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MLB 2K11 Official "My Player" Thread

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Re: MLB 2K11 Official "My Player" Thread

Originally Posted by tcnumba10
I got some inquires since I recently got this game for my PC:

1) After you get called up to the Majors, do you ever get sent back down to the Minors if you are not performing well?

2) Also do your Player ever get injured and have to go on the DL?

Also noticed that if your player is playing on the field, that the cpu batter always hits towards you on a 0-0 count... Would like to see some variations on the count like 1-1 or 1-2 or 0-3 on the opposing batter.

Another weird thing is that I'm playing SS for the Cincinnati Reds and that they traded for 1B Ryan Howard when we still have Votto playing as our 1B. As a result Ryan Howard was sent to AAA to rot...
1. I don't think so.
2. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Hasn't happened to me yet though, I'm in 2012 Spring Training.

I don't like that either, and the only time you'll see variations of pitch counts if when you are on base and the next batter is up. You probably won't see a trade like that again, although in my My Player as a Mariners SS, the Mariners traded Felix, Jason Vargas, and Doug Fister to the A's for Brett Anderson, Gio Gonzalez, and Dallas Braden.
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Re: MLB 2K11 Official "My Player" Thread

Anyone have any tips on how to cover first base in time as a pitcher?
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Re: MLB 2K11 Official "My Player" Thread

The MyPlayer concept is awesome, but it's execution is a 5/10 at best.

1. It's completely bogus how the game will screw with your pitching control. I've had games where, placing pitches way out of the strike zone aside, it seems like no matter where I place a pitch, it ends up going right down the middle.

2. Another pitch control issue is the "you're doing too well so we're going to completely take away an semblance of control" BS. I've had 2-hit shutouts going into the 7th become 7 hitters with 4 runs scored before getting the 2nd out because all-of-a-sudden my pitches aren't going where they were earlier in the game. And it's not a fatigue issue, either. Throwing 55 pitches with a pitch cap of 69-87 shouldn't be throwing it off like that.

3. The goal system is completely whacked. It does not accurately reward for the pitching performance, IMO.

Why would any pitcher want to intentionally get a fly-ball out or a groundout that doesn't result in the double-play? I could theoretically end up with more points with a weaker performance just because I didn't strike out the batters when the goal was "Strike out the batter".

"Strike out the side" shouldn't be a goal. You should just get 100 points whenever you pull it off.

There should also be rewards for long stretches without allowing a base hit, and I'm not talking about the bonus "Don't allow a baserunner this inning". I've had stretches of multiple innings without having a baserunner, and I think I should be rewarded for that.

4. The CPU is damn stupid. Today, I got up to bat with a man on first and 1 out. He steals 2nd and somehow manages to make it even with the pitch out. Then, inexplicably, he's leading off so far that a minor leaguer could throw him out. Well, you can guess what happens. So, no it's 2 outs with no one on with the PITCHER up to bat. Who's managing this team??

5. The camera when you're on base is terrible. You can't ever tell if a ball is a hit or an out until it's too late.

6. Not a big fan of the controls for baserunning. Not very intuitive. Could be much simpler.

7. The pitcher needs to be automatically sprinting to 1st on groundballs to the first baseman. There's practically no possible way to beat out a runner there unless you can manage to get your speed and acceleration up into the 70s or 80s, but that shouldn't be required in the first place.

8. Run support is a joke. I'm lucky to get 2 runs of run support.

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Re: MLB 2K11 Official "My Player" Thread

I have been playing My Player as a starting pitcher. I am in spring training for my 7th season now. At this point I've started over 150 regular season games, so I've seen most everything. I am playing at Legend difficulty now, although much of my career has been at All-Star level.

First of all, let me say that I love My Player (as flawed as it is), and hope that a lot of these things get addressed - it could be amazing with just a few fixes.

Here are the top few things that make me crazy (a lot have already been mentioned (in order of annoyance):

1) Pitcher management. It is ridiculous. My Player and other pitchers are left in when no manager would EVER leave them in, and hardly ever pinch hit for appropriately (My Player plays in the NL). On top of the regular season pitcher management, spring training pitchers routinely go far deeper into the game than would ever happen. I could see a gradual progression through spring training, but I can pitch a complete game in the first spring training game of the year. A couple of people have made mention of their pitcher not playing the All-Star game. I have been selected to the All-Star team twice, and I started the second time. The reason you did not play is that even in the All-Star game pitchers are allowed to throw complete games. In the All-Star game I started both the opposing started and I pitched 10 innings each! And batted in the 9th inning with men on base! That kinda takes all the fun out of it...

