games or so and simmed the rest...
- Improved my record to 36-46, a +20 improvement over the previous year...
- Harrison Barnes win rookie of the year, Kyrie Irving finished 2nd...
- Cavs record gives me a 1.9% chance of the #1 pick in the draft lottery... I didn't hit it this year, and am sitting in the #10 slot in the upcoming draft...
- Cavs draft SG from North Carolina Reggie Bullock with the #10 pick...

Season 2 - NBA
- Some big deadline deals changed the landscape of the NBA...
1) The New York Knicks were at it again, as they acquired Chris Paul from the Hornets for Chauncey Billups, Tony Douglas, Landry Fields and a 1st and 2nd round pick next season. It was widely believed that Paul was going to sign with the Knicks in the summer, much like the Melo drama from the previous year but the Knicks didn't want to wait, and were able to pull off a deal before the deadline. This gives the Knicks arguably the best "Big 3" in the NBA with Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Amare Stoudemire...

2) Dwight Howard had made it clear that, in the offseason he would not be resigning with the Orlando Magic. He would in fact be testing the Free Agent waters and looking to go to a larger media market to help build his "brand". Knowing this, the Orlando Magic decided to place their franchise big man on the trade block in hopes of not being hung out to dry, ala the Cleveland Cavaliers after the LeBronw "decision". The team that was willing to give up the most turned out to be The back-to-back-to-back NBA Champion LA Lakers. The Lakers sent C. Andrew Bynum, Luke Walton, and 2 1st round picks this season, along with a 1st and 2nd round pick next season. Some may say they paid too much, but, having DFish, Kobe, Lamar, Pau, Dwight on the floor gives the Lakers one of the best all around teams in the league.
- Lebron wins his 4th consecutive MVP award... I think this might be a record but I'm not sure...
- Knicks, and newly aquired Chris Paul defeat the defending 3 time Champion LA Lakers in a great 7 game series...

Season 2 - Offseason - Cavs
- A big offseason for the Cavaliers as we were nearly $30 Million under the salary cap...
- The main focus going into the offseason for the Cavs was trying to keep 23yr old PF JJ Hickson... After having two very solid seasons of 18ppg and 8rpg, JJ was looking to get paid... Knowing that we didn't have a respectable replacement and the fact that JJ has been a solid player, and someone that we considered to be part of our "core" we decided to accomodate JJ and give him exactly what he wanted... A max contract, 6yr $104mil... Some may say that we overpayed, but, we felt like JJ has the potential to be one of the best PF in the game...
- The Hickson signing ment the Cavs only had 5 players signed to contracts. Some smart FA Signings would be needed... The Cavs signed some solid young players in Free Agency, SG Brandon Rush, C. Hasheem Thabeet, and veteran PF Antwan Jamison (re-sign)

Season 2 - Offseason - NBA
- Since the headliners, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard were traded before they were able to test the FA Market, the FA class didn't have the "star power" of FA classes of the past...
- The key FA was SF Michael Beasley, who, after receiving offers from Charlotte, Minnesota, and Sacramento, decided to sign with Charlotte.
- The 2nd best FA, SF Nicolas Batum, signed a 3yr deal, for the mid-leval exception to join the LA Lakers...
- 40yr old Center Shaq O'Neil signed with the Spurs

Draft - Recap - NBA
- The Jazz won the draft lottery, select SF - Michael Gilchrist from Kentucky
- Wizards draft PF/C - Andre Drummond

Season 3 - Preview - Cavs

- Cavs starting lineup
PG - Kyrie Irving / (at work, forgot name :/ )
SG Reggie Bullock (R) / Brandon Rush
SF - Harrison Barnes / Jon Diebler
PF - JJ Hickson / Antwan Jamison / Brandon Wright
C - Andy Varejao / Hasheem Thabeet
- Cavs start, Season 3 as the 6th rated team in the NBA Power Rankings.

Season 3 - Preview - NBA
- In the West, The Lakers, now with Dwight Howard for a full Season, are probably the favorit in the West, but with the Thunder are hot on their heels... The Jazz, the Kings (yes the Kings) are young and might be a factor... Oh yeah, and don't sleep on the Memphis Grizzlies who are young and very exciting, along with the Golden State Warriors... The Dallas Mavericks will be there as always as well, but might be a little too old at some key positions...
- In the East, the New York Knicks (last Seasons Champion) might be the favorite. With PG. Chris Paul, SF. Carmelo Anthony, and PF Amare Stoudemire, they probably have the most dominate "big 3" in the league. With sharpshooter Jimmer Feredette coming off the bench, the Knicks can score a ton of points. Of course, you have the Heat with LeBron, Wade and Bosh and the Celtics, although ageing fast, with Rondo, Allen, Pierce and Garnett who wont go down without a fight. In this tier of teams you can include the Chicago Bulls with DRose, Boozer, Noah, and the Hawks with Brandon Knight, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and Al Horford.
- Up and coming teams like the Wizards (John Wall, Terrence Jones, Andre Drummond), the Cavs (Kyrie Irving, Harrison Barnes, JJ Hickson) and the Sixers (Evan Turner, Andre Iguadala, Jared Sullenger) could also be a factor this season...

