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AL Question ? Curfew/Time

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AL Question ? Curfew/Time

Wen playing a AL matchup and goes to extra innings in a night game ? in a extremely rare chance wil the 2am curfew kick in ??

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Re: AL Question ? Curfew/Time

The game is real, but I doubt its that real.
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Re: AL Question ? Curfew/Time

id doubt it, i played 19 innings against the Angels the other day and every inning took forever. took myself over an hour and a half to play it, i think it said game time was somewhere around 7-8 hours

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Re: AL Question ? Curfew/Time

I haven't been able to find information on whether or not a curfew still exists in the AL. Such a situation rarely comes up because even when it definitely existed, it would only be enforced if the two teams had another series against each other later in the year.

I always assumed that all rules except the DH had become the same between the two leagues when the individual leagues' umpires merged in 2000.
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