2) The "catcher throws to the lead base on a steal" bug. Just evil, particularly if he throws it away.

3) The "terrible base running decisions" bug.

4) Pinch hitters, in my experience, have hit over .500 against me when the rest of the league hits .250. As soon as I see a pinch hitter, I cringe.

5) 3-0 swinging. EVERYBODY swings 3-0.

6) Strange outfield throwing decisions allowing other runners to advance. It is very common to see a throw home where there is NO chance to get the runner allowing other base runners to get into scoring position.

7) I have never seen an attempt at completing a 3-6-3 double play, even when the first baseman is a 2 feet away from the bag. If I don't cover first, the first baseman will just stand there.

8) I haven't confirmed this, but I am pretty sure the spring training schedule of opponents is identical each year. I would like to see some other teams...

9) The "not getting credit for achievements" bug.

10) My Player pitcher's hitting does not seem to be honored for Silver Slugger award. I was far and away the best hitting pitcher 2 years and did not win.

11) When the announcers give a player's stats against a team, the stats accumulated in My Player's league history are not included. For example, they will say Albert Pujols is 10 for 30 lifetime against the Dodgers, but in my My Player's virtual history it will still say he is 10/30 7 years and numerous at bats later.
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Re: MLB 2K11 Official "My Player" Thread

I could not agree more with you, ninemorris. Notwithstanding everything you have just explained, which I have experienced all of it to a certain capacity, the fielding seems to be really really slow at times while whoever is running the bases keeps hustling like a Pete Rose in his prime, even the pitchers...

That being sad, this game really could be awesome if they were able to patch up these ridiculously unrealistic situations. For me, I would just be happy if my pitcher would get some run support, be able to cover first base, not give up a million two out hits every time (I feel like every single hitter that comes up always swings first pitch, too), fix the ridiculous achievement standards (biggest joke), and stop leaving my guy in for 10 innings as the away team and have him batting in the top half of the inning with runners on 2nd and 3rd and 2 outs. Because we all know that would happen in real life, right?
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Icon10 Re: MLB 2K11 Official "My Player" Thread

MY my player's name is J.T. Lester is a right fielder/left fielder. He bats righty and throws right. IN his fist ab in the minors during the clutch moment hit a walkoff homer the other way. Then in his 2nd game hit a homer in his 2nd ab went 2-5 that game w/ a single homer and 3k's. He's on the Oakland AA team. We lost our last 2 in his last game went 2-4 w/ 2 doubles. I saved in the middle of his last game he's 0-1 w/ k.

He has 56power vs lefty 52 vs righty. 54contact vs lefty 51 vs righty. He will consist of great power above average contact, great arm decent with the leather and about average speed. That's J.T. Lester. Hope for him 2 become a star right fielder.y1:
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Re: MLB 2K11 Official "My Player" Thread

Hi guys. I'm in some desperate need of batting help. I'm new to baseball games and i'm trying to play this mode to keep me busy til NBA 2k drops, but I'm really starting to get frustrated. I just cant get the hitting timing right. My batting avg is .300, only because i have to simulate games to get it back up. I'm consistently going 1/5 or 0/4 through games. I've changed to the classic controller setup, is there a better camera angle to use or anything else i could do? I want to give this game a chance but after 2 days i don't seem to be improving and dont really want to waste my $90(Aus) dollar investment. Cheers
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Re: MLB 2K11 Official "My Player" Thread

can you get injured in my player at all??
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Icon5 Really annoying pitching problem

Really am stumped on this one. I'm playing on PC, and cannot turn off the Total Control Pitching in My Player mode. I was able to turn it off for franchise and exhibition games, but when I make my player a starting pitcher it will not shut it off. I've tried hitting 4 and going in and it says that pitching is set to classic but I cannot pitch in classic mode.

I made a relief pitcher, and magically enough it worked and I can use the classic controls. Really, really frustrating. Anyone else having this problem? Any help on how to fix it would be great, I really would rather be a starter but I also want the classic controls.

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Re: MLB 2K11 Official "My Player" Thread

Do My Player skills detiorate with the player's age? If not, what is stopping you from playing for 30 years or something to break every record? I know there is a peak age factor in franchise mode, but does such a thing exist in My Player? I ask this because my player is turning 39 this season and I am having the best season of my career thus far, which, as a pitcher, seems odd.

I would also love to see the CPU manager make decisions based on this, like turning a career starting pitcher into a middle reliever or something...

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