The NBA as a whole appears to have more parity than ever before. There are 5 or 6 legit NBA Championship Contenders in both conferences...
Good recap, I enjoyed reading it for sure.
Originally Posted by elementz09
Well I just finished my first season and my Chicago Bulls won the NBA Finals! They beat the Mavericks 4-1 and Derrick Rose was the Finals MVP.

Now, the off-season was a little tricky. The Clippers got the #1 and #3 draft picks and the Cavs got the #2 pick. I (Bulls) drafted Demarcus McNamey (I think that's how you spell) and G Nolan Smith. I also signed G Marcus Thornton from the Kings, but I then traded him to the Nuggets for Aaron Affalo (nice, I think?) so here is my lineup.

1 - Derrick Rose/C.J. Watson/McNamey
2 - Aaron Affalo/Ronnie Brewer/Nolan Smith
3 - Luol Deng/Kyle Korver/Rasual Butler
4 - Carlos Boozer/Taj Gibson/Jordan Hill (from Rockets)
5 - Joakim Noah/Omer Asik/Kyle Koufos (from Nuggets)

Other key signings:

SG Marco Belinelli signs to Pacers
PF Troy Murphy signs to Pacers
SF Mickael Pietrus to Jazz
C Joel Przybilla to Knicks
C Samuel Dalembert to Bobcats
SG Sasha Vujacic to Raptors
SG J.R. Smith re-signs with Nuggets
SG Marcus Thornton to Nuggets via trade from Bulls
PF Zach Randolph re-signs with Grizzlies
C Marc Gasol re-signs with Grizzlies
SF Thaddeus Young re-signs with 76ers
SG Tracy McGrady to Raptors
SG Kelenna Azubuike to Wizards
SG Larry Hughes to Hornets
PF Josh Smith re-signs with Hawks
SF Wilson Chandler re-signs with Nuggets
SG Willie Green to Cavaliers
SG Anthony Parker re-signs to Cavs
SG Shannon Brown to Nets
PF Carl Landry re-signs with Hornets
PF Luc Richard Mbah a Moute to Warriors
SF Al Thornton to Clippers
PF Josh McRoberts to Celtics
PG T.J. Ford to Bucks
SG Corey Brewer to Bobcats
SF Reggie Williams to Thunder
SF Chris Douglas-Roberts to Hornets
SF Andrei Kirilenko re-signs to Jazz
Good stuff.
Originally Posted by brian05fubu
Who plays association with HOF SIM setting and having fun/doing well? I bet nobody. I mean... NOBODY. NO ONE. NONE PERIOD

I'm playing HOF SIM for association and it's bunch of BS it's not even funny. My team is the 91-92 Bulls and everytime there's a close game with only few seconds left, all of a sudden, the players I was controlling started not to manipulate as I wanted them to and began to do some BS plays. For instance, the score was 90 for both me and the cpu, a tie game, with like 30 seconds left. I had a 2 vs 1 fastbreak chance by intercepting the pass. I dribbled the ball with MJ then made a pass to the teammate. Of course they were all running like hell. It was a perfect pass and a perfect chance to dunk it off. But guess what happened. The teammate suddenly stopped and decided to pull up a jumpshot right under the basket while I was pressing R2(ps3) and the shotstick. I was like WTF? It was so unexpected I ended up missing the jumper. This just happened and still can't believe it as I'm writing it down. Yea I lost the game.
Want to hear another one? I was winning the game by 1 point against the Magic. It was the Magic's possesion with 3 seconds remaining.Turkuglu(however you spell his name) got the ball and Pippen was defending him just right infront of him. As he shot the ball from 3pt line, Pippen jumped. It was a perfect timing. In fact, it was too perfect that I worried of the foul call. Anyways, the ball went through Pip's hand but I was like whatever cause I knew it wasn't going in. But the result? Yea you guessed it, SWOOSH. I was like WTF seriously. I'm in a daze of the HOF SIM CPU CHEATING "LET'S PISS PPL OFF" mode. Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing BS in HOF SIM. (Please don't tell me to lower the level. I changed it to HOF since superstar sim became too easy.)
I do but the CPU's scoring does seem to be a bit high, I'm contemplating lowering it.
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Originally Posted by JasonWilliams55
This video game is a SIMULATION of BASKETBALL. Sure its not 100% perfect, but its pretty damn good. You will not get a SIMULATION STYLE BASKETBALL GAME by PLAYING SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHAT SIMULATION MEANS.

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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Originally Posted by AllStarDaDon
Good recap, I enjoyed reading it for sure.

Good stuff.

I do but the CPU's scoring does seem to be a bit high, I'm contemplating lowering it.
Lowering the slide sounds like a good idea. I just finished playing an association game against Wizards and I was LMAO. I was leading by 10 points in 4th quarter 5min remaining right? All of a sudden, no matter how good I released the shotstick, I started to brick every shot including freethrows and cpu began to make every shot possible. I was like there it goes again. Furthermore, cpu was blocking like prime fxxxing Shaq and their jumpers and fadeaways were like fxxxking MJ. The role players were even doing MJ doubleclutch like it's nothing. Anyways, cpu led the game into overtime and with 9 seconds left, I was leading by 1 point. I inbounded the ball and while I was dribbling the ball, cpu stole the fxxking ball. It occurred NOT during the pass but during the dribble. WTF right? I've never seen such a steal in 2k11 before. It was like prime Gary Payton you know. With 3.5 seconds left, Nick Young pull up a middle jumper and MJ jumped at the right time but it went in anyways. At this moment, I threw my controller and yelled "FUK THIS ****!", had some meditation and realized no matter what you do and how perfect your game is, cpu's gonna turn on "Lets piss ppl off" cheat mode, make the players you control play like a bum and make a crazy run to win or make the game close. I even felt like cpu refs were fixing the game man. Anyways, I was able to make a buzzer beater using MJ within 3.5 sec but although I won the game, it wasn't a great feeling since the game was full of BS. I love the challenge but not this kind of challenge you know. I'm going to follow your suggestion and lower cpu's close, mid, 3pt shooting success by 1 then see what happens from it. thanks for hearing my rant and most importantly thanks for the advice.

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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Game 7 is in the books against the Lakers in L.A. I found 2 more plays that came in VERY effective VERY early in the game. It was a couple of alley-oop plays set up for Mr. Durant and one for Ibaka which got Durant off and running early. The Lakers made several pushes to bring the game close but all in all my big 3 plus leaping Ibaka are just too much for anyone to handle. The CPU eventually figures out what is going on and puts a hault to the alley-oops which is indicated by Curry's 19 turnovers during the game!!!! But WOW, are they fun to throw and fun to hear when the commentators cut short their story and marvel at the dunks!

I play on All-Star SIM which has the alley-oop effectiveness at 50. Like I said, it works well early and then the CPU makes adjustments and starts to steal/tip all the passes but while its working (first quarter) it drives your shooting percentage up through the ROOF!

Bulls are 7-0 now and with that win in L.A. the confidence is HIGH. Curry got yet ANOTHER MVP even though Durant put up 50! I guess the game gives a lot of credit to assists and Curry is racking them up with all his inside passes and alley-oops.
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Played game 8 at lunch. It was a rematch of me against the Suns. I had to travel this time to Phoenix for the showdown. This game I came out ICE cold but luckily so did Phoenix. At halftime I was 1-10 from 3 and the Suns were 1-9! LOL It was brickville but I had a slight lead.

Second half Curry heated up to take the game over and win his 7th straight game MVP! Durant lead the game in scoring with 40 points and 3 blocks! He was in full beast mode!

Next up is a trip to Utah to take on the Jazz. It is looking like my Bulls are going to be the team to beat. The 3 headed monster makes ALL the difference IMO. While Gay could not buy a bucket from outside 5 feet that game I didn't need him with Durant and Curry tossing in all the points I needed to eventually pull away from the Suns.

Got Ibaka a couple of OOPS as well
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

What play do you use to get OOPS???
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

How is progression working for you guys?

I read a post earlier that someone had the Thunder, he had Westbrook and Durant obvisouly real life beasts rated in the high 90's... I'm a little worried though because players like James Harden, Serge Ibaka, and Andrew Bogut were all 90+ as well???

Is there a way to lower player progressions? Or, do I have to go in, lower everyones Potential ratings???
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Originally Posted by cgalligan
What play do you use to get OOPS???
I like both 12 Alley plays out of the SG-General playbook. I run them with both my SG and SF and one of them occassionally with my PF.

I don't believe there is a way to tweak progression, 90 OVR becomes the old 80 OVR which stinks.
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Originally Posted by cgalligan
Is there a way to lower player progressions? Or, do I have to go in, lower everyones Potential ratings???
If you're on ps3 there's a roster by DurtySoufReppin that has lowered potentials.
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Re: How's Your Association Going? (2K11)

Hey guys started an association with the Lakers. I wanted to start off right away and make up a scenario that Carmelo was traded to the Lakers at the deadline. I know it will never happen but I've wondered what it would be like paring Melo with Kobe and Gasol. So I did this trade with the Knicks:

Knicks get: Bynum / Artest / 11 1st / 12 2nd

Lakers get: Melo / Williams

So my rotation is:

Fisher / Blake
Kobe / Brown
Melo / Barnes
Gasol / Odem
Williams / Character

I know giving up Bynum made me very week at the 5 spot but I wanted Melo. I think it's a fair trade for both sides. Gives the Knicks the bigman they need and toughness at the SF position.